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A new SCons release, 2.0.1, is now available
on the SCons download page:
The primary purpose of this release is to remove support for Python
versions prior to 2.4 and streamline the SCons code base using more
modern python idioms.
Here is a summary of the changes since 1.3:
- There should be no new functionality or bug fixes in this checkpoint.
- All features or usages deprecated in 1.3 should have been removed.
Uses of formerly-deprecated features should get an error.
- The BuildDir() method and the build_dir option now get warnings.
- The SourceCode() function and its associated factory functions have
started their deprecation cycle and can have a warning enabled.
- Any Command() or env.Command() calls that use the following Action
factory functions will have their targets rebuilt when upgrading
from any pre-2.0 release:
(The rebuild occurs because the underlying Python class that
implements these functions has been changed to a new-style Python
class, and that changes the Python byte code and therefore the
build signature of the functions.)
- MSVC/MSVS/SDK support has been improved. A number of issues with
determining the correct version and architecture have been resolved.
- Fix propagation from environment of VS*COMNTOOLS to resolve issues
initializing MSVC/MSVS/SDK issues.
- Fixed a case-sensitivity problem with Fortran modules.
- Fix the ability to append to default $*FLAGS values (which are
implemented as CLVar instances) in a copied construction environment
without affecting the original construction environment's value.
- Updated the TeX command strings to include a /D on Windows in
case the new directory is on a different drive letter.
- Fixed the LaTeX scanner so dependencies are found in commands that
are broken across lines with a comment or have embedded spaces.
- Support for Python versions prior to 2.4 has been removed. As of
this writing, we believe that SCons will still work with Python 2.3,
but this is not guaranteed.
- Code paths that included special cases for older Python versions have
been streamlined.
- The code base has been converted to use more modern idioms. Although
we don't have any direct measurements (yet), we believe that SCons
startup time should be decreased and the overall code should run faster.
- No changes.
- The entries for SourceCode() and its associated factory functions now
state that the functions are deprecated.
- Document the AllowSubstExceptions() function in the User's Guide.
- Code no longer has to be compatible with Python versions back to 1.5.2.
Although code is tested with Python 2.3 and is still believed to work,
the official new floor is Python 2.4.
Thanks to Greg Noel, Steven Knight, Dirk Baechle, William Deegan,
W. Trevor King, Joe Zuntz, Bauke Conijn, Matt Hughes, Rob Managan,
and Jim Randall for their contributions to this release.
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 The SCons Foundation
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