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package main
import (
// indexPack contains the information necessary to assemble the kzip.
type indexPack struct {
// Path to which the index pack will be written.
outputFile string
// Path to the root of the checkout (i.e. the path containing src/). outDir is relative to this.
rootPath string
// The output directory from which compilation was run.
outDir string
// Path to the compilation database.
compDbPath string
// Path to a json file contains gn target information, as produced by 'gn desc --format=json'.
// See 'gn help desc' for more info.
gnTargetsPath string
// Path to java kzips produced by javac_extractor. Units are in json format.
existingJavaKzipsPath string
// The corpus to use for the generated Kythe VNames, e.g. 'chromium'.
// A VName identifies a node in the Kythe index.
// For more details, see:
corpus string
// The build config to specify in the unit file, e.g. 'android' or 'windows' (optional)
buildConfig string
// Mapping to and from a filename and its content hash.
hashMaps *FileHashMap
// Used for logging.
ctx context.Context
// newIndexPack initializes a new indexPack struct.
func newIndexPack(ctx context.Context, outputFile, rootPath, outDir, compDbPath,
gnTargetsPath, existingJavaKzipsPath, corpus, buildConfig string) *indexPack {
// Initialize indexPack.
ip := &indexPack{
outputFile: outputFile,
rootPath: rootPath,
outDir: outDir,
compDbPath: compDbPath,
gnTargetsPath: gnTargetsPath,
existingJavaKzipsPath: existingJavaKzipsPath,
corpus: corpus,
buildConfig: buildConfig,
ctx: ctx,
ip.hashMaps = NewFileHashMap()
return ip