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// +build linux
package main
import (
// cState represents the platform agnostic pieces relating to a running
// container's status and state. Note: The fields in this structure adhere to
// the opencontainers/runtime-spec/specs-go requirement for json fields that must be returned
// in a state command.
type cState struct {
// Version is the OCI version for the container
Version string `json:"ociVersion"`
// ID is the container ID
ID string `json:"id"`
// InitProcessPid is the init process id in the parent namespace
InitProcessPid int `json:"pid"`
// Bundle is the path on the filesystem to the bundle
Bundle string `json:"bundlePath"`
// Rootfs is a path to a directory containing the container's root filesystem.
Rootfs string `json:"rootfsPath"`
// Status is the current status of the container, running, paused, ...
Status string `json:"status"`
// Created is the unix timestamp for the creation time of the container in UTC
Created time.Time `json:"created"`
var stateCommand = cli.Command{
Name: "state",
Usage: "output the state of a container",
ArgsUsage: `<container-id>
Where "<container-id>" is your name for the instance of the container.`,
Description: `The state command outputs current state information for the
instance of a container.`,
Action: func(context *cli.Context) {
container, err := getContainer(context)
if err != nil {
containerStatus, err := container.Status()
if err != nil {
state, err := container.State()
if err != nil {
cs := cState{
Version: state.BaseState.Config.Version,
ID: state.BaseState.ID,
InitProcessPid: state.BaseState.InitProcessPid,
Status: containerStatus.String(),
Bundle: utils.SearchLabels(state.Config.Labels, "bundle"),
Rootfs: state.BaseState.Config.Rootfs,
Created: state.BaseState.Created}
data, err := json.MarshalIndent(cs, "", " ")
if err != nil {