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LUCI Tree Status Service

This service maintains a open/closed status for each “tree” (e.g. chromium). Trees are defined arbitrarily and do not have to correspond 1:1 with a git repo or any other concept.

Each status update optionally includes a text description of why the tree was open/closed.

The tree status is generally used to temporarily stop new CLs from being merged while gardeners fix a broken tree.


Commands below assume you are running in the infra environment. To enter the infra env (via the infra.git checkout), run:

eval infra/go/

Running tests locally

INTEGRATION_TESTS=1 go test ./...

Running locally

go run main.go \
  -cloud-project luci-tree-status-dev \
  -auth-service-host \
  -spanner-database projects/luci-tree-status-dev/instances/dev/databases/luci-tree-status-dev \

You can test the RPCs using the rpcexplorer.

Deploy demo instance with local changes to AppEngine upload --target-version ${USER} -A luci-tree-status-dev

Deploy to staging

Tree status is automatically deployed to staging by LUCI CD every time a CL is submitted.

Deploy to prod

The prod instance of LUCI Tree Status has not yet been created.