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Git Numberer Gerrit Plugin

This plugin ensures commit footers in a repository comply with rules of Git number footers for Chromium and is part of the Git Numberer for Chromium system.


For every new commit C that is about to be pushed with git push or landed using Gerrit API/UI (called merged in Gerrit), this plugin ensures:

  1. commit C having exactly at most one parent, namely commit P.
  2. commit P contains footer Cr-Commit-Position: refs/foo/bar@{#X}, where X is positive integer.
  3. commit C contains footer Cr-Commit-Position: refs/foo/bar@{#Y} such that Y = X+1.

There is more to it in the doc Git number footers for Chromium.

Plugin structure

This plugin consists of verification and generation parts, each working independently of each other, but share common libraries. While each part can be enabled on specific refs independently of another, it's recommended that verifier is enabled on all refs on which generation is enabled.


Safety comes first. This plugin installs a verifier that ensures that all new commits on enabled refs comply with the numbering scheme. The new commits may be created as a result of landing (merging) a Gerrit changelist, or as a result of a git push operation.

NOTE This is a Gerrit plugin and thus it only works for operations done through Gerrit. Thus, this plugin won‘t protect from bad commits being pushed by someone with direct access to Git repository filesystem on Gerrit’s server. Google's deployment of Gerrit internally calls such access _direct push. Such access could be useful to administrators when pushing humongous histories as in during Chromium + Blink merge, but then administrators are responsible for verification.

See also:

  • git cl and its fork in Commit Queue which generate footers for Rietveld issues.


Get Ready, only once.

Follow this general Gerrit guide first to get basic set up correctly.


Checkout (or symlink) this repo into plugins/git-numberer directory inside primary Gerrit checkout.

bazel build git-numberer
bazel test git_numberer_tests