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// Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Declaration of BasicBlockSubGraph class.
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/strings/string_piece.h"
#include "syzygy/block_graph/basic_block.h"
#include "syzygy/block_graph/block_graph.h"
namespace block_graph {
// A basic-block sub-graph describes the make-up and layout of one or
// more blocks as a set of code, data, and/or padding basic-blocks. Optionally,
// it holds a pointer to a block from which the sub-graph was originally
// derived.
// In manipulating the basic block sub-graph, note that the sub-graph
// acts as a basic-block factory and retains ownership of all basic-blocks
// that participate in the composition.
class BasicBlockSubGraph {
typedef block_graph::BasicBlock BasicBlock;
typedef block_graph::BasicCodeBlock BasicCodeBlock;
typedef block_graph::BasicDataBlock BasicDataBlock;
typedef block_graph::BasicEndBlock BasicEndBlock;
typedef BasicBlock::BasicBlockType BasicBlockType;
typedef std::list<BasicBlock*> BasicBlockOrdering;
typedef block_graph::BlockGraph BlockGraph;
typedef BlockGraph::Block Block;
typedef BlockGraph::BlockType BlockType;
typedef BlockGraph::Offset Offset;
typedef BlockGraph::SectionId SectionId;
typedef BlockGraph::Size Size;
typedef BlockGraph::BlockAttributes BlockAttributes;
// A structure describing a block (its properties, attributes, and
// constituent ordered basic-blocks). A given basic-block may participate
// in at most one BlockDescription at any time.
struct BlockDescription {
std::string name;
std::string compiland_name;
BlockType type;
SectionId section;
Size alignment;
Size padding_before;
BlockAttributes attributes;
BasicBlockOrdering basic_block_order;
typedef BlockGraph::BlockId BlockId;
typedef std::list<BlockDescription> BlockDescriptionList;
typedef std::set<BasicBlock*, BasicBlockIdLess> BBCollection;
typedef std::map<const BasicBlock*, bool> ReachabilityMap;
// Initialize a basic block sub-graph.
// Releases all resources.
// @name Accessors.
// @{
void set_original_block(const Block* block) { original_block_ = block; }
const Block* original_block() const { return original_block_; }
const BBCollection& basic_blocks() const { return basic_blocks_; }
BBCollection& basic_blocks() { return basic_blocks_; }
const BlockDescriptionList& block_descriptions() const {
return block_descriptions_;
BlockDescriptionList& block_descriptions() { return block_descriptions_; }
// @}
// Initializes and returns a new block description.
// @param name The name of the block.
// @param compiland The name of the compiland associated with this block.
// @param type The type of the block.
// @param section The ID of the section in which the block should reside.
// @param alignment The alignment of the block.
// (i.e., location % alignment == 0)
// @param attributes The attributes of the block.
// @returns A pointer to the newly created block description.
BlockDescription* AddBlockDescription(const base::StringPiece& name,
const base::StringPiece& compiland,
BlockType type,
SectionId section,
Size alignment,
BlockAttributes attributes);
// Add a new basic code block to the sub-graph.
// @param name A textual identifier for this basic block.
// @returns A pointer to a newly allocated basic code block.
BasicCodeBlock* AddBasicCodeBlock(const base::StringPiece& name);
// Add a new basic data block to the sub-graph.
// @param name A textual identifier for this basic block.
// @param size The number of bytes this basic block occupied in the original
// block. Set to 0 if this is a generated basic block.
// @param data The underlying data representing the basic data block.
// @returns A pointer to a newly allocated basic data block representing the
// original source range [@p offset, @p offset + @p size), or NULL on
// ERROR. Ownership of the returned basic-block (if any) is retained
// by the composition.
BasicDataBlock* AddBasicDataBlock(const base::StringPiece& name,
Size size,
const uint8_t* data);
// Adds a basic end block to the sub-graph. This basic block is a zero sized
// placeholder block that is simply for carrying labels and references
// beyond the end of a block.
// @returns a pointer to the newly allocated basic end block
BasicEndBlock* AddBasicEndBlock();
// Remove a basic block from the subgraph.
// @param bb The basic block to remove.
// @pre @p bb must be in the graph.
void Remove(BasicBlock* bb);
// Returns true if the basic-block composition is valid. This tests the
// for following conditions.
// 1. Each basic-block is used in at most one BlockDescription.
// 2. Each code basic-block has valid successors.
// 3. If there is an original block, then each of it's referrers is accounted
// for in the new composition.
bool IsValid() const;
// Traverses the basic-block subgraph and computes the reachability of all
// basic-blocks starting from the entry-point.
void GetReachabilityMap(ReachabilityMap* rm) const;
// A helper function for querying a reachability map.
static bool IsReachable(const ReachabilityMap& rm, const BasicBlock* bb);
// Dump a text representation of this subgraph.
// @param buf receives the text representation.
// @returns true if this subgraph was successfully dumped, false otherwise.
bool ToString(std::string* buf) const;
// @name Validation Functions.
// @{
bool MapsBasicBlocksToAtMostOneDescription() const;
bool HasValidSuccessors() const;
bool HasValidReferrers() const;
// @}
// The original block corresponding from which this sub-graph derives. This
// is optional, and may be NULL.
const Block* original_block_;
// The set of basic blocks in this sub-graph. This includes any basic-blocks
// created during the initial decomposition process, as well as any additional
// basic-blocks synthesized thereafter.
BBCollection basic_blocks_;
// A list of block descriptions for the blocks that are to be created from
// this basic block sub-graph.
BlockDescriptionList block_descriptions_;
// Our block ID allocator.
BlockId next_block_id_;
} // namespace block_graph