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  1. f5da7c9 Switch nacl-clang back to gas in SCons by · 7 years ago main
  2. c4e792e Cleanup: Use Bit('build_ARCH') instead of Bit('target_ARCH') by · 7 years ago
  3. 45dc36e Revert SCons portion of r14155 by · 7 years ago
  4. ba11d77 nacl-clang: use gas by default instead of the LLVM assembler by · 7 years ago
  5. 80f7ed8 [MIPS] Avoid use of non-existent MIPS dirs with biased bitcode by · 8 years ago
  6. f819bda Make nonpexe builds default to using biased bitcode by · 8 years ago
  7. ef7958c Add nacl-clang testing to SCons by · 8 years ago
  8. e006c75 stop building/testing old x86 validator. by · 8 years ago
  9. 0fe02eb Non-SFI Mode: Enable compiling exception_test for x86-32. by · 8 years ago
  10. be70968 NonSFI mode: Enable compiling exception_test for NonSFI NaCl on ARM by · 8 years ago
  11. 0272e81 Cleanup: Remove src/trusted/gio/, since it is unused by · 8 years ago
  12. 56ae215 Switch PNaCl lib, include, and translator directories for new layout by · 8 years ago
  13. bb50563 Added support for passing arguments to MinSFI's entry function by · 8 years ago
  14. b4d688c Add MinSFI loader by · 8 years ago
  15. 49af228 Stub out pnacl-opt and pnacl-finalize tools for scons built_elsewhere=1 by · 8 years ago
  16. 61dc53d PNaCl dynamic loading: Extend pnacl-translate to be able to translate PSOs by · 8 years ago
  17. 1fe6339 ARM HW bots: looks for FEATURE_VERSION in the right place by · 8 years ago
  18. 37063ff Remove some unused references to the pnacl-nativeld tool by · 8 years ago
  19. 4f03535 Non-SFI Mode: Add nonsfi_loader and plumbing to test it by · 8 years ago
  20. 5f6a948 PNaCl: Remove some more references to PNaCl+glibc in by · 8 years ago