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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "chromeos/chromeos_export.h"
namespace base {
class TaskRunner;
namespace chromeos {
namespace system {
// Developer switch value.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kDevSwitchBootMode[];
// Customization ID key.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kCustomizationIdKey[];
// HWID key.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kHardwareClassKey[];
// OEM customization flag that permits exiting enterprise enrollment flow in
// OOBE when 'oem_enterprise_managed' flag is set.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kOemCanExitEnterpriseEnrollmentKey[];
// OEM customization directive that specified intended device purpose.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kOemDeviceRequisitionKey[];
// OEM customization flag that enforces enterprise enrollment flow in OOBE.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kOemIsEnterpriseManagedKey[];
// OEM customization flag that specifies if OOBE flow should be enhanced for
// keyboard driven control.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kOemKeyboardDrivenOobeKey[];
// Offer coupon code key.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kOffersCouponCodeKey[];
// Offer group key.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kOffersGroupCodeKey[];
// Release Brand Code key.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kRlzBrandCodeKey[];
// Activation date key.
CHROMEOS_EXPORT extern const char kActivateDateKey[];
// This interface provides access to Chrome OS statistics.
class CHROMEOS_EXPORT StatisticsProvider {
// Starts loading the machine statistics. File operations are performed on
// |file_task_runner|.
virtual void StartLoadingMachineStatistics(
const scoped_refptr<base::TaskRunner>& file_task_runner,
bool load_oem_manifest) = 0;
// Retrieves the named machine statistic (e.g. "hardware_class"). If |name|
// is found, sets |result| and returns true. Safe to call from any thread
// except the task runner passed to Initialize() (e.g. FILE). This may block
// if called early before the statistics are loaded from disk.
// StartLoadingMachineStatistics() must be called before this.
virtual bool GetMachineStatistic(const std::string& name,
std::string* result) = 0;
// Checks whether a machine statistic is present.
virtual bool HasMachineStatistic(const std::string& name) = 0;
// Similar to GetMachineStatistic for boolean flags.
virtual bool GetMachineFlag(const std::string& name, bool* result) = 0;
// Checks whether a machine flag is present.
virtual bool HasMachineFlag(const std::string& name) = 0;
// Cancels any pending file operations.
virtual void Shutdown() = 0;
// Get the Singleton instance.
static StatisticsProvider* GetInstance();
// Set the instance returned by GetInstance() for testing.
static void SetTestProvider(StatisticsProvider* test_provider);
virtual ~StatisticsProvider() {}
} // namespace system
} // namespace chromeos