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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ptr_util.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/sequenced_task_runner.h"
#include "components/download/public/clients.h"
#include "components/download/public/download_task_types.h"
#include "components/keyed_service/core/keyed_service.h"
namespace download {
class Client;
class Logger;
class ServiceConfig;
struct DownloadParams;
struct SchedulingParams;
using TaskFinishedCallback = base::Callback<void(bool)>;
// A service responsible for helping facilitate the scheduling and downloading
// of file content from the web. See |DownloadParams| for more details on the
// types of scheduling that can be achieved and the required input parameters
// for starting a download. Note that DownloadServices with a valid storage
// directory will persist the requests across restarts. This means that any
// feature requesting a download will have to implement a download::Client
// interface so this class knows who to contact when a download completes after
// a process restart.
// See the embedder specific factories for creation options.
class DownloadService : public KeyedService {
// The current status of the Service.
enum class ServiceStatus {
// The service is in the process of initializing and should not be used yet.
// All registered Clients will be notified via
// Client::OnServiceInitialized() once the service is ready.
// The service is ready and available for use.
READY = 1,
// The service is unavailable. This is typically due to an unrecoverable
// error on some internal component like the persistence layer.
// Returns useful configuration information about the DownloadService.
virtual const ServiceConfig& GetConfig() = 0;
// Callback method to run by the service when a pre-scheduled task starts.
// This method is invoked on main thread and while it is running, the system
// holds a wakelock which is not released until either the |callback| is run
// or OnStopScheduledTask is invoked by the system. Do not call this method
// directly.
virtual void OnStartScheduledTask(DownloadTaskType task_type,
const TaskFinishedCallback& callback) = 0;
// Callback method to run by the service if the system decides to stop the
// task. Returns true if the task needs to be rescheduled. Any pending
// TaskFinishedCallback should be reset after this call. Do not call this
// method directly.
virtual bool OnStopScheduledTask(DownloadTaskType task_type) = 0;
// Whether or not the DownloadService is currently available, initialized
// successfully, and ready to be used.
virtual ServiceStatus GetStatus() = 0;
// Sends the download to the service. A callback to
// |DownloadParams::callback| will be triggered once the download has been
// persisted and saved in the service.
virtual void StartDownload(const DownloadParams& download_params) = 0;
// Allows any feature to pause or resume downloads at will. Paused downloads
// will not start or stop based on scheduling criteria. They will be
// effectively frozen.
virtual void PauseDownload(const std::string& guid) = 0;
virtual void ResumeDownload(const std::string& guid) = 0;
// Cancels a download in this service. The canceled download will be
// interrupted if it is running.
virtual void CancelDownload(const std::string& guid) = 0;
// Changes the current scheduling criteria for a download. This is useful if
// a user action might constrain or loosen the device state during which this
// download can run.
virtual void ChangeDownloadCriteria(const std::string& guid,
const SchedulingParams& params) = 0;
// Returns a Logger instance that is meant to be used by logging and debug UI
// components in the larger system.
virtual Logger* GetLogger() = 0;
DownloadService() = default;
} // namespace download