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<link rel="import" href="../polymer/polymer.html">
<dom-module id="chops-login">
:host {
--chops-login-link-color: inherit;
a, a:link {
color: var(--chops-login-link-color);
font-size: 0.75em;
text-decoration: none;
<template is="dom-if" if="[[!user]]">
<a href="[[loginUrl]]">LOGIN</a>
<template is="dom-if" if="[[user]]">
[[user]] (<a href="[[logoutUrl]]">LOGOUT</a>)
'use strict';
* `chops-login` shows the login/logout links and current user, if provided.
* When the user is logged in provide, at least, the user and logoutURL properties.
* When there is no user logged in provide, at least the loginURL property.
* In either case, bother URLs may be provided but only one will be shown.
* @customElement
* @polymer
* @demo /demo/chops-login_demo.html
class ChopsLogin extends Polymer.Element {
static get is() { return 'chops-login'; }
static get properties() {
return {
/** The login URL must be provided if no user is given. */
loginUrl: {
type: String,
/** The logout URL must be provided if a user is given. */
logoutUrl: {
type: String,
/** The logged in user. If this isn't given the login URL will be shown.*/
user: {
type: String,
value: '',
customElements.define(, ChopsLogin);