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addopts = -ra
testpaths = tests
xfail_strict = true
filterwarnings =
# Keep docs in sync with docs env and .readthedocs.yml.
python =
3.5: py35
3.6: py36
3.7: py37
3.8: py38, changelog
3.9: py39, pyright
3.10: py310, manifest, typing, docs
3.11: py311
pypy-3: pypy3
envlist = typing,pre-commit,py35,py36,py37,py38,py39,py310,py311,pypy3,pyright,manifest,docs,pypi-description,changelog,coverage-report
isolated_build = True
# Keep basepython in sync with gh-actions and .readthedocs.yml.
basepython = python3.10
extras = docs
commands =
sphinx-build -n -T -W -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees docs docs/_build/html
sphinx-build -n -T -W -b doctest -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees docs docs/_build/html
python -m doctest README.rst
extras = tests
commands = python -m pytest {posargs}
extras = tests
commands = coverage run -m pytest {posargs}
extras = tests
commands = coverage run -m pytest {posargs}
# Python 3.6+ has a number of compile-time warnings on invalid string escapes.
# PYTHONWARNINGS=d and --no-compile below make them visible during the Tox run.
basepython = python3.10
install_command = pip install --no-compile {opts} {packages}
setenv =
extras = tests
commands = coverage run -m pytest {posargs}
basepython = python3.10
depends = py35,py37,py310
skip_install = true
deps = coverage[toml]>=5.4
commands =
coverage combine
coverage report
basepython = python3.10
skip_install = true
deps =
passenv = HOMEPATH # needed on Windows
commands =
pre-commit run --all-files
basepython = python3.10
deps = check-manifest
skip_install = true
commands = check-manifest
basepython = python3.8
skip_install = true
deps =
pip >= 18.0.0
commands =
pip wheel -w {envtmpdir}/build --no-deps .
twine check {envtmpdir}/build/*
basepython = python3.8
deps = towncrier
skip_install = true
commands = towncrier --draft
basepython = python3.10
deps = mypy>=0.902
commands =
mypy src/attrs/__init__.pyi src/attr/__init__.pyi src/attr/_version_info.pyi src/attr/converters.pyi src/attr/exceptions.pyi src/attr/filters.pyi src/attr/setters.pyi src/attr/validators.pyi
mypy tests/
# Install and configure node and pyright
# This *could* be folded into a custom install_command
# Use nodeenv to configure node in the running tox virtual environment
# Seeing errors using "nodeenv -p"
# Use npm install -g to install "globally" into the virtual environment
basepython = python3.9
deps = nodeenv
commands =
nodeenv --prebuilt --node=lts --force {envdir}
npm install -g --no-package-lock --no-save pyright
pytest tests/ -vv