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Auth Service

Auth Service will manages and distribute data and configuration used for authorization decisions performed by services in a LUCI cluster.

This is a replacement the GAE v1 version of Auth Service.

Running locally

Targeting the real datastore:

cd auth_service/services/frontend
go run main.go -cloud-project chrome-infra-auth-dev

The server will be available at http://localhost:8800.

Uploading to GAE for adhoc testing

Prefer to test everything locally. If you must deploy to GAE, use:

cd auth_service upload -A chrome-infra-auth-dev --app-dir services defaultv2 backendv2

Note that it doesn't switch the default serving version. Use Cloud Console or gcloud app services set-traffic to switch the serving version of defaultv2 and backendv2 services. Be careful not to touch default and backend. They are deployed from Python code.

Production deployment

Deployment to staging and production are performed by gae-deploy builder. Deploying directly to production using is strongly ill-advised.