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// Copyright 2020 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package dirmd
import (
dirmdpb "infra/tools/dirmd/proto"
// The file implements reading of metadata from legacy OWNERS files.
// TODO( delete this file.
// OwnersFilename is the filename for OWNERS files.
const OwnersFilename = "OWNERS"
var ownerKeyValuePairRe = regexp.MustCompile(`#\s*([\w\-]+|Internal Component)\s*:\s*(\S+)`)
// ReadOwners reads metadata from legacy OWNERS of the given directory and
// returns a dirmdpb.Metadata message along with the lines that were ignored.
// Returns (nil, nil, nil) if OWNERS file does not exist.
func ReadOwners(dir string) (md *dirmdpb.Metadata, ignored []string, err error) {
// Note: this function is case-sensitive wrt the filename,
// because there are no OWNERS file in src.git that use different casing.
f, err := os.Open(filepath.Join(dir, OwnersFilename))
switch {
case os.IsNotExist(err):
return nil, nil, nil
case err != nil:
return nil, nil, err
defer f.Close()
return parseOwners(f)
// parseOwners extracts metadata from a content of an OWNERS file.
func parseOwners(r io.Reader) (md *dirmdpb.Metadata, ignored []string, err error) {
md = &dirmdpb.Metadata{}
scan := bufio.NewScanner(r)
for scan.Scan() {
line := scan.Text()
m := ownerKeyValuePairRe.FindStringSubmatch(line)
if len(m) == 0 {
ignored = append(ignored, line)
key, value := m[1], m[2]
switch key {
case "TEAM":
md.TeamEmail = value
md.Monorail = &dirmdpb.Monorail{
Project: "chromium",
Component: value,
case "OS":
if md.Os, err = parseOSFromOwners(value); err != nil {
return nil, nil, err
case "WPT-NOTIFY":
switch strings.ToLower(value) {
case "true":
md.Wpt = &dirmdpb.WPT{Notify: dirmdpb.Trinary_YES}
case "false":
md.Wpt = &dirmdpb.WPT{Notify: dirmdpb.Trinary_NO}
return nil, nil, errors.Reason("WPT-NOTIFY: expected true or false, got %q", value).Err()
case "Internal Component":
const componentPrefix = "b/components/"
if !strings.HasPrefix(value, componentPrefix) {
return nil, nil, errors.Reason("Internal Component: expected component to start with 'b/components/', got %q", value).Err()
componentID, err := strconv.Atoi(strings.TrimPrefix(value, componentPrefix))
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, errors.Reason("Internal Component: expected integer component id, got %q", componentID).Err()
md.Buganizer = &dirmdpb.Buganizer{
ComponentId: int64(componentID),
ignored = append(ignored, line)
return md, ignored, nil
// parseOSFromOwners parses a value of "OS" key in an OWNERS file
// to OS enum.
func parseOSFromOwners(s string) (dirmdpb.OS, error) {
s = strings.ToUpper(s)
if s == "CHROMEOS" {
// ChromeOS is the only one for which the code below does not work.
return dirmdpb.OS_CHROME_OS, nil
value := dirmdpb.OS(dirmdpb.OS_value[s])
if value == dirmdpb.OS_OS_UNSPECIFIED {
return 0, errors.Reason("failed to parse %q as an OS", s).Err()
return value, nil