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# Copyright 2018 The LUCI Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# that can be found in the LICENSE file.
"""An interface to call the led tool."""
from urllib.parse import urlparse
import attr
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
from recipe_engine import recipe_test_api
from import build as build_pb
from import job
class LedApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
"""Interface to the led tool.
"led" stands for LUCI editor. It allows users to debug and modify LUCI jobs.
It can be used to modify many aspects of a LUCI build, most commonly
including the recipes used.
The main interface this module provides is a direct call to the led binary:
led_result = api.led(
'get-builder', ['luci.chromium.try:chromium_presubmit'])
final_data = led_result.then('edit-recipe-bundle').result
See the led binary for full documentation of commands.
@attr.s(frozen=True, slots=True)
class LedLaunchData:
swarming_hostname = attr.ib()
task_id = attr.ib()
buildbucket_hostname = attr.ib()
build_id = attr.ib()
def swarming_task_url(self):
if not self.task_id:
return None
return 'https://%s/task?id=%s' % (self.swarming_hostname, self.task_id)
def build_url(self):
if not self.build_id: # pragma: no cover
return None
return 'https://%s/build/%s' % (self.buildbucket_hostname, self.build_id)
class LedResult:
"""Holds the result of a led operation. Can be chained using |then|."""
def __init__(self, result, module, led_build):
self._led_build = led_build
if isinstance(result, LedApi.LedLaunchData):
self._launch_result = result
self._result = result
self._module = None
self._launch_result = None
self._result = result
self._module = module
def result(self):
"""The mutable job.Definition proto message from the previous led call.
If the previous led call was `launch`, then this will be None, and
launch_result will be populated.
return self._result
def launch_result(self):
"""A LedLaunchData object. Only set when the previous led call was
'led launch'."""
return self._launch_result
def edit_rbh_value(self):
"""Returns either the user_payload or cas_user_payload value suitable to
pass to `led edit -rbh`.
Returns `None` if this information is not set.
r = self._result
if r:
agent =
if agent:
for d, purpose in agent.purposes.items():
if (purpose ==
cas =[d].cas
if cas:
return "%s/%d" % (cas.digest.hash, cas.digest.size_bytes)
def with_injected_input_recipes(self):
"""Sets the version of recipes used by led to correspond to the version
currently being used.
If neither the `rbe_cas_input` nor the `cipd_input` property is set,
this is a no-op.
Returns another LedResult object with the output of the command.
if self._module.rbe_cas_input:
return self.then(
'%s/%s' % (
if self._module.cipd_input:
return self.then(
'-rpkg', self._module.cipd_input.package,
'-rver', self._module.cipd_input.version)
# TODO(iannucci): Check for/inject buildbucket exe package/version
return self
def then(self, *cmd):
"""Invoke led, passing it the current `result` data as input.
Returns another LedResult object with the output of the command.
if self._module is None: # pragma: no cover
raise ValueError(
'Cannot call LedResult.then on the result of `led launch`')
res, is_led_real_build = self._module._run_command(
self._result, self._led_build, *cmd)
return self.__class__(
res, self._module, is_led_real_build)
def __init__(self, props, **kwargs):
super(LedApi, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self._run_id = props.led_run_id
self._shadowed_bucket = props.shadowed_bucket
if props.HasField('rbe_cas_input'):
self._rbe_cas_input = props.rbe_cas_input
self._rbe_cas_input = None
if props.HasField('cipd_input'):
self._cipd_input = props.cipd_input
self._cipd_input = None
def initialize(self):
if self._test_data.enabled:
self._get_mocks = {
key[len('get:'):]: value
for key, value in self._test_data.items()
if key.startswith('get:')
self._mock_edits = self.test_api.standard_mock_functions()
sorted_edits = sorted([
(int(key[len('edit:'):]), value)
for key, value in self._test_data.items()
if key.startswith('edit:')
self._mock_edits.extend(value for _, value in sorted_edits)
def led_build(self):
"""Whether the current build is a led job as a real Buildbucket build."""
return bool(self._shadowed_bucket)
def launched_by_led(self):
"""Whether the current build is a led job."""
return bool(self._run_id) or self.led_build
def run_id(self):
"""A unique string identifier for this led job, if it's a raw swarming task.
If the current build is *not* a led job as raw swarming task, value will be
an empty string.
return self._run_id
def rbe_cas_input(self):
"""The location of the rbe-cas containing the recipes code being run.
If set, it will be a `swarming.v1.CASReference` protobuf;
otherwise, None.
return self._rbe_cas_input
def cipd_input(self):
"""The versioned CIPD package containing the recipes code being run.
If set, it will be an `InputProperties.CIPDInput` protobuf; otherwise None.
return self._cipd_input
def shadowed_bucket(self):
"""The bucket of the original build/builder the led build replicates from.
If set, it will be an `InputProperties.ShadowedBucket` protobuf;
otherwise None.
return self._shadowed_bucket
def __call__(self, *cmd):
"""Runs led with the given arguments. Wraps result in a `LedResult`."""
res, is_led_real_build = self._run_command(None, self.led_build, *cmd)
return self.LedResult(res, self, is_led_real_build)
def inject_input_recipes(self, led_result):
"""Sets the version of recipes used by led to correspond to the version
currently being used.
If neither the `rbe_cas_input` nor the `cipd_input` property is set,
this is a no-op.
* led_result: The `LedResult` whose job.Definition will be passed into the
edit command.
return led_result.with_injected_input_recipes()
def trigger_builder(
"""Trigger a builder using led.
This can be used by recipes instead of buildbucket or scheduler triggers
in case the running build was triggered by led.
This is equivalent to:
led get-builder project/bucket:builder | \
<inject_input_recipes> | \
led edit <properties> | \
led launch
* project_name - The project that defines the builder.
* bucket_name - The bucket that configures the builder.
* builder_name - Name of the builder to trigger.
* properties - Dict with properties to pass to the triggered build.
* real_build - Bool flag indicates if led should trigger a real
Buildbucket build for the led job (rather than a raw swarming task).
property_args = []
for k, v in sorted(properties.items()):
property_args.append('{}={}'.format(k, self.m.json.dumps(v)))
# Clear out SWARMING_TASK_ID in the environment so that the created tasks
# do not have a parent task ID. This allows the triggered tasks to outlive
# the current task instead of being cancelled when the current task
# completes.
# TODO( Use command-line option instead of
# changing environment.
with self.m.context(env={'SWARMING_TASK_ID': None}):
builder_id = '{}/{}/{}'.format(project_name, bucket_name, builder_name)
step_name = 'trigger {}'.format(builder_id)
with self.m.step.nest(step_name) as builder_presentation:
if real_build:
led_job = self('get-builder', '-real-build', builder_id)
led_job = led_job.with_injected_input_recipes()
led_job = led_job.then('edit', *property_args)
result = led_job.then('launch', '-real-build').launch_result
builder_presentation.links['build'] = result.build_url
led_builder_id = '{}/{}:{}'.format(project_name, bucket_name,
led_job = self('get-builder', led_builder_id)
led_job = led_job.with_injected_input_recipes()
led_job = led_job.then('edit', *property_args)
result = led_job.then('launch').launch_result
swarming_task_url = result.swarming_task_url
builder_presentation.links['swarming task'] = swarming_task_url
def _get_mock(self, cmd):
"""Returns a StepTestData for the given command."""
job_def = None
def _pick_mock(prefix, specific_key):
# We do multiple lookups potentially, depending on what level of
# specificity the user has mocked with.
toks = specific_key.split('/')
for num_toks in range(len(toks), -1, -1):
key = '/'.join([prefix] + toks[:num_toks])
if key in self._get_mocks:
return self._get_mocks[key]
return job.Definition()
if cmd[0] == 'get-builder':
# "project/bucket:builder" or "luci.project.bucket:builder"
parts = cmd[-1].split(':', 1)
if len(parts) == 2:
bucket = parts[0]
builder = parts[1]
if bucket.startswith('luci.'):
project, bucket = bucket[len('luci.'):].split('.', 1)
project, bucket = bucket.split('/', 1)
# "project/bucket/builder"
project, bucket, builder = cmd[-1].split('/')
mocked = _pick_mock(
'%s/%s/%s' % (project, bucket, builder))
if mocked is not None:
job_def = job.Definition()
job_def.CopyFrom(mocked) = project = bucket = builder
elif cmd[0] == 'get-build':
build_id = str(cmd[-1]).lstrip('b')
mocked = _pick_mock('buildbucket/build', build_id)
if mocked is not None:
job_def = job.Definition()
job_def.CopyFrom(mocked) = int(build_id)
elif cmd[0] == 'get-swarm':
task_id = cmd[-1]
mocked = _pick_mock('swarming/task', task_id)
if mocked is not None:
job_def = job.Definition()
# To allow easier test mocking, set request_uuid as task_id.
# It's only used in test to match a job definition with mock_edit_data.
job_def.swarming.task.request_uuid = task_id
if job_def is not None:
return self.test_api.m.proto.output_stream(job_def)
ret = recipe_test_api.StepTestData()
ret.retcode = 1
return ret
def _run_command(self, previous, real_build, *cmd):
"""Runs led with a given command and arguments.
* cmd: The led command to run, e.g. 'get-builder', 'edit', along with any
* previous: The previous led step's json result, if any. This can be
used to chain led commands together. See the tests for an example of
* real_build: Flag for if run led command with `-real-build` flag.
Only apply to `led get-build`, `led get-builder` and `led launch`.
Ensures that led is checked out on disk before trying to execute the
* either a job.Definition or a LedLaunchData
* a bool indicating if the led command has real_build flag.
* If cmd doesn't have `-real-build` flag, this is the same as
* If cmd has `-real-build` flag, this is True.
is_launch = cmd[0] == 'launch'
real_build_flag = '-real-build'
if real_build_flag in cmd:
real_build = True
elif real_build:
if is_launch:
# led launch -real-build
cmd = cmd + (real_build_flag,)
elif cmd[0] == 'get-build' or cmd[0] == 'get-builder':
# led get-build -real-build <build_id>
cmd = cmd[:-1] + (real_build_flag, cmd[-1])
if is_launch:
kwargs = {
'stdout': self.m.json.output(),
if self._test_data.enabled:
if not real_build:
# To allow easier test mocking with e.g. the swarming.collect step, we
# take the task_id as build.infra.swarming.task_id, if it's set, and
# otherwise use a fixed string.
# We considered hashing the payload to derived the task id, but some
# recipes re-launch the same led task multiple times. In that case
# they usually need to manually provide the task id anyway.
task_id = (
if not task_id:
task_id = 'fake-task-id'
kwargs['step_test_data'] = lambda: self.test_api.m.json.output_stream(
'swarming': {
'host_name': urlparse(
'task_id': task_id,
build_id =
if not build_id:
build_id = 87654321
kwargs['step_test_data'] = lambda: self.test_api.m.json.output_stream(
'buildbucket': {
'host_name': '',
'build_id': build_id,
kwargs = {
'stdout': self.m.proto.output(job.Definition, 'JSONPB'),
if self._test_data.enabled:
if cmd[0].startswith('get-'):
kwargs['step_test_data'] = lambda: self._get_mock(cmd)
# We run this outside of the step_test_data callback to make the stack
# trace a bit more obvious.
build = self.test_api._transform_build(
previous, cmd, self._mock_edits,
str(self.m.context.cwd or self.m.path.start_dir))
kwargs['step_test_data'] = (
lambda: self.test_api.m.proto.output_stream(build))
if previous is not None:
kwargs['stdin'] = self.m.proto.input(previous, 'JSONPB')
result = self.m.step(
'led %s' % cmd[0], ['led'] + list(cmd), **kwargs)
if is_launch:
# If we launched a task, add a link to the swarming task.
retval = self.LedLaunchData(
swarming_hostname=result.stdout.get('swarming', {}).get('host_name'),
task_id=result.stdout.get('swarming', {}).get('task_id'),
build_id=result.stdout.get('buildbucket', {}).get('build_id'),
if retval.swarming_task_url:
result.presentation.links['Swarming task'] = retval.swarming_task_url
result.presentation.links['Build'] = retval.build_url
retval = result.stdout
return retval, real_build