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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""A set of functions that provide fulltext search for issues."""
import collections
import logging
import time
from google.appengine.api import search
import settings
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import framework_views
from services import fulltext_helpers
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
# When updating and re-indexing all issues in a project, work in batches
# of this size to manage memory usage and avoid rpc timeouts.
# The user can search for text that occurs specifically in these
# parts of an issue.
ISSUE_FULLTEXT_FIELDS = ['summary', 'description', 'comment']
# Note: issue documents also contain a "metadata" field, but we do not
# expose that to users. Issue metadata can be searched in a structured way
# by giving a specific field name such as "owner:" or "status:". The metadata
# search field exists only for fulltext queries that do not specify any field.
def IndexIssues(cnxn, issues, user_service, issue_service, config_service):
"""(Re)index all the given issues.
cnxn: connection to SQL database.
issues: list of Issue PBs to index.
user_service: interface to user data storage.
issue_service: interface to issue data storage.
config_service: interface to configuration data storage.
issues = list(issues)
config_dict = config_service.GetProjectConfigs(
cnxn, {issue.project_id for issue in issues})
for start in xrange(0, len(issues), _INDEX_BATCH_SIZE):'indexing issues: %d remaining', len(issues) - start)
cnxn, issues[start:start + _INDEX_BATCH_SIZE], user_service,
issue_service, config_dict)
def _IndexIssueBatch(cnxn, issues, user_service, issue_service, config_dict):
"""Internal method to (re)index the given batch of issues.
cnxn: connection to SQL database.
issues: list of Issue PBs to index.
user_service: interface to user data storage.
issue_service: interface to issue data storage.
config_dict: dict {project_id: config} for all the projects that
the given issues are in.
user_ids = tracker_bizobj.UsersInvolvedInIssues(issues)
comments_dict = issue_service.GetCommentsForIssues(
cnxn, [issue.issue_id for issue in issues])
for comments in comments_dict.itervalues():
user_ids.update([ic.user_id for ic in comments])
users_by_id = framework_views.MakeAllUserViews(
cnxn, user_service, user_ids)
_CreateIssueSearchDocuments(issues, comments_dict, users_by_id, config_dict)
def _CreateIssueSearchDocuments(
issues, comments_dict, users_by_id, config_dict):
"""Make the GAE search index documents for the given issue batch.
issues: list of issues to index.
comments_dict: prefetched dictionary of comments on those issues.
users_by_id: dictionary {user_id: UserView} so that the email
addresses of users who left comments can be found via search.
config_dict: dict {project_id: config} for all the projects that
the given issues are in.
documents_by_shard = collections.defaultdict(list)
for issue in issues:
comments = comments_dict.get(issue.issue_id, [])
comments = _IndexableComments(comments, users_by_id)
summary = issue.summary
# TODO(jrobbins): allow search specifically on explicit vs derived
# fields.
owner_id = tracker_bizobj.GetOwnerId(issue)
owner_email = users_by_id[owner_id].email
config = config_dict[issue.project_id]
component_paths = []
for component_id in issue.component_ids:
cd = tracker_bizobj.FindComponentDefByID(component_id, config)
if cd:
field_values = [str(tracker_bizobj.GetFieldValue(fv, users_by_id))
for fv in issue.field_values]
metadata = '%s %s %s %s %s %s' % (
[users_by_id[cc_id].email for cc_id in
' '.join(component_paths),
' '.join(field_values),
' '.join(tracker_bizobj.GetLabels(issue)))
assert comments, 'issues should always have at least the description'
description = _ExtractCommentText(comments[0], users_by_id)
description = description[:framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE]
all_comments = ' '. join(
_ExtractCommentText(c, users_by_id) for c in comments[1:])
all_comments = all_comments[:framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE]
custom_fields = _BuildCustomFTSFields(issue)
doc = search.Document(
search.NumberField(name='project_id', value=issue.project_id),
search.TextField(name='summary', value=summary),
search.TextField(name='metadata', value=metadata),
search.TextField(name='description', value=description),
search.TextField(name='comment', value=all_comments),
] + custom_fields)
shard_id = issue.issue_id % settings.num_logical_shards
start_time = time.time()
promises = []
for shard_id, documents in documents_by_shard.iteritems():
if documents:
_IndexDocsInShard, shard_id, documents))
for promise in promises:
promise.WaitAndGetValue()'Finished %d indexing in shards in %d ms',
len(documents_by_shard), int((time.time() - start_time) * 1000))
def _IndexableComments(comments, users_by_id):
"""We only index the comments that are not deleted or banned.
comments: list of Comment PBs for one issue.
users_by_id: Dict of (user_id -> UserView) for all users.
A list of comments filtered to not have any deleted comments or
comments from banned users. If the issue has a huge number of
comments, only a certain number of the first and last comments
are actually indexed.
allowed_comments = []
for comment in comments:
user_view = users_by_id.get(comment.user_id)
if not (comment.deleted_by or (user_view and user_view.banned)):
reasonable_size = (framework_constants.INITIAL_COMMENTS_TO_INDEX +
if len(allowed_comments) <= reasonable_size:
return allowed_comments
candidates = ( # Prioritize the description and recent comments.
allowed_comments[0:1] +
allowed_comments[-framework_constants.FINAL_COMMENTS_TO_INDEX:] +
total_length = 0
result = []
for comment in candidates:
total_length += len(comment.content)
if total_length < framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE:
return result
def _IndexDocsInShard(shard_id, documents):
search_index = search.Index(
name=settings.search_index_name_format % shard_id)
search_index.put(documents)'FTS indexed %d docs in shard %d', len(documents), shard_id)
# TODO(jrobbins): catch OverQuotaError and add the issues to the
# ReindexQueue table instead.
def _ExtractCommentText(comment, users_by_id):
"""Return a string with all the searchable text of the given Comment PB."""
commenter_email = users_by_id[comment.user_id].email
return '%s %s %s' % (
' '.join(attach.filename
for attach in comment.attachments
if not attach.deleted))
def _BuildCustomFTSFields(issue):
"""Return a list of FTS Fields to index string-valued custom fields."""
fts_fields = []
for fv in issue.field_values:
if fv.str_value:
# TODO(jrobbins): also indicate which were derived vs. explicit.
# TODO(jrobbins): also toss in the email addresses of any users in
# user-valued custom fields, ints for int-valued fields, etc.
fts_field = search.TextField(
name='custom_%d' % fv.field_id, value=fv.str_value)
return fts_fields
def UnindexIssues(issue_ids):
"""Remove many issues from the sharded search indexes."""
iids_by_shard = {}
for issue_id in issue_ids:
shard_id = issue_id % settings.num_logical_shards
iids_by_shard.setdefault(shard_id, [])
for shard_id, iids_in_shard in iids_by_shard.iteritems():
'unindexing %r issue_ids in %r', len(iids_in_shard), shard_id)
search_index = search.Index(
name=settings.search_index_name_format % shard_id)
search_index.delete([str(iid) for iid in iids_in_shard])
except search.Error:
logging.exception('FTS deletion failed')
def SearchIssueFullText(project_ids, query_ast_conj, shard_id):
"""Do full-text search in GAE FTS.
project_ids: list of project ID numbers to consider.
query_ast_conj: One conjuctive clause from the AST parsed
from the user's query.
shard_id: int shard ID for the shard to consider.
(issue_ids, capped) where issue_ids is a list of issue issue_ids that match
the full-text query. And, capped is True if the results were capped due to
an implementation limitation. Or, return (None, False) if the given AST
conjunction contains no full-text conditions.
fulltext_query = fulltext_helpers.BuildFTSQuery(
query_ast_conj, ISSUE_FULLTEXT_FIELDS)
if fulltext_query is None:
return None, False
if project_ids:
project_clause = ' or '.join(
'project_id:%d' % pid for pid in project_ids)
fulltext_query = '(%s) %s' % (project_clause, fulltext_query)
# TODO(jrobbins): it would be good to also include some other
# structured search terms to narrow down the set of index
# documents considered. E.g., most queries are only over the
# open issues.'FTS query is %r', fulltext_query)
issue_ids = fulltext_helpers.ComprehensiveSearch(
fulltext_query, settings.search_index_name_format % shard_id)
capped = len(issue_ids) >= settings.fulltext_limit_per_shard
return issue_ids, capped