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Rollback MoltenVK to 1.2.9 from 1.2.10 due to stability issues
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This project provides Vulkan tools and utilities that can assist development by enabling developers to verify their applications correct use of the Vulkan API.


The following components are available in this repository:

Contact Information

Information for Developing or Contributing:

Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file in this repository for more details. Please see the GOVERNANCE.md file in this repository for repository management details.

How to Build and Run

BUILD.md includes directions for building all components as well as running the vkcube demo applications.

Version Tagging Scheme

Updates to this repository which correspond to a new Vulkan specification release are tagged using the following format: v<version> (e.g., v1.3.266).

Note: Marked version releases have undergone thorough testing but do not imply the same quality level as SDK tags. SDK tags follow the vulkan-sdk-<version>.<patch> format (e.g., vulkan-sdk-

This scheme was adopted following the 1.3.266 Vulkan specification release.


This work is released as open source under a Apache-style license from Khronos including a Khronos copyright.

See LICENSE.txt for a full list of licenses used in this repository.


While this project has been developed primarily by LunarG, Inc., there are many other companies and individuals making this possible: Valve Corporation, funding project development; Google providing significant contributions to the validation layers; Khronos providing oversight and hosting of the project.