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.TH PULSEVIEW 1 "December 16, 2015"
PulseView \- Qt-based LA/scope/MSO GUI for sigrok
.B pulseview \fR[\fBOPTIONS\fR] [\\fR]
.B PulseView
is a cross-platform Qt-based GUI for the
.B sigrok
software suite for test and measurement equipment such as logic analyzers,
oscilloscopes, MSOs, and more.
.B PulseView
has very few command line options, as most configuration elements are
available from the GUI itself.
If the optional \\fR argument is supplied, PulseView tries to open
the specified file. It has to be in the "libsigrok session" format.
.B "\-l, \-\-loglevel"
Set the libsigrok and libsigrokdecode loglevel. At the moment PulseView
doesn't support setting the two loglevels independently. The higher the
number, the more debug output will be printed. Valid loglevels are:
\fB0\fP None
\fB1\fP Error
\fB2\fP Warnings
\fB3\fP Informational
\fB4\fP Debug
\fB5\fP Spew
.B "\-h, \-?, \-\-help"
Show a help text and exit.
.B "\-V, \-\-version"
Show version information and exit.
.BR "\-i, \-\-input\-file " <filename>
Load input from a file. If the
.B \-\-input\-format
option is not supplied, PulseView attempts to load the file as a sigrok session
.BR "\-I, \-\-input\-format " <format>
Specifies the format of the input file to be loaded.
.B "f"
.B "o"
Zoom 1:1.
.B "s"
Enable / disable sticky scrolling.
.B "c"
Show / hide cursors.
.B "b"
Toggle between coloured trace backgrounds and alternating light/dark
gray trace backgrounds.
Start / stop an acquisition.
.B "ALT"
Show / hide the menu.
.B "Arrow keys"
Scroll up/down/left/right.
.B "CTRL+o"
Open file.
.B "CTRL+s"
Save as...
.B "CTRL+r"
Save selected range as...
.B "CTRL+g"
Group all currently selected traces into a trace group.
.B "CTRL+u"
Ungroup the traces in the currently selected trace group.
.B "CTRL++"
Zoom in.
.B "CTRL+-"
Zoom out.
.B "CTRL+q"
Quit, i.e. shutdown PulseView.
.B PulseView
exits with 0 on success, 1 on most failures.
Please report any bugs via Bugzilla
.RB "(" ")"
or on the sigrok\-devel mailing list
.RB "(" sigrok\ ")."
.B PulseView
is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3 or later.
Please see the individual source code files.
This manual page was written by Uwe Hermann <uwe@hermann\>.
It is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (version 2 or later).