Contributing to infra repositories.

Standard workflow

Starting with an configured checkout, here's the standard workflow to make a modification to the source code:

  1. Make sure your code is up-to-date: run gclient sync anywhere in infra.git.
  2. Change CWD to any directory in the target repository. For example, for luci-py it might be infra/luci.
  3. Create a new branch: git new-branch <branch-name>.
  4. Make modifications, commit them using git commit.
  5. Upload your modification for review by running git cl upload. This step runs the tests, which must pass. If they don‘t, go back to the previous step to fix any issue. You can use to run tests anytime. Make sure you’ve added reviewers for your modifications and sent an email.
  6. Once your code has been approved, you can commit it by clicking the “Commit” checkbox on the code review tool, or by running git cl land if you're a Chromium committer.

Standard Practices

Protobuf format

Use Textproto for anything that's checked-in/human-editable (i.e. configuration) because it is more readable and easier to edit. More specifically, it allows the addition of comments, JSON does not.

Use JSON exclusively for passing to/from small scripts (especially python ones, so it doesn't have to depend on the protobuf package), and for communicating to Javascript clients.

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