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==== To Do list for libcbor ====
=== General ===
* API review
* Benchmark
* Write examples
** Simple decoder
** Decoder to JSON
** Windowed encoding/decoding (limited memory)
=== Encoder ===
* Write API docs
* Add API for creating indeterminate-length arrays and maps
* Add API for creating indeterminate-length strings
* Add API for relaxing doubles to floats and to integers
* Add length-checking of the sub-containers (#ifndef CBOR_ENCODER_NO_USER_CHECK)
* Decide how to indicate number of bytes needed
** Suggestion: return negative number from the functions
=== Decoder ===
* Write functions not yet implemented
* Add API for stream-decoding strings
* Add API for checking known tags and simple types
* (unlikely) Add API for checking the pairing of a tag and the tagged type
* Write tests for error conditions
* Fuzzy-test the decoder