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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Run toolchain torture tests and llvm testsuite tests.
# For now, run on linux64, build and run unsandboxed newlib tests
# for all 3 architectures.
# Note: This script builds the toolchain from scratch but does
# not build the translators and hence the translators
# are from an older revision, see comment below.
set -o xtrace
set -o nounset
set -o errexit
# The pexes which are referred to below, and the pexes generated by the
# archived frontend below will be translated with translators from DEPS.
# The motivation is to ensure that newer translators can still handle
# older pexes.
# This hopefully needs to be updated rarely, it contains pexe from
# the sandboxed llc/gold builds
# The frontend from this rev will generate pexes for the archived frontend
# test. The toolchain downloader expects this information in a specially
# formatted file. We generate that file in this script from this information,
# to keep all our versions in one place
readonly PNACL_BUILD="pnacl/"
readonly UP_DOWN_LOAD="buildbot/"
readonly TORTURE_TEST="tools/toolchain_tester/"
readonly LLVM_TESTSUITE="pnacl/scripts/"
readonly DOWNLOAD_TOOLCHAINS="build/"
#, llvm test suite and torture tests all use this value
# Change the toolchain build script (PNACL_BUILD) behavior slightly
# wrt to error logging and mecurial retry delays.
# TODO(robertm): if this special casing is still needed,
# make this into separate vars
export PNACL_BUILDBOT=true
# Make the toolchain build script (PNACL_BUILD) more verbose.
# This will also prevent bot timeouts which otherwise gets triggered
# by long periods without console output.
export PNACL_VERBOSE=true
clobber() {
echo @@@BUILD_STEP clobber@@@
rm -rf scons-out
# Don't clobber toolchain/pnacl_translator; these bots currently don't build
# it, but they use the DEPSed-in version
rm -rf toolchain/pnacl_linux* toolchain/pnacl_mac* toolchain/pnacl_win*
# Try to clobber /tmp/ contents to clear temporary chrome files.
rm -rf /tmp/.org.chromium.Chromium.*
handle-error() {
echo "@@@STEP_FAILURE@@@"
#### Support for running arm sbtc tests on this bot, since we have
# less coverage on the main waterfall now:
readonly SCONS_COMMON="./scons --verbose bitcode=1"
build-sbtc-prerequisites() {
local platform=$1
${SCONS_COMMON} platform=${platform} sel_ldr sel_universal irt_core \
build-canned-prerequisites() {
local platform=$1
local flags="--mode=opt-host,nacl -j ${PNACL_CONCURRENCY} platform=${platform}"
local targets="sel_ldr sel_universal nacl_helper_bootstrap irt_core irt"
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} ${targets}
if [ ${platform} = "x86-64" ] ; then
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} pnacl_irt_shim
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} translate_fast=1 pnacl_irt_shim
scons-tests-pic() {
local platform=$1
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP scons-tests-pic [${platform}]@@@"
local extra="--mode=opt-host,nacl \
nacl_pic=1 pnacl_generate_pexe=0"
${SCONS_COMMON} ${extra} platform=${platform} smoke_tests || handle-error
scons-tests-translator() {
local platform=$1
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP scons-sb-translator [${platform}] [prereq]@@@"
build-sbtc-prerequisites ${platform}
local flags="--mode=opt-host,nacl \
use_sandboxed_translator=1 \
platform=${platform} \
local targets="small_tests medium_tests large_tests"
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP scons-sb-translator [${platform}] [${targets}]@@@"
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} ${targets} translate_in_build_step=0 \
do_not_run_tests=1 || handle-error
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} ${targets} -j1 || handle-error
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP scons-sb-translator [fast] [${platform}] [${targets}]@@@"
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} translate_fast=1 translate_in_build_step=0 \
do_not_run_tests=1 ${targets} || handle-error
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} translate_fast=1 -j1 ${targets} || handle-error
scons-tests-x86-64-zero-based-sandbox() {
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP hello_world (x86-64 zero-based sandbox)@@@"
local flags="--mode=opt-host,nacl bitcode=1 platform=x86-64 \
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} "run_hello_world_test"
# This test is a bitcode stability test, which builds pexes for all the tests
# using an old version of the toolchain frontend, and then translates those
# pexes using the current version of the translator. It's simpler than using
# archived pexes, because archived pexes for old scons tests may not match the
# current scons tests (e.g. if the expected output changes or if a new test
# is added). The only thing that would break this approach is if a new test
# is added that is incompatible with the old frontend. For this case there
# simply needs to be a mechanism to disable that test (which could be as simple
# as using disable_tests here on the scons command line).
# Note: If this test is manually interrupted or killed during the run, the
# toolchain install might end up missing or replaced with the old one.
# To fix, copy the current one from toolchains/current_tc or blow it away
# and re-run gclient runhooks.
archived-frontend-test() {
local arch=$1
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP archived_frontend [${arch}]\
# For now this script runs on linux x86-64
local tc_name=pnacl_linux_x86_64
local targets="small_tests medium_tests large_tests"
local flags="--mode=opt-host,nacl bitcode=1 platform=${arch} \
translate_in_build_step=0 -j${PNACL_CONCURRENCY} \
rm -rf scons-out/nacl-${arch}*
# Get the archived frontend.
# If the correct cached frontend is in place, the hash will match and the
# download will be a no-op. Otherwise the downloader will fix it.
# Generate a toolchain version file for the downloader, and run it
${DOWNLOAD_TOOLCHAINS} --no-x86 --no-arm-trusted --no-pnacl-translator \
--toolchain-dir=toolchain/archived_tc \
# Save the current toolchain
mkdir -p toolchain/current_tc
rm -rf toolchain/current_tc/*
mv toolchain/${tc_name} toolchain/current_tc/${tc_name}
# Link the old frontend into place.
ln -s archived_tc/${tc_name} toolchain/${tc_name}
# Build the pexes with the old frontend
${SCONS_COMMON} do_not_run_tests=1 ${flags} ${targets} || handle-error
# The pexes for fast translation tests are identical but scons uses a
# different directory.
cp -a scons-out/nacl-${arch}-pnacl-pexe-clang \
# Put the current toolchain back in place
rm toolchain/${tc_name}
mv toolchain/current_tc/${tc_name} toolchain/${tc_name}
# Translate them with the new translator, and run the tests
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} ${targets} built_elsewhere=1 || handle-error
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP archived_frontend [${arch} translate-fast]\
# Also test the fast-translation option
${SCONS_COMMON} ${flags} translate_fast=1 built_elsewhere=1 \
${targets} || handle-error
archived-pexe-translator-test() {
local arch=$1
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP archived_pexe_translator \
local dir="$(pwd)/pexe_archive"
local tarball="${dir}/pexes.tar.bz2"
local measure_cmd="/usr/bin/time -v"
local sb_translator="${measure_cmd} \
rm -rf ${dir}
mkdir -p ${dir}
${UP_DOWN_LOAD} DownloadArchivedPexesTranslator \
tar jxf ${tarball} --directory ${dir}
# Note, the archive provides both stripped (ext="") and unstripped
# (ext=".strip-all") versions of the pexes ("ld-new", "llc").
# We do not want to strip them here as the "translator"
# package and the toolchain package maybe out of sync and
# strip does more than just stripping, it also upgrades
# bitcode versions if there was a format change.
# x86-64 will crash when ext=""
# pexe archive rev: 8834
# pre-built translator rev: 8759
local ext=".strip-all"
# Note, that the arch flag has two functions:
# 1) it selects the target arch for the translator
# 2) combined with --pnacl-sb it selects the host arch for the
# sandboxed translators
local flags="-arch ${arch} --pnacl-sb --pnacl-driver-verbose"
if [[ ${arch} = arm ]] ; then
# We need to enable qemu magic for arm
flags="${flags} --pnacl-use-emulator"
local fast_trans_flags="${flags} -translate-fast"
echo "=== Translating the archived translator."
${sb_translator} ${flags} ${dir}/ld-new${ext} \
-o ${dir}/ld-new-${arch}.nexe
${sb_translator} ${fast_trans_flags} ${dir}/ld-new${ext} \
-o ${dir}/ld-new-${arch}.fast_trans.nexe
# This takes about 17min on arm with qemu
# With an unstripped pexe arm runs out of space (also after 17min):
# "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'"
${sb_translator} ${flags} ${dir}/llc${ext} \
-o ${dir}/llc-${arch}.nexe
# Drop this for arm if bots are becoming too slow
${sb_translator} ${fast_trans_flags} ${dir}/llc${ext} \
-o ${dir}/llc-${arch}.fast_trans.nexe
ls -l ${dir}
file ${dir}/*
echo "=== Running the translated archived translator to test."
# now actually run the two new translator nexes on the ld-new pexe
driver_flags="--pnacl-driver-set-LLC_SB=${dir}/llc-${arch}.nexe \
${sb_translator} ${flags} ${driver_flags} ${dir}/ld-new${ext} \
-o ${dir}/ld-new-${arch}.2.nexe
# Drop this for arm if bots are becoming too slow
driver_flags="--pnacl-driver-set-LLC_SB=${dir}/llc-${arch}.fast_trans.nexe \
${sb_translator} ${flags} ${driver_flags} ${dir}/ld-new${ext} \
-o ${dir}/ld-new-${arch}.3.nexe
# TODO(robertm): Ideally we would compare the result of translation like so
# ${dir}/ld-new-${arch}.2.nexe == ${dir}/ld-new-${arch}.3.nexe
# but this requires the translator to be deterministic which is not
# quite true at the moment - probably due to due hashing inside of
# llc based on pointer values.
tc-test-bot() {
local archset="$1"
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP show-config@@@"
${PNACL_BUILD} show-config
# Build the un-sandboxed toolchain
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP compile_toolchain@@@"
${PNACL_BUILD} clean
# run the torture tests. the "trybot" phases take care of prerequisites
# for both test sets
for arch in ${archset}; do
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP torture_tests $arch @@@"
${TORTURE_TEST} trybot-pnacl-${arch}-torture \
--concurrency=${PNACL_CONCURRENCY} || handle-error
for arch in ${archset}; do
echo "@@@BUILD_STEP llvm-test-suite $arch @@@"
${LLVM_TESTSUITE} testsuite-prereq ${arch}
${LLVM_TESTSUITE} testsuite-clean
{ ${LLVM_TESTSUITE} testsuite-configure ${arch} &&
${LLVM_TESTSUITE} testsuite-run ${arch} &&
${LLVM_TESTSUITE} testsuite-report ${arch} -v -c
} || handle-error
scons-tests-pic ${arch}
archived-frontend-test ${arch}
# Note: we do not build the sandboxed translator on this bot
# because this would add another 20min to the build time.
# The upshot of this is that we are using the sandboxed
# toolchain which is currently deps'ed in.
# There is a small upside here: we will notice that bitcode has
# changed in a way that is incompatible with older translators.
# Todo(pnacl-team): rethink this.
# Note: the tests which use sandboxed translation are at the end,
# because they can sometimes hang on arm, causing buildbot to kill the
# script without running any more tests.
scons-tests-translator ${arch}
archived-pexe-translator-test ${arch}
if [[ ${arch} = x86-64 ]] ; then
if [ $# = 0 ]; then
# NOTE: this is used for manual testing only
tc-test-bot "x86-64 x86-32 arm"