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<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="resources/text-based-repaint.js"></script>
function highlightRange(id, start, end) {
var frameWindow = document.getElementById('iframe').contentWindow;
var range = frameWindow.document.createRange();
var elem = frameWindow.document.getElementById(id).firstChild;
range.setStart(elem, start);
range.setEnd(elem, end);
frameWindow.internals.addTextMatchMarker(range, 'kInactive');
function repaintTest() {
document.getElementById('iframe').contentDocument.getElementById('to-be-changed').textContent = 'After change';
if (window.internals) {
onload = function() {
highlightRange('unchanged', 11, 17);
highlightRange('to-be-changed', 15, 21);
Tests paint invalidation of the scrollbar (to repaint tickmarks) on document change when there are text match markers.
Passes if the tickmarks are updated on document change.<br>
<!-- Currently paint invalidation of main frame scrollbar is not tracked,
so use a frame to show the invalidation of tickmarks. -->
<iframe id="iframe" style="position: absolute; top: 100px; height: 400px" srcdoc="
<div id='unchanged'>
Unchanged: findme
<div id='to-be-changed' onclick='this.textContent=&amp;quot;After change&amp;quot;'>
To be changed: findme (Manual testing: Find-in-page 'findme', then click here)
<div style='height: 1000px'><!-- To show the scrollbar --></div>">