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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include "base/containers/hash_tables.h"
#include "ui/accessibility/ax_export.h"
#include "ui/accessibility/ax_tree_update.h"
namespace ui {
class AXNode;
struct AXTreeUpdateState;
// Used when you want to be notified when changes happen to the tree.
// Some of the notifications are called in the middle of an update operation.
// Be careful, as the tree may be in an inconsistent state at this time;
// don't walk the parents and children at this time:
// OnNodeWillBeDeleted
// OnSubtreeWillBeDeleted
// OnNodeCreated
// OnNodeChanged
// In addition, one additional notification is fired at the end of an
// atomic update, and it provides a vector of nodes that were added or
// changed, for final postprocessing:
// OnAtomicUpdateFinished
class AX_EXPORT AXTreeDelegate {
virtual ~AXTreeDelegate();
// Called just before a node is deleted. Its id and data will be valid,
// but its links to parents and children are invalid. This is called
// in the middle of an update, the tree may be in an invalid state!
virtual void OnNodeWillBeDeleted(AXNode* node) = 0;
// Same as OnNodeWillBeDeleted, but only called once for an entire subtree.
// This is called in the middle of an update, the tree may be in an
// invalid state!
virtual void OnSubtreeWillBeDeleted(AXNode* node) = 0;
// Called immediately after a new node is created. The tree may be in
// the middle of an update, don't walk the parents and children now.
virtual void OnNodeCreated(AXNode* node) = 0;
// Called when a node changes its data or children. The tree may be in
// the middle of an update, don't walk the parents and children now.
virtual void OnNodeChanged(AXNode* node) = 0;
enum ChangeType {
struct Change {
Change(AXNode* node, ChangeType type) {
this->node = node;
this->type = type;
AXNode* node;
ChangeType type;
// Called at the end of the update operation. Every node that was added
// or changed will be included in |changes|, along with an enum indicating
// the type of change - either (1) a node was created, (2) a node was created
// and it's the root of a new subtree, or (3) a node was changed. Finally,
// a bool indicates if the root of the tree was changed or not.
virtual void OnAtomicUpdateFinished(bool root_changed,
const std::vector<Change>& changes) = 0;
// AXTree is a live, managed tree of AXNode objects that can receive
// updates from another AXTreeSource via AXTreeUpdates, and it can be
// used as a source for sending updates to another client tree.
// It's designed to be subclassed to implement support for native
// accessibility APIs on a specific platform.
class AX_EXPORT AXTree {
explicit AXTree(const AXTreeUpdate& initial_state);
virtual ~AXTree();
virtual void SetDelegate(AXTreeDelegate* delegate);
AXNode* root() const { return root_; }
// Returns the AXNode with the given |id| if it is part of this AXTree.
AXNode* GetFromId(int32 id) const;
// Returns true on success. If it returns false, it's a fatal error
// and this tree should be destroyed, and the source of the tree update
// should not be trusted any longer.
virtual bool Unserialize(const AXTreeUpdate& update);
// Return a multi-line indented string representation, for logging.
std::string ToString() const;
// A string describing the error from an unsuccessful Unserialize,
// for testing and debugging.
const std::string& error() const { return error_; }
AXNode* CreateNode(AXNode* parent, int32 id, int32 index_in_parent);
// This is called from within Unserialize(), it returns true on success.
bool UpdateNode(const AXNodeData& src, AXTreeUpdateState* update_state);
void OnRootChanged();
// Notify the delegate that the subtree rooted at |node| will be destroyed,
// then call DestroyNodeAndSubtree on it.
void DestroySubtree(AXNode* node);
// Call Destroy() on |node|, and delete it from the id map, and then
// call recursively on all nodes in its subtree.
void DestroyNodeAndSubtree(AXNode* node);
// Iterate over the children of |node| and for each child, destroy the
// child and its subtree if its id is not in |new_child_ids|. Returns
// true on success, false on fatal error.
bool DeleteOldChildren(AXNode* node,
const std::vector<int32>& new_child_ids);
// Iterate over |new_child_ids| and populate |new_children| with
// pointers to child nodes, reusing existing nodes already in the tree
// if they exist, and creating otherwise. Reparenting is disallowed, so
// if the id already exists as the child of another node, that's an
// error. Returns true on success, false on fatal error.
bool CreateNewChildVector(AXNode* node,
const std::vector<int32>& new_child_ids,
std::vector<AXNode*>* new_children,
AXTreeUpdateState* update_state);
AXTreeDelegate* delegate_;
AXNode* root_;
base::hash_map<int32, AXNode*> id_map_;
std::string error_;
} // namespace ui