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// Copyright 2016 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/common/globals.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
V(ArrayBufferWasDetached, "array buffer was detached") \
V(BigIntTooBig, "BigInt too big") \
V(ConstTrackingLet, "const tracking let constness invalidated") \
V(CowArrayElementsChanged, "copy-on-write array's elements changed") \
V(CouldNotGrowElements, "failed to grow elements store") \
V(PrepareForOnStackReplacement, "prepare for on stack replacement (OSR)") \
V(OSREarlyExit, "exit from OSR'd inner loop") \
V(DeoptimizeNow, "%_DeoptimizeNow") \
V(DivisionByZero, "division by zero") \
V(Hole, "hole") \
V(InstanceMigrationFailed, "instance migration failed") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForCall, "Insufficient type feedback for call") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForConstruct, \
"Insufficient type feedback for construct") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForForIn, "Insufficient type feedback for for-in") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForBinaryOperation, \
"Insufficient type feedback for binary operation") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForCompareOperation, \
"Insufficient type feedback for compare operation") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForGenericNamedAccess, \
"Insufficient type feedback for generic named access") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForGenericGlobalAccess, \
"Insufficient type feedback for generic global access") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForGenericKeyedAccess, \
"Insufficient type feedback for generic keyed access") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForUnaryOperation, \
"Insufficient type feedback for unary operation") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForArrayLiteral, \
"Insufficient type feedback for array literal") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForObjectLiteral, \
"Insufficient type feedback for object literal") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForInstanceOf, \
"Insufficient type feedback for instanceof") \
V(InsufficientTypeFeedbackForTypeOf, \
"Insufficient type feedback for typeof") \
V(LostPrecision, "lost precision") \
V(LostPrecisionOrNaN, "lost precision or NaN") \
V(MinusZero, "minus zero") \
V(NaN, "NaN") \
V(NoCache, "no cache") \
V(NotABigInt, "not a BigInt") \
V(NotABigInt64, "not a BigInt64") \
V(NotAHeapNumber, "not a heap number") \
V(NotAJavaScriptObject, "not a JavaScript object") \
V(NotAJavaScriptObjectOrNullOrUndefined, \
"not a JavaScript object, Null or Undefined") \
V(NotANumber, "not a Number") \
V(NotANumberOrBoolean, "not a Number or Boolean") \
V(NotANumberOrOddball, "not a Number or Oddball") \
V(NotAnArrayIndex, "not an array index") \
V(NotASmi, "not a Smi") \
V(NotAString, "not a String") \
V(NotAStringOrStringWrapper, "not a String or a string wrapper") \
V(NotASymbol, "not a Symbol") \
V(NotDetectableReceiver, "not a detectable receiver") \
V(NotInt32, "not int32") \
V(NotUint32, "not unsigned int32") \
V(OutOfBounds, "out of bounds") \
V(Overflow, "overflow") \
V(Smi, "Smi") \
V(StoreToConstant, "Storing to a constant field") \
V(SuspendGeneratorIsDead, "SuspendGenerator is in a dead branch") \
V(Unknown, "(unknown)") \
V(UnoptimizedCatch, "First use of catch block") \
V(ValueMismatch, "value mismatch") \
V(WrongCallTarget, "wrong call target") \
V(WrongEnumIndices, "wrong enum indices") \
V(WrongFeedbackCell, "wrong feedback cell") \
V(WrongInstanceType, "wrong instance type") \
V(WrongMap, "wrong map") \
V(DeprecatedMap, "deprecated map") \
V(WrongName, "wrong name") \
V(WrongValue, "wrong value") \
V(NoInitialElement, "no initial element") \
V(ArrayLengthChanged, "the array length changed") \
V(GreaterThanMaxFastElementArray, \
"length is greater than the maximum for fast elements array") \
V(Float16NotYetSupported, "float16 is not supported as machine operation")
enum class DeoptimizeReason : uint8_t {
#define DEOPTIMIZE_REASON(Name, message) k##Name,
constexpr DeoptimizeReason kFirstDeoptimizeReason =
constexpr DeoptimizeReason kLastDeoptimizeReason =
static_assert(static_cast<int>(kFirstDeoptimizeReason) == 0);
constexpr int kDeoptimizeReasonCount =
static_cast<int>(kLastDeoptimizeReason) + 1;
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, DeoptimizeReason);
size_t hash_value(DeoptimizeReason reason);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE char const* DeoptimizeReasonToString(DeoptimizeReason reason);
constexpr bool IsDeoptimizationWithoutCodeInvalidation(
DeoptimizeReason reason) {
// Maglev OSRs into Turbofan by first deoptimizing in order to restore the
// unoptimized frame layout. Since no actual assumptions in the Maglev code
// object are violated, it (and any associated cached optimized code) should
// not be invalidated s.t. we may reenter it in the future.
return reason == DeoptimizeReason::kPrepareForOnStackReplacement ||
reason == DeoptimizeReason::kOSREarlyExit;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8