Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).

This is an automated CL created by the recipe roller. This CL rolls recipe
changes from upstream projects (e.g. depot_tools) into downstream projects
(e.g. tools/build).

More info is at Use to file a bug.
depot_tools: [bootstrap/win] Release Python 2.7.15 ( [depot_tools] Cap num_cores to RAM/2GB under local jumbo builds ( Augment presubmit_support to output a json summary. (
recipe_engine: [buildbucket] Roll protos ( [file] Fix json.dumps call in write_json to correctly take in indent parameter. ( [step_runner/subproc] Improve the recipe engine's kill routine. ( Added explanation in user guide on how to use RawResult. ( [step_runner/subproc] Refactor `run()` method. ( [futures] Add ability to kill greenlets. (

Recipe-Tryjob-Bypass-Reason: Autoroller
Bugdroid-Send-Email: False
Change-Id: I154dd152c9f9dfa92f960279708e356c424e9a82
Reviewed-by: Recipe Roller <>
Commit-Queue: Recipe Roller <>
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