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import socket
import requests.packages.urllib3 as urllib3
except ImportError:
import urllib3
from ..errors import DockerException
class CancellableStream(object):
Stream wrapper for real-time events, logs, etc. from the server.
>>> events =
>>> for event in events:
... print(event)
>>> # and cancel from another thread
>>> events.close()
def __init__(self, stream, response):
self._stream = stream
self._response = response
def __iter__(self):
return self
def __next__(self):
return next(self._stream)
except urllib3.exceptions.ProtocolError:
raise StopIteration
except socket.error:
raise StopIteration
next = __next__
def close(self):
Closes the event streaming.
if not self._response.raw.closed:
# find the underlying socket object
# based on api.client._get_raw_response_socket
sock_fp = self._response.raw._fp.fp
if hasattr(sock_fp, 'raw'):
sock_raw = sock_fp.raw
if hasattr(sock_raw, 'sock'):
sock = sock_raw.sock
elif hasattr(sock_raw, '_sock'):
sock = sock_raw._sock
elif hasattr(sock_fp, 'channel'):
# We're working with a paramiko (SSH) channel, which doesn't
# support cancelable streams with the current implementation
raise DockerException(
'Cancellable streams not supported for the SSH protocol'
sock = sock_fp._sock
if hasattr(urllib3.contrib, 'pyopenssl') and isinstance(
sock, urllib3.contrib.pyopenssl.WrappedSocket):
sock = sock.socket