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luci-go: LUCI services and tools in Go

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go get -u
go get -u

Code layout

  • /appengine/... contains AppEngine server code. It imports packages from /common/... and /server/....
  • /client/... contains all client code.
  • /common/... contains code and structures shared between all of /appengine/..., /client/... and /server/...; for example, the structures used by the server APIs. These are inherently APIs.
  • /deploytool/... contains the LUCI cloud services deployment tool.
  • /logdog/... contains LogDog client and server code, as well as APIs, protobufs, and support libraries.
  • /server/... contains standalone server code. Its packages are reusable by /appengine/....
  • /tools/... contains support tools used by other LUCI components.


  • Branch go1 contains the stable code.
  • Branch master constains the latest code.


  • Sign the Google CLA.
  • Make sure your and are configured in git config.
  • Install test-only packages: go get -u -t
  • Install the pcg git hook: go get -u && pcg

Run the following to setup the code review tool and create your first review:

git clone $HOME/src/depot_tools
export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/src/depot_tools"
git checkout -b work origin/master

# hack hack
git commit -a -m "This is awesome"

# We use Gerrit for code review. Visit
# and follow instructions.

git cl upload -s -r
# This will upload your change to Gerrit and ask john.doe for review.
# Wait for approval and submit your code through Commit Queue.
# Commit queue will test your change on multiple platforms and land it
# automatically.

Use git cl help and git cl help <cmd> for more details.