Merge pull request #131 from thomasvl/update

Bump the pod version to do a release
tree: aef5d5543f76d60d338aadf081bc262be267b564
  1. AddressBook/
  2. AppKit/
  3. BuildScripts/
  4. BuildingAndUsing.txt
  6. DebugUtils/
  7. Foundation/
  8. GTM-Info.plist
  9. GTM.xcodeproj/
  10. GTMDefines.h
  11. GTMiPhone-Info.plist
  12. GTMiPhone.xcodeproj/
  13. GoogleToolboxForMac.podspec
  17. UnitTest-Info.plist
  18. UnitTesting/
  19. XcodeConfig/
  20. iPhone/

GTM: Google Toolbox for Mac

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Google Toolbox for Mac

A collection of source from different Google projects that may be of use to developers working other iOS or OS X projects.

If you find a problem/bug or want a new feature to be included in the Google Toolbox for Mac, please join the discussion group or submit an issue.