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Helps with isolates and isolate communication in Dart.

The package contains individual libraries with different purposes.

Creating send ports and responding to messages.

The “ports.dart” sub-library contains functionality for creating SendPorts and reacting to values sent to those ports.

Working with isolates and running functions in other isolates.

The “isolate_runner.dart” sub-library introduces an IsolateRunner class that gives easy access to the Isolate functionality, and also gives a way to run new functions in the isolate repeatedly, instead of just on the initial spawn call.

A central registry for values that can be used across isolates.

The “registry.dart” sub-library provides a way to create an object registry, and give access to it across different isolates.

Balancing load across several isolates.

The “load_balancer.dart” sub-library can manage multiple Runner objects, including IsolateRunner, and run functions on the currently least loaded runner.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.