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# Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Class to get the dex disassembly for symbols."""
import dataclasses
import difflib
import json
import logging
import os
import pathlib
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
import zipfile
import archive
import models
import path_util
import zip_util
_PROGUARD_CLASS_MAPPING_RE = re.compile(r'(?P<original_name>[^ ]+)'
r' -> '
_SYMBOL_FULL_NAME_RE = re.compile(r'(.*?)#(.*?)\((.*?)\):? ?(.*)')
_R8_OUTPUT_RE = re.compile(r"'([^']+)'")
_R8_PARAM_RE = re.compile(r'\(.*?\)')
class _Method:
name: str
class_name: str
param_types: list = None
return_type: str = None
bytecode: list = None
class _Class:
def __init__(self, name): = name
self.methods = []
def _FindMethodByteCode(self, class_name, method_name, param_types,
for method in self.methods:
if ( == method_name and method.class_name == class_name
and method.return_type == return_type
and method.param_types == param_types):
return method.bytecode
return None
def _DisassembleApk(mapping, apk_path):
r8_path = path_util.GetR8Path()
r8_output = None
# Temporary hack until next R8 roll:
# Prevents R8 failing due to assets/webapk7.dex.
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='wb', suffix='.apk') as tmp_file:
with zipfile.ZipFile(tmp_file, 'w') as dst_zip:
with zipfile.ZipFile(apk_path) as src_zip:
for info in src_zip.infolist():
if info.filename.startswith('classes'):
cmd = [
'java', '-cp', r8_path, '', '--pg-map',
r8_output = subprocess.check_output(cmd, encoding='utf8')
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
logging.debug('Running R8 failed on APK: %s', apk_path)
return r8_output
def _ParseDisassembly(disassembly):
disassembly = disassembly.splitlines(keepends=True)
classes = {}
current_class = None
current_method = None
reading_positions = False
reading_methods = False
for idx, line in enumerate(disassembly):
line = line.strip()
if line.startswith('# Class:'):
# New class started, no longer reading methods.
reading_methods = False
# Example of line: '# Class: \'className\''
match =
if match:
current_class = _Class(
classes[] = current_class
elif line.startswith('# Method:') and current_class:
# Example of line: '# Method: \'methodName\':'
match =
if match:
reading_methods = True
current_method = _Method(,
elif reading_methods and line.startswith('registers:'):
# Example of line: 'registers: 1, inputs: 1, outputs: 1'
assert idx > 0
header = disassembly[idx - 1]
# Example of header: 'returnType className.methodName(param1, param2)'
return_type = header.split()[0]
current_method.return_type = return_type
match =
if match:
params = ([1:-1]
current_method.param_types = params.split(', ') if params else []
bytecode_start = idx
reading_positions = True
elif reading_positions and line == '':
current_method.bytecode = disassembly[bytecode_start:idx]
reading_positions = False
return classes
def _CreateClassDeobfuscationMap(obfuscated_mapping):
mapping = {}
for line in obfuscated_mapping:
# We are on a class name so add it to the class mapping.
if not line.startswith(' '):
match =
if match:
mapping['obfuscated_name')] ='original_name')
return mapping
def _ChangeObfusactedNames(disassembly, obfuscated_map):
for _, value in disassembly.items():
for method in value.methods:
method.return_type = obfuscated_map.get(method.return_type,
if method.param_types:
for idx, param in enumerate(method.param_types):
method.param_types[idx] = obfuscated_map.get(param, param)
return disassembly
def _ComputeDisassemblyForSymbol(deobfuscated_disassembly, symbol_full_name):
param_types = None
return_type = None
bytecode = None
# Example of symbol_full_name:
# className#methodName(param1,param2): returnType
m = _SYMBOL_FULL_NAME_RE.match(symbol_full_name)
if m:
class_name, method_name, param_types, return_type = m.groups()
param_types = param_types.split(',') if param_types else []
disassembly = deobfuscated_disassembly.get(class_name)
if disassembly is not None:
bytecode = disassembly._FindMethodByteCode(class_name, method_name,
param_types, return_type)
return bytecode
def _CaptureDisassemblyForSymbol(symbol, apk_to_disassembly, path_resolver,
logging.debug('Attempting to capture disassembly for symbol %s',
container = symbol.container
proguard_mapping_file_name = container.metadata.get(
if proguard_mapping_file_name is None:
raise Exception('Mapping file does not exist in container metadata.')
proguard_mapping_file_path = path_resolver(proguard_mapping_file_name)
apk_file_name = container.metadata['apk_file_name']
apk_file_path = path_resolver(apk_file_name)
split_name = container.metadata.get('apk_split_name')
cache_key = (apk_file_path, split_name)
disassembly = apk_to_disassembly.get(cache_key)
if disassembly is None:
r8_output = None
if split_name:'Creating disassmebly for APK split: %s', split_name)
with zip_util.UnzipToTemp(
apk_file_path, f'splits/{split_name}-master.apk') as split_path:
r8_output = _DisassembleApk(proguard_mapping_file_path, split_path)
elif apk_file_path.endswith('.apk'):'Creating disassmebly for APK: %s', apk_file_name)
r8_output = _DisassembleApk(proguard_mapping_file_path, apk_file_path)
obfuscated_to_deobfuscated_class_names = deobfuscation_map.get(
if r8_output is None:
return None
if obfuscated_to_deobfuscated_class_names is None:
logging.debug('Parsing mapping file %s', proguard_mapping_file_path)
with open(proguard_mapping_file_path, 'r') as fh:
obfuscated_to_deobfuscated_class_names = _CreateClassDeobfuscationMap(
proguard_mapping_file_path] = obfuscated_to_deobfuscated_class_names
logging.debug('Changing obfuscated names...')
disassembly = _ChangeObfusactedNames(
_ParseDisassembly(r8_output), obfuscated_to_deobfuscated_class_names)
apk_to_disassembly[cache_key] = disassembly
return _ComputeDisassemblyForSymbol(disassembly, symbol.full_name)
def _CreateUnifiedDiff(name, before, after):
unified_diff = difflib.unified_diff(before,
# Strip new line characters as difflib.unified_diff adds extra newline
# characters to the first few lines which we do not want.
#unified_diff = [x.strip() for x in unified_diff]
return ''.join(unified_diff)
def _AddUnifiedDiff(top_changed_symbols, before_path_resolver,
# Counter used to skip over symbols where we couldn't find the disassembly.
counter = 10
before = None
after = None
before_apk_to_disassembly = {}
after_apk_to_disassembly = {}
deobfuscation_map = {}
for symbol in top_changed_symbols:
logging.debug('Symbols to go: %d', counter)
after = _CaptureDisassemblyForSymbol(symbol.after_symbol,
after_path_resolver, deobfuscation_map)
if after is None:
if symbol.before_symbol:
before = _CaptureDisassemblyForSymbol(symbol.before_symbol,
before = None'Adding disassembly for: %s', symbol.full_name)
symbol.after_symbol.disassembly = _CreateUnifiedDiff(
symbol.full_name, before or [], after)
counter -= 1
if counter == 0:
def _GetTopChangedSymbols(delta_size_info):
def filter_symbol(symbol):
# We are only looking for symbols where the after_symbol exists, as
# if it does not exist it does not provide much value in a side
# by side code breakdown.
if not symbol.after_symbol:
return False
# Currently restricting the symbols to .dex.method symbols only.
if not symbol.section_name.endswith('dex.method'):
return False
# Symbols which have changed under 10 bytes do not add much value.
if abs(symbol.pss) < 10:
return False
return True
return delta_size_info.raw_symbols.Filter(filter_symbol).Sorted()
def AddDisassembly(delta_size_info, before_path_resolver, after_path_resolver):
"""Adds disassembly diffs to top changed dex symbols.
Adds the unified diff on the "before" and "after" disassembly to the
top 10 changed symbols.
delta_size_info: DeltaSizeInfo Object we are adding disassembly to.
before_path_resolver: Callable to compute paths for "before" artifacts.
after_path_resolver: Callable to compute paths for "after" artifacts.
"""'Computing top changed symbols')
top_changed_symbols = _GetTopChangedSymbols(delta_size_info)'Adding disassembly to top 10 changed dex symbols')
_AddUnifiedDiff(top_changed_symbols, before_path_resolver,
def main():
# Gets disassembly for symbol.
size_file_path = sys.argv[1]
symbol_full_name = sys.argv[2]
mapping_file_name = sys.argv[3]
apk_dir = sys.argv[4]
path_resolver = lambda x: os.path.join(apk_dir, x)
size_info = archive.LoadAndPostProcessSizeInfo(size_file_path)
matched_symbols = [
sym for sym in size_info.raw_symbols if sym.full_name == symbol_full_name
if not matched_symbols:
print(f'Symbol {symbol_full_name} not found')
for i, sym in enumerate(matched_symbols):
if i > 0:
print('-' * 80)
models.METADATA_PROGUARD_MAPPING_FILENAME] = mapping_file_name
bytecode = _CaptureDisassemblyForSymbol(sym, {}, path_resolver, {})
for line in bytecode:
print(line, end='')
if __name__ == '__main__':