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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import platform
import subprocess
import sys
class Environment:
env = Environment()
def Usage():
name = sys.argv[0]
print '-' * 80
info = '''
%s [run_py_options] [sel_ldr_options] <nexe> [nexe_parameters]
Run a command-line nexe (or pexe). Automatically handles translation,
building sel_ldr, and building the IRT. options:
-L<LIBRARY_PATH> Additional library path for
--paranoid Remove -S (signals) and -a (file access)
from the default sel_ldr options.
--loader=dbg Use dbg version of sel_ldr
--loader=opt Use opt version of sel_ldr
--loader=<path> Path to sel_ldr
Default: Uses whichever sel_ldr already exists. Otherwise, builds opt version.
--irt=full Use full IRT
--irt=core Use Core IRT
--irt=none Don't use IRT
--irt=<path> Path to IRT nexe
Default: Uses whichever IRT already exists. Otherwise, builds irt_core.
-n | --dry-run Just print commands, don't execute them
-h | --help Display this information
-q | --quiet Don't print anything (nexe output can be redirected
--more Display sel_ldr usage
-arch <arch> | -m32 | -m64 | -marm
Specify architecture for PNaCl translation
(arch is one of: x86-32, x86-64 or arm)
print info % name
print '-' * 80
def SetupEnvironment():
# linux, win, or mac
env.scons_os = GetSconsOS()
# native_client/ directory
env.nacl_root = FindBaseDir()
# Path to Native NaCl toolchain (glibc)
env.nnacl_root = os.path.join(env.nacl_root,
env.scons_os + '_x86')
# Path to PNaCl toolchain
pnacl_label = 'pnacl_%s_%s' % (GetSconsOS(), GetBuildArch().replace('-','_'))
env.pnacl_base = os.path.join(env.nacl_root, 'toolchain', pnacl_label)
env.pnacl_root_newlib = os.path.join(env.pnacl_base, 'newlib')
env.pnacl_root_glibc = os.path.join(env.pnacl_base, 'glibc')
env.arm_root = os.path.join(env.nacl_root,
'toolchain', 'linux_arm-trusted')
env.qemu = os.path.join(env.arm_root, 'run_under_qemu_arm')
# Path to 'readelf'
env.readelf = FindReadElf()
# Path to 'scons'
env.scons = os.path.join(env.nacl_root, 'scons')
# Library path for
env.library_path = []
# Suppress -S -a
env.paranoid = False
# Only print commands, don't run them
env.dry_run = False
# Force a specific sel_ldr
env.force_sel_ldr = None
# Force a specific IRT
env.force_irt = None
# Don't print anything
env.quiet = False
# Arch (x86-32, x86-64, arm)
env.arch = None
# Don't trace in QEMU
env.trace = False
def PrintBanner(output):
if not env.quiet:
lines = output.split('\n')
print '*' * 80
for line in lines:
padding = ' ' * max(0, (80 - len(line)) / 2)
print padding + output + padding
print '*' * 80
def PrintCommand(s):
if not env.quiet:
print s
def GetMultiDir(arch):
if arch == 'x86-32':
return 'lib32'
elif arch == 'x86-64':
return 'lib'
Fatal('nacl-gcc does not support %s' % arch)
def SetupArch(arch, allow_build = True):
'''Setup environment variables that require knowing the
architecture. We can only do this after we've seen the
nexe or once we've read -arch off the command-line.
env.arch = arch
env.sel_ldr = FindOrBuildSelLdr(allow_build = allow_build)
env.irt = FindOrBuildIRT(allow_build = allow_build)
def SetupLibC(arch, is_pnacl, is_dynamic):
if is_dynamic:
if is_pnacl:
libdir = os.path.join(env.pnacl_base, 'lib-' + arch)
libdir = os.path.join(env.nnacl_root, 'x86_64-nacl', GetMultiDir(arch))
env.runnable_ld = os.path.join(libdir, '')
def main(argv):
sel_ldr_options, nexe, nexe_params = ArgSplit(argv[1:])
# Translate .pexe files
is_pnacl = nexe.endswith('.pexe')
if is_pnacl:
nexe, metadata = Translate(env.arch, nexe)
if metadata['OutputFormat'] != 'executable':
Fatal('Bitcode has non-executable type: %s', metadata['OutputFormat'])
# Read the ELF file info
if is_pnacl and env.dry_run:
# In a dry run, we don't actually run pnacl-translate, so there is
# no nexe for readelf. Fill in the information manually.
has_needed = len(metadata['NeedsLibrary']) > 0
arch, is_dynamic, is_glibc_static = env.arch, has_needed, False
arch, is_dynamic, is_glibc_static = ReadELFInfo(nexe)
# Add default sel_ldr options
if not env.paranoid:
sel_ldr_options += ['-S', '-a']
# X86-64 glibc static has validation problems without stub out (-s)
if arch == 'x86-64' and is_glibc_static:
sel_ldr_options += ['-s']
if env.quiet:
# Don't print sel_ldr logs
sel_ldr_options += ['-l', '/dev/null']
# Tell the user
if is_dynamic:
extra = 'DYNAMIC'
extra = 'STATIC'
PrintBanner('%s is %s %s' % (os.path.basename(nexe),
arch.upper(), extra))
# Setup architecture-specific environment variables
# Setup LibC-specific environment variables
SetupLibC(arch, is_pnacl, is_dynamic)
sel_ldr_args = []
# Add irt to sel_ldr arguments
if env.irt:
sel_ldr_args += ['-B', env.irt]
# Setup sel_ldr arguments
sel_ldr_args += sel_ldr_options + ['--']
if is_dynamic:
sel_ldr_args += [env.runnable_ld,
'--library-path', ':'.join(env.library_path)]
sel_ldr_args += [os.path.abspath(nexe)] + nexe_params
# Run sel_ldr!
return 0
def RunSelLdr(args):
prefix = []
if GetBuildArch().find('arm') == -1 and env.arch == 'arm':
prefix = [ env.qemu, '-cpu', 'cortex-a8']
if env.trace:
prefix += ['-d', 'in_asm,op,exec,cpu']
args = ['-Q'] + args
# Use the bootstrap loader on linux.
if env.scons_os == 'linux':
bootstrap = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(env.sel_ldr),
loader = [bootstrap, env.sel_ldr]
template_digits = 'X' * 16
args = ['--r_debug=0x' + template_digits,
'--reserved_at_zero=0x' + template_digits] + args
loader = [env.sel_ldr]
Run(prefix + loader + args)
def FindOrBuildIRT(allow_build = True):
if env.force_irt:
if env.force_irt == 'none':
return None
elif env.force_irt == 'full':
flavors = ['irt']
elif env.force_irt == 'core':
flavors = ['irt_core']
irt = env.force_irt
if not os.path.exists(irt):
Fatal('IRT not found: %s' % irt)
return irt
flavors = ['irt','irt_core']
irt_paths = []
for flavor in flavors:
path = os.path.join(env.nacl_root, 'scons-out',
'nacl_irt-%s/staging/%s.nexe' % (env.arch, flavor))
for path in irt_paths:
if os.path.exists(path):
return path
if allow_build:
PrintBanner('irt not found. Building it with scons.')
irt = irt_paths[0]
assert(env.dry_run or os.path.exists(irt))
return irt
return None
def BuildIRT(flavor):
args = ('platform=%s naclsdk_validate=0 ' +
'sysinfo=0 -j8 %s') % (env.arch, flavor)
args = args.split()
Run([env.scons] + args, cwd=env.nacl_root)
def FindOrBuildSelLdr(allow_build = True):
if env.force_sel_ldr:
if env.force_sel_ldr in ('dbg','opt'):
modes = [ env.force_sel_ldr ]
sel_ldr = env.force_sel_ldr
if not os.path.exists(sel_ldr):
Fatal('sel_ldr not found: %s' % sel_ldr)
return sel_ldr
modes = ['opt','dbg']
loaders = []
for mode in modes:
sel_ldr = os.path.join(env.nacl_root, 'scons-out',
'%s-%s-%s' % (mode, env.scons_os, env.arch),
'staging', 'sel_ldr')
# If one exists, use it.
for sel_ldr in loaders:
if os.path.exists(sel_ldr):
return sel_ldr
# Build it
if allow_build:
PrintBanner('sel_ldr not found. Building it with scons.')
sel_ldr = loaders[0]
assert(env.dry_run or os.path.exists(sel_ldr))
return sel_ldr
return None
def BuildSelLdr(mode):
args = ('platform=%s MODE=%s-host naclsdk_validate=0 ' +
'sysinfo=0 -j8 sel_ldr') % (env.arch, mode)
args = args.split()
Run([env.scons] + args, cwd=env.nacl_root)
def Translate(arch, pexe):
if arch is None:
Fatal('Missing -arch for PNaCl translation.')
metadata = GetBitcodeMetadata(pexe)
output_file = os.path.splitext(pexe)[0] + '.' + arch + '.nexe'
# TODO(pdox): It shouldn't be necessary to branch here.
# Both newlib and glibc's pnacl-translate should behave identically.
# BUG=
has_needed = len(metadata['NeedsLibrary']) > 0
if has_needed:
rootdir = env.pnacl_root_glibc
rootdir = env.pnacl_root_newlib
pnacl_translate = os.path.join(rootdir, 'bin', 'pnacl-translate')
args = [ pnacl_translate, '-arch', arch, pexe, '-o', output_file ]
return output_file, metadata
def GetBitcodeMetadata(pexe):
pnaclmeta = os.path.join(env.pnacl_root_newlib, 'bin', 'pnacl-meta')
args = [ pnaclmeta, '--raw', pexe ]
raw_metadata = Run(args, capture = True)
metadata = { 'OutputFormat': '',
'SOName' : '',
'NeedsLibrary': [] }
for line in raw_metadata.split('\n'):
line = line.strip()
if not line:
k, v = line.split(':')
k = k.strip()
v = v.strip()
if isinstance(metadata[k], list):
metadata[k] = v
return metadata
def Stringify(args):
ret = ''
for arg in args:
if ' ' in arg:
ret += ' "%s"' % arg
ret += ' %s' % arg
return ret.strip()
def Run(args, cwd = None, capture = False):
if not capture:
if env.dry_run:
stdout_pipe = None
stderr_redir = None
if capture:
stdout_pipe = subprocess.PIPE
if env.quiet and not env.paranoid:
# Even if you redirect NACLLOG to /dev/null it still prints
# "DEBUG MODE ENABLED (bypass acl)", so just swallow the output
stderr_redir = open(os.devnull)
os.environ['NACLLOG'] = os.devnull
p = None
p = subprocess.Popen(args, stdout=stdout_pipe, stderr=stderr_redir, cwd=cwd)
(stdout_contents, stderr_contents) = p.communicate()
except KeyboardInterrupt, e:
if p:
raise e
except BaseException, e:
if p:
raise e
if p.returncode != 0:
if capture:
Fatal('Failed to run: %s' % Stringify(args))
return stdout_contents
def ArgSplit(argv):
if len(argv) == 0:
# Extract up to nexe
sel_ldr_options = []
nexe = None
skip_one = False
for i,arg in enumerate(argv):
if skip_one:
skip_one = False
if arg.startswith('-L'):
if arg == '-L':
if i+1 < len(argv):
path = argv[i+1]
skip_one = True
Fatal('Missing argument to -L')
path = arg[len('-L'):]
elif arg == '-m32':
env.arch = 'x86-32'
elif arg == '-m64':
env.arch = 'x86-64'
elif arg == '-marm':
env.arch = 'arm'
elif arg == '-arch':
if i+1 < len(argv):
env.arch = FixArch(argv[i+1])
skip_one = True
elif arg == '--paranoid':
env.paranoid = True
elif arg.startswith('--loader='):
env.force_sel_ldr = arg[len('--loader='):]
elif arg.startswith('--irt='):
env.force_irt = arg[len('--irt='):]
elif arg in ('-n', '--dry-run'):
env.dry_run = True
elif arg in ('-h', '--help'):
elif arg in ('-q', '--quiet'):
env.quiet = True
elif arg in '--more':
elif arg in ('-t', '--trace'):
env.trace = True
elif arg.endswith('nexe') or arg.endswith('pexe'):
nexe = arg
if not nexe:
Fatal('No nexe given!')
nexe_params = argv[i+1:]
return sel_ldr_options, nexe, nexe_params
def FixArch(arch):
x86_32 = 'x86-32 x86_32 x8632 i386 i686 ia32'.split()
x86_64 = 'amd64 x86_64 x86-64 x8664'.split()
arm = 'arm armv7'.split()
if arch in x86_32:
return 'x86-32'
if arch in x86_64:
return 'x86-64'
if arch in arm:
return 'arm'
Fatal('Unrecognized arch "%s"!', arch)
def Fatal(msg, *args):
if len(args) > 0:
msg = msg % args
print msg
def Usage2():
# Try to find any sel_ldr that already exists
for arch in ['x86-32','x86-64','arm']:
SetupArch(arch, allow_build = False)
if env.sel_ldr:
if not env.sel_ldr:
# If nothing exists, build it.
def FindReadElf():
'''Returns the path of "readelf" binary.'''
candidates = []
# Use PNaCl's if it available.
# TODO(robertm): standardize on one of the pnacl dirs
os.path.join(env.pnacl_base, 'host', 'bin', 'arm-pc-nacl-readelf'))
'pkg', 'binutils', 'bin', 'arm-pc-nacl-readelf'))
# Otherwise, look for the system readelf
for path in os.environ['PATH'].split(os.pathsep):
candidates.append(os.path.join(path, 'readelf'))
for readelf in candidates:
if os.path.exists(readelf):
return readelf
Fatal('Cannot find readelf!')
def ReadELFInfo(f):
''' Returns: (arch, is_dynamic, is_glibc_static) '''
readelf = env.readelf
readelf_out = Run([readelf, '-lh', f], capture = True)
machine_line = None
is_dynamic = False
is_glibc_static = False
for line in readelf_out.split('\n'):
line = line.strip()
if line.startswith('Machine:'):
machine_line = line
if line.startswith('DYNAMIC'):
is_dynamic = True
if '__libc_atexit' in line:
is_glibc_static = True
if not machine_line:
Fatal('Script error: readelf output did not make sense!')
if 'Intel 80386' in machine_line:
arch = 'x86-32'
elif 'X86-64' in machine_line:
arch = 'x86-64'
elif 'ARM' in machine_line:
arch = 'arm'
Fatal('%s: Unknown machine type', f)
return (arch, is_dynamic, is_glibc_static)
def GetSconsOS():
name = platform.system().lower()
if name == 'linux':
return 'linux'
if name == 'darwin':
return 'mac'
if 'cygwin' in name or 'windows' in name:
return 'win'
Fatal('Unsupported platform "%s"' % name)
def GetBuildArch():
return FixArch(platform.machine())
def FindBaseDir():
'''Crawl backwards, starting from the directory containing this script,
until we find the native_client/ directory.
curdir = os.path.abspath(sys.argv[0])
while os.path.basename(curdir) != 'native_client':
curdir,subdir = os.path.split(curdir)
if subdir == '':
# We've hit the file system root
if os.path.basename(curdir) != 'native_client':
Fatal('Unable to find native_client directory!')
return curdir
if __name__ == '__main__':