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This file describes the directory layout of the PNaCl toolchain.
The most important thing is the user-facing toolchain programs, including
pnacl-clang, pnacl-clang++, pnacl-translate, etc. These are located in
the bin/ directory. The location (and existence) of everything else is subject
to change.
User-facing PNaCl toolchain programs (pnacl-clang, pnacl-translate, etc;
currently these are OS-specific wrapper scripts).
Standard LLVM tools such as llvm-nm, opt etc**
Nonstandard LLVM tools such as pnacl-llc**
Standard GNU binutils ELF tools
Headers for linking against our build of LLVM**
Host libraries used by our build of LLVM**
Bitcode libraries and headers for building PNaCl modules
Native NaCl object files and/or libraries linked into nexes after
offline translation.
**These are not generally needed directly by developers of PNaCl modules
in Chrome, but may be useful for others, e.g. those who want to build tools
which target PNaCl as a platform
There are currently two different versions of the PNaCl toolchain: (1) the
legacy Python-based toolchain driver which uses the pnacl- prefix for the
individual tool names; and (2) the experimental native PNaCl Clang toolchain
driver which uses the le32-nacl- prefix.