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/*!\mainpage WebM VP8 Codec SDK
\section main_contents Page Contents
- \ref main_intro
- \ref main_startpoints
- \ref main_support
\section main_intro Introduction
Welcome to the WebM VP8 Codec SDK. This SDK allows you to integrate your
applications with the VP8 video codec, a high quality, royalty free, open
source codec deployed on millions of computers and devices worldwide.
This distribution of the WebM VP8 Codec SDK includes the following support:
\if vp8_encoder
- \ref vp8_encoder
\if vp8_decoder
- \ref vp8_decoder
\section main_startpoints Starting Points
- Consult the \ref changelog for a complete list of improvements in this
- The \ref readme contains instructions on recompiling the sample applications.
- Read the \ref usage "usage" for a narrative on codec usage.
- Read the \ref samples "sample code" for examples of how to interact with the
- \ref codec reference
\if encoder
- \ref encoder reference
\if decoder
- \ref decoder reference
\section main_support Support Options & FAQ
The WebM project is an open source project supported by its community. For
questions about this SDK, please mail the list.
To contribute, see and mail
/*!\page changelog CHANGELOG
\verbinclude CHANGELOG
/*!\page readme README
\verbinclude README
/*!\defgroup codecs Supported Codecs */