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* Copyright (c) 2022 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "./vpx_config.h"
#include "vpx_dsp/vpx_filter.h"
#include "vpx_util/loongson_intrinsics.h"
static INLINE __m128i filt_8tap_dpadd_s_h(__m128i _reg0, __m128i _reg1,
__m128i _reg2, __m128i _reg3,
__m128i _filter0, __m128i _filter1,
__m128i _filter2, __m128i _filter3) {
__m128i _vec0, _vec1;
_vec0 = __lsx_vdp2_h_b(_reg0, _filter0);
_vec0 = __lsx_vdp2add_h_b(_vec0, _reg1, _filter1);
_vec1 = __lsx_vdp2_h_b(_reg2, _filter2);
_vec1 = __lsx_vdp2add_h_b(_vec1, _reg3, _filter3);
return __lsx_vsadd_h(_vec0, _vec1);
static INLINE __m128i horiz_8tap_filt(__m128i _src0, __m128i _src1,
__m128i _mask0, __m128i _mask1,
__m128i _mask2, __m128i _mask3,
__m128i _filt_h0, __m128i _filt_h1,
__m128i _filt_h2, __m128i _filt_h3) {
__m128i _tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, _tmp3;
__m128i _out;
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src1, _src0, _mask0, _src1, _src0, _mask1, _src1,
_src0, _mask2, _src1, _src0, _mask3, _tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, _tmp3);
_out = filt_8tap_dpadd_s_h(_tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, _tmp3, _filt_h0, _filt_h1,
_filt_h2, _filt_h3);
_out = __lsx_vsrari_h(_out, FILTER_BITS);
return __lsx_vsat_h(_out, 7);
static INLINE __m128i horiz_2tap_filt_uh(__m128i in0, __m128i in1, __m128i mask,
__m128i coeff) {
__m128i tmp0_m, tmp1_m;
tmp0_m = __lsx_vshuf_b(in1, in0, mask);
tmp1_m = __lsx_vdp2_h_bu(tmp0_m, coeff);
return __lsx_vsrari_h(tmp1_m, FILTER_BITS);
#define LSX_LD_4(_src, _stride, _src0, _src1, _src2, _src3) \
do { \
_src0 = __lsx_vld(_src, 0); \
_src += _stride; \
_src1 = __lsx_vld(_src, 0); \
_src += _stride; \
_src2 = __lsx_vld(_src, 0); \
_src += _stride; \
_src3 = __lsx_vld(_src, 0); \
} while (0)
#define HORIZ_8TAP_4WID_4VECS_FILT(_src0, _src1, _src2, _src3, _mask0, _mask1, \
_mask2, _mask3, _filter0, _filter1, \
_filter2, _filter3, _out0, _out1) \
do { \
__m128i _tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, _tmp3, _tmp4, _tmp5, _tmp6, _tmp7; \
__m128i _reg0, _reg1, _reg2, _reg3; \
DUP2_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src1, _src0, _mask0, _src3, _src2, _mask0, \
_tmp0, _tmp1); \
DUP2_ARG2(__lsx_vdp2_h_b, _tmp0, _filter0, _tmp1, _filter0, _reg0, _reg1); \
DUP2_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src1, _src0, _mask1, _src3, _src2, _mask1, \
_tmp2, _tmp3); \
DUP2_ARG3(__lsx_vdp2add_h_b, _reg0, _tmp2, _filter1, _reg1, _tmp3, \
_filter1, _reg0, _reg1); \
DUP2_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src1, _src0, _mask2, _src3, _src2, _mask2, \
_tmp4, _tmp5); \
DUP2_ARG2(__lsx_vdp2_h_b, _tmp4, _filter2, _tmp5, _filter2, _reg2, _reg3); \
DUP2_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src1, _src0, _mask3, _src3, _src2, _mask3, \
_tmp6, _tmp7); \
DUP2_ARG3(__lsx_vdp2add_h_b, _reg2, _tmp6, _filter3, _reg3, _tmp7, \
_filter3, _reg2, _reg3); \
DUP2_ARG2(__lsx_vsadd_h, _reg0, _reg2, _reg1, _reg3, _out0, _out1); \
} while (0)
_src0, _src1, _src2, _src3, _mask0, _mask1, _mask2, _mask3, _filter0, \
_filter1, _filter2, _filter3, _out0, _out1, _out2, _out3) \
do { \
__m128i _tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, _tmp3, _tmp4, _tmp5, _tmp6, _tmp7; \
__m128i _reg0, _reg1, _reg2, _reg3, _reg4, _reg5, _reg6, _reg7; \
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src0, _src0, _mask0, _src1, _src1, _mask0, \
_src2, _src2, _mask0, _src3, _src3, _mask0, _tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, \
_tmp3); \
DUP4_ARG2(__lsx_vdp2_h_b, _tmp0, _filter0, _tmp1, _filter0, _tmp2, \
_filter0, _tmp3, _filter0, _reg0, _reg1, _reg2, _reg3); \
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src0, _src0, _mask2, _src1, _src1, _mask2, \
_src2, _src2, _mask2, _src3, _src3, _mask2, _tmp0, _tmp1, _tmp2, \
_tmp3); \
DUP4_ARG2(__lsx_vdp2_h_b, _tmp0, _filter2, _tmp1, _filter2, _tmp2, \
_filter2, _tmp3, _filter2, _reg4, _reg5, _reg6, _reg7); \
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src0, _src0, _mask1, _src1, _src1, _mask1, \
_src2, _src2, _mask1, _src3, _src3, _mask1, _tmp4, _tmp5, _tmp6, \
_tmp7); \
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vdp2add_h_b, _reg0, _tmp4, _filter1, _reg1, _tmp5, \
_filter1, _reg2, _tmp6, _filter1, _reg3, _tmp7, _filter1, _reg0, \
_reg1, _reg2, _reg3); \
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vshuf_b, _src0, _src0, _mask3, _src1, _src1, _mask3, \
_src2, _src2, _mask3, _src3, _src3, _mask3, _tmp4, _tmp5, _tmp6, \
_tmp7); \
DUP4_ARG3(__lsx_vdp2add_h_b, _reg4, _tmp4, _filter3, _reg5, _tmp5, \
_filter3, _reg6, _tmp6, _filter3, _reg7, _tmp7, _filter3, _reg4, \
_reg5, _reg6, _reg7); \
DUP4_ARG2(__lsx_vsadd_h, _reg0, _reg4, _reg1, _reg5, _reg2, _reg6, _reg3, \
_reg7, _out0, _out1, _out2, _out3); \
} while (0)
#define AVG_ST4_D(in0, in1, dst0, dst1, pdst, stride) \
do { \
__m128i tmp0_m, tmp1_m; \
DUP2_ARG2(__lsx_vavgr_bu, in0, dst0, in1, dst1, tmp0_m, tmp1_m); \
__lsx_vstelm_d(tmp0_m, pdst, 0, 0); \
pdst += stride; \
__lsx_vstelm_d(tmp0_m, pdst, 0, 1); \
pdst += stride; \
__lsx_vstelm_d(tmp1_m, pdst, 0, 0); \
pdst += stride; \
__lsx_vstelm_d(tmp1_m, pdst, 0, 1); \
} while (0)