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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/flag_descriptions.h"
// Keep in identical order as the header file, see the comment at the top
// for formatting rules.
namespace flag_descriptions {
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasName[] = "Accelerated 2D canvas";
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasDescription[] =
"Enables the use of the GPU to perform 2d canvas rendering instead of "
"using software rendering.";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeName[] = "Hardware-accelerated video decode";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeDescription[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video decode where available.";
const char kAcceleratedVideoEncodeName[] = "Hardware-accelerated video encode";
const char kAcceleratedVideoEncodeDescription[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video encode where available.";
const char kAccessibilityExposeARIAAnnotationsName[] =
"Expose ARIA Annotation roles";
const char kAccessibilityExposeARIAAnnotationsDescription[] =
"Expose annotation- prefixed roles from ARIA Annotations draft "
"specification at";
const char kAccessibilityExposeDisplayNoneName[] =
"Expose 'display: none' nodes for accessibility";
const char kAccessibilityExposeDisplayNoneDescription[] =
"Expose 'display: none' nodes that have an HTML ID to the browser process "
"accessibility tree.";
const char kAccessiblePDFFormName[] = "Accessible PDF Forms";
const char kAccessiblePDFFormDescription[] =
"Enables accessibility support for PDF forms.";
const char kAccountIdMigrationName[] = "Account ID migration";
const char kAccountIdMigrationDescription[] =
"Migrate to use Gaia ID instead of the email as the account identifer for "
"the Identity Manager.";
const char kAlignFontDisplayAutoTimeoutWithLCPGoalName[] =
"Align 'font-display: auto' timeout with LCP goal";
const char kAlignFontDisplayAutoTimeoutWithLCPGoalDescription[] =
"Make pending 'display: auto' web fonts enter the swap or failure period "
"immediately before reaching the LCP time limit (~2500ms), so that web "
"fonts do not become a source of bad LCP (Largest Contentful Paint).";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostName[] =
"Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostDescription[] =
"Allows requests to localhost over HTTPS even when an invalid certificate "
"is presented.";
const char kAllowPopupsDuringPageUnloadName[] =
"Allows a page to show popups during its unloading";
const char kAllowPopupsDuringPageUnloadDescription[] =
"When the flag is set to enabled, pages are allowed to show popups while "
"they are being unloaded.";
const char kAllowSignedHTTPExchangeCertsWithoutExtensionName[] =
"Allow Signed HTTP Exchange certificates without extension";
const char kAllowSignedHTTPExchangeCertsWithoutExtensionDescription[] =
"Accepts Origin-Signed HTTP Exchanges to be signed with certificates "
"that do not have CanSignHttpExchangesDraft extension. Warning: Enabling "
"this may pose a security risk.";
const char kAllowSyncXHRInPageDismissalName[] =
"Allows synchronous XHR requests in page dismissal";
const char kAllowSyncXHRInPageDismissalDescription[] =
"Allows synchronous XHR requests during page dismissal when the page is "
"being navigated away or closed by the user.";
const char kConditionalTabStripAndroidName[] = "Conditional Tab Strip";
const char kConditionalTabStripAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access conditional tab strip.";
const char kConversionMeasurementApiName[] = "Conversion Measurement API";
const char kConversionMeasurementApiDescription[] =
"Enables usage of the Conversion Measurement API. Requires "
"#enable-experimental-web-platform-features to be enabled.";
const char kConversionMeasurementDebugModeName[] =
"Conversion Measurement Debug Mode";
const char kConversionMeasurementDebugModeDescription[] =
"Enables debug mode for the Conversion Measurement API. This removes all "
"reporting delays and noise. Only works if the Conversion Measurement API "
"is already enabled.";
const char kEnableBluetoothSerialPortProfileInSerialApiName[] =
"Enable Bluetooth Serial Port Profile in Serial API";
const char kEnableBluetoothSerialPortProfileInSerialApiDescription[] =
"When enabled, Bluetooth Serial Port Profile devices will be enumerated "
"for use with the Serial API.";
const char kEnableClipboardProviderImageSuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox clipboard image search suggestions";
const char kEnableClipboardProviderImageSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enables image search suggestions in the Omnibox.";
const char kEnableFtpName[] = "Enable support for FTP URLs";
const char kEnableFtpDescription[] =
"When enabled, the browser will handle navigations to ftp:// URLs by "
"either showing a directory listing or downloading the resource over FTP. "
"When disabled, the browser has no special handling for ftp:// URLs and "
"by default defer handling of the URL to the underlying platform.";
const char kShelfAppScalingName[] = "Enable shelf app scaling";
const char kShelfAppScalingDescription[] =
"Reduce the app icon size from standard to dense when the user exceeds the "
"available space to add an additional app icon in tablet mode";
const char kEnableSignedExchangeSubresourcePrefetchName[] =
"Enable Signed Exchange subresource prefetching";
const char kEnableSignedExchangeSubresourcePrefetchDescription[] =
"When enabled, the distributors of signed exchanges can let Chrome know "
"alternative signed exchange subresources by setting \"alternate\" link "
"header. Chrome will prefetch the alternate signed exchange subresources "
"and will load them if the publisher of the main signed exchange has set "
"\"allowed-alt-sxg\" link header in the signed inner response of the "
"main signed exchange.";
const char kEnableSignedExchangePrefetchCacheForNavigationsName[] =
"Enable Signed Exchange prefetch cache for navigations";
const char kEnableSignedExchangePrefetchCacheForNavigationsDescription[] =
"When enabled, the prefetched signed exchanges is stored to a prefetch "
"cache attached to the frame. The body of the inner response is stored as "
"a blob and the verification process of the signed exchange is skipped for "
"the succeeding navigation.";
const char kAudioWorkletRealtimeThreadName[] =
"Use realtime priority thread for Audio Worklet";
const char kAudioWorkletRealtimeThreadDescription[] =
"Run Audio Worklet operation on a realtime priority thread for better "
"audio stream stability.";
const char kUpdatedCellularActivationUiName[] =
"Updated Cellular Activation UI";
const char kUpdatedCellularActivationUiDescription[] =
"Enables the updated cellular activation UI.";
const char kUseLookalikesForNavigationSuggestionsName[] =
"Use lookalike URL suggestions for navigation suggestions";
const char kUseLookalikesForNavigationSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Use lookalike URL suggestions to suggest navigations to users who "
"face domain not found error.";
const char kUseMessagesStagingUrlName[] = "Use Messages staging URL";
const char kUseMessagesStagingUrlDescription[] =
"Use the staging server as part of the \"Messages\" feature under "
"\"Connected Devices\" settings.";
const char kUseCustomMessagesDomainName[] = "Use custom Messages domain";
const char kUseCustomMessagesDomainDescription[] =
"Use a custom URL as part of the \"Messages\" feature under "
"\"Connected Devices\" settings.";
const char kAndroidPictureInPictureAPIName[] =
"Picture-in-Picture Web API for Android";
const char kAndroidPictureInPictureAPIDescription[] =
"Enable Picture-in-Picture Web API for Android";
const char kAppCacheName[] = "AppCache web API and browser backend";
const char kAppCacheDescription[] =
"When disabled, turns off all AppCache code so that developers "
"can test that their code works properly in the future when AppCache "
"has been removed.";
const char kDnsHttpssvcName[] = "Support for HTTPSSVC records in DNS.";
const char kDnsHttpssvcDescription[] =
"When enabled, Chrome may query a configured DoH server for HTTPSSVC "
"records. If any HTTPSSVC records are returned, Chrome may upgrade the URL "
"to HTTPS. If the records indicate support for QUIC, Chrome may attempt "
"QUIC on the first connection.";
const char kDnsOverHttpsName[] = "Secure DNS lookups";
const char kDnsOverHttpsDescription[] =
"Enables DNS over HTTPS. When this feature is enabled, your browser may "
"try to use a secure HTTPS connection to look up the addresses of websites "
"and other web resources.";
const char kDrawVerticallyEdgeToEdgeName[] =
"Draw contents vertically from edge to edge.";
const char kDrawVerticallyEdgeToEdgeDescription[] =
"Draw contents vertically from edge to edge.";
const char kAutofillAlwaysReturnCloudTokenizedCardName[] =
"Return cloud token details for server credit cards when possible";
const char kAutofillAlwaysReturnCloudTokenizedCardDescription[] =
"When enabled and where available, forms filled using Google Payments "
"server cards are populated with cloud token details, including CPAN "
"(cloud tokenized version of the Primary Account Number) and dCVV (dynamic "
const char kAutofillAssistantChromeEntryName[] = "AutofillAssistantChromeEntry";
const char kAutofillAssistantChromeEntryDescription[] =
"Initiate autofill assistant from within Chrome.";
const char kAutofillCacheQueryResponsesName[] =
"Cache Autofill Query Responses";
const char kAutofillCacheQueryResponsesDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will cache the responses it receives from the "
"crowd-sourced field type prediction server.";
const char kAutofillEnableCardNicknameManagementName[] =
"Enable Autofill card nickname management";
const char kAutofillEnableCardNicknameManagementDescription[] =
"When enabled, nicknames for credit cards will be able to be modified "
const char kAutofillEnableCardNicknameUpstreamName[] =
"Enable Autofill card nickname upstream";
const char kAutofillEnableCardNicknameUpstreamDescription[] =
"When enabled, nicknames for credit cards stored locally will be able to "
"be uploaded to Payments.";
const char kAutofillEnableCompanyNameName[] =
"Enable Autofill Company Name field";
const char kAutofillEnableCompanyNameDescription[] =
"When enabled, Company Name fields will be auto filled";
const char kAutofillEnableGoogleIssuedCardName[] =
"Enable Autofill Google-issued card";
const char kAutofillEnableGoogleIssuedCardDescription[] =
"When enabled, Google-issued cards will be available in the autofill "
const char kAutofillEnableOffersInDownstreamName[] =
"Enable Autofill offers in downstream";
const char kAutofillEnableOffersInDownstreamDescription[] =
"When enabled, offer data will be retrieved during downstream and shown in "
"the dropdown list.";
const char kAutofillEnableStickyPaymentsBubbleName[] =
"Enable Autofill payments sticky bubbles";
const char kAutofillEnableStickyPaymentsBubbleDescription[] =
"When enabled, all Autofill payments bubbles will not be dismissed upon "
const char kAutofillEnableSurfacingServerCardNicknameName[] =
"Enable surfacing masked server card nicknames";
const char kAutofillEnableSurfacingServerCardNicknameDescription[] =
"When enabled, if Google Payments cards were given nicknames in a Google "
"Pay app, Autofill will surface these nicknames in suggestions.";
const char kAutofillEnableToolbarStatusChipName[] =
"Move Autofill omnibox icons next to the profile avatar icon";
const char kAutofillEnableToolbarStatusChipDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill data related icon will be shown in the status "
"chip next to the profile avatar icon in the toolbar.";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardName[] =
"Offer to use cloud token virtual card in Autofill";
const char kAutofillEnableVirtualCardDescription[] =
"When enabled, if all requirements are met, Autofill will offer to use "
"virtual credit cards in form filling.";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForHeuristicsName[] =
"Autofill Enforce Min Required Fields For Heuristics";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForHeuristicsDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will generally require a form to have at least 3 "
"fields before allowing heuristic field-type prediction to occur.";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForQueryName[] =
"Autofill Enforce Min Required Fields For Query";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForQueryDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will generally require a form to have at least 3 "
"fields before querying the autofill server for field-type predictions.";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForUploadName[] =
"Autofill Enforce Min Required Fields For Upload";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForUploadDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will generally require a form to have at least 3 "
"fillable fields before uploading field-type votes for that form.";
const char kAutofillOffNoServerDataName[] = "Autofill Off No Server Data";
const char kAutofillOffNoServerDataDescription[] =
"Disables Autofill for fields with autocomplete off that have no "
"crowd-sourced evidence that Autofill would be helpful.";
const char kAutofillProfileClientValidationName[] =
"Autofill Validates Profiles By Client";
const char kAutofillProfileClientValidationDescription[] =
"Allows autofill to validate profiles on the client side";
const char kAutofillProfileServerValidationName[] =
"Autofill Uses Server Validation";
const char kAutofillProfileServerValidationDescription[] =
"Allows autofill to use server side validation";
const char kAutofillPruneSuggestionsName[] = "Autofill Prune Suggestions";
const char kAutofillPruneSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Further limits the number of suggestions in the Autofill dropdown.";
const char kAutofillRejectCompanyBirthyearName[] =
"Autofill Rejects Invalid Company Names";
const char kAutofillRejectCompanyBirthyearDescription[] =
"Autofill rejects using non-verified company names that are in the "
"format of a birthyear.";
const char kAutofillRestrictUnownedFieldsToFormlessCheckoutName[] =
"Restrict formless form extraction";
const char kAutofillRestrictUnownedFieldsToFormlessCheckoutDescription[] =
"Restrict extraction of formless forms to checkout flows";
const char kAutofillRichMetadataQueriesName[] =
"Autofill - Rich metadata queries (Canary/Dev only)";
const char kAutofillRichMetadataQueriesDescription[] =
"Transmit rich form/field metadata when querying the autofill server. "
"This feature only works on the Canary and Dev channels.";
const char kAutofillSaveAndFillVPAName[] =
"Offer save and autofill of UPI/VPA values";
const char kAutofillSaveAndFillVPADescription[] =
"If enabled, when autofill recognizes a UPI/VPA value in a payment form, "
"it will offer to save it. If saved, it will be offered for filling in "
"fields which expect a VPA.";
const char kAutofillUseImprovedLabelDisambiguationName[] =
"Autofill Uses Improved Label Disambiguation";
const char kAutofillUseImprovedLabelDisambiguationDescription[] =
"When enabled, the Autofill dropdown's suggestions' labels are displayed "
"using the improved disambiguation format.";
const char kAutoScreenBrightnessName[] = "Auto Screen Brightness model";
const char kAutoScreenBrightnessDescription[] =
"Uses Auto Screen Brightness ML model (if it exists) to adjust screen "
"brightness based on ambient light. If disabled, screen brightness "
"will be controlled by the heuristic method from power (and only on "
"devices that have ambient light sensors).";
const char kAvatarToolbarButtonName[] = "Avatar Toolbar Button";
const char kAvatarToolbarButtonDescription[] =
"Enables the avatar toolbar button and the associated menu";
const char kBackForwardCacheName[] = "Back-forward cache";
const char kBackForwardCacheDescription[] =
"If enabled, caches eligible pages after cross-site navigations."
"To enable caching pages on same-site navigations too, choose 'enabled "
"same-site support'.";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksName[] =
"Bypass user engagement checks";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksDescription[] =
"Bypasses user engagement checks for displaying app banners, such as "
"requiring that users have visited the site before and that the banner "
"hasn't been shown recently. This allows developers to test that other "
"eligibility requirements for showing app banners, such as having a "
"manifest, are met.";
const char kContextMenuSearchWithGoogleLensName[] =
"Google Lens powered image search in the context menu.";
const char kContextMenuSearchWithGoogleLensDescription[] =
"Replaces default image search with an intent to Google Lens when "
const char kContextMenuShopWithGoogleLensName[] =
"Google Lens powered image search for shoppable images in the context "
const char kContextMenuShopWithGoogleLensDescription[] =
"Enable a menu item for a Shopping intent into Google Lens when supported. "
"By default replaces the Search with Google Lens option.";
const char kContextMenuSearchAndShopWithGoogleLensName[] =
"Additional menu item for Google Lens image search for shoppable images in "
"the context menu.";
const char kContextMenuSearchAndShopWithGoogleLensDescription[] =
"Display an additional menu item for a Shopping intent to Google Lens "
"below Search with Google Lens when Lens shopping feature is enabled";
const char kOmniboxContextMenuShowFullUrlsName[] =
"Context menu show full URLs";
const char kOmniboxContextMenuShowFullUrlsDescription[] =
"Provides an omnibox context menu option that prevents URL elisions.";
const char kClickToOpenPDFName[] = "Click to open embedded PDFs";
const char kClickToOpenPDFDescription[] =
"When the PDF plugin is unavailable, show a click-to-open placeholder for "
"embedded PDFs.";
const char kClientStorageAccessContextAuditingName[] =
"Access contexts for client-side storage";
const char kClientStorageAccessContextAuditingDescription[] =
"Record the first-party contexts in which client-side storage was accessed";
const char kDecodeJpeg420ImagesToYUVName[] = "YUV decoding for JPEG";
const char kDecodeJpeg420ImagesToYUVDescription[] =
"Decode and render 4:2:0 formatted jpeg images from YUV instead of RGB."
"This feature requires GPU or OOP rasterization to also be enabled.";
const char kDecodeLossyWebPImagesToYUVName[] = "YUV Decoding for WebP";
const char kDecodeLossyWebPImagesToYUVDescription[] =
"Decode and render lossy WebP images from YUV instead of RGB. "
"You must also have GPU rasterization or OOP rasterization.";
const char kDoubleBufferCompositingName[] = "Double buffered compositing";
const char kDoubleBufferCompositingDescription[] =
"Use double buffer for compositing (instead of triple-buffering). "
"Latency should be reduced in some cases. On the other hand, more skipped "
"frames are expected.";
const char kEnablePasswordsAccountStorageName[] =
"Enable the account data storage for passwords";
const char kEnablePasswordsAccountStorageDescription[] =
"Enables storing passwords in a second, Gaia-account-scoped storage for "
"signed-in but not syncing users";
const char kExportTaggedPDFName[] = "Export Tagged PDF";
const char kExportTaggedPDFDescription[] =
"When printing to a PDF file, generated a tagged (accessible) PDF.";
const char kFocusMode[] = "Focus Mode";
const char kFocusModeDescription[] =
"If enabled, allows the user to switch to Focus Mode";
const char kFontAccessAPIName[] = "Font Access APIs";
const char kFontAccessAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the experimental Font Access APIs, giving websites access "
"to enumerate local fonts and access their table data.";
const char kForceColorProfileSRGB[] = "sRGB";
const char kForceColorProfileP3[] = "Display P3 D65";
const char kForceColorProfileColorSpin[] = "Color spin with gamma 2.4";
const char kForceColorProfileSCRGBLinear[] =
"scRGB linear (HDR where available)";
const char kForceColorProfileHDR10[] = "HDR10 (HDR where available)";
const char kForceColorProfileName[] = "Force color profile";
const char kForceColorProfileDescription[] =
"Forces Chrome to use a specific color profile instead of the color "
"of the window's current monitor, as specified by the operating system.";
const char kForcePreferredIntervalForVideoName[] =
"Force preferred interval for video";
const char kForcePreferredIntervalForVideoDescription[] =
"When enabled, the composition rate is reduced to match the video playback "
"rate irrespective of the update frequency of other page content";
const char kDynamicColorGamutName[] = "Dynamic color gamut";
const char kDynamicColorGamutDescription[] =
"Displays in wide color when the content is wide. When the content is "
"not wide, displays sRGB";
const char kCompositedLayerBordersName[] = "Composited render layer borders";
const char kCompositedLayerBordersDescription[] =
"Renders a border around composited Render Layers to help debug and study "
"layer compositing.";
const char kCookieDeprecationMessagesName[] = "Cookie deprecation messages";
const char kCookieDeprecationMessagesDescription[] =
"Show messages in DevTools about upcoming deprecations that would affect "
"sent/received cookies.";
const char kCookiesWithoutSameSiteMustBeSecureName[] =
"Cookies without SameSite must be secure";
const char kCookiesWithoutSameSiteMustBeSecureDescription[] =
"If enabled, cookies without SameSite restrictions must also be Secure. If "
"a cookie without SameSite restrictions is set without the Secure "
"attribute, it will be rejected. This flag only has an effect if "
"\"SameSite by default cookies\" is also enabled.";
const char kCooperativeSchedulingName[] = "Cooperative Scheduling";
const char kCooperativeSchedulingDescription[] =
"Enables cooperative scheduling in Blink.";
const char kCreditCardAssistName[] = "Credit Card Assisted Filling";
const char kCreditCardAssistDescription[] =
"Enable assisted credit card filling on certain sites.";
const char kDarkenWebsitesCheckboxInThemesSettingName[] =
"Darken websites checkbox in themes setting";
const char kDarkenWebsitesCheckboxInThemesSettingDescription[] =
"Show a darken websites checkbox in themes settings when system default or "
"dark is selected. The checkbox can toggle the auto-darkening web contents "
const char kDataSaverServerPreviewsName[] = "Data Saver Server Previews";
const char kDataSaverServerPreviewsDescription[] =
"Allow the Data Reduction Proxy to serve previews.";
const char kDebugPackedAppName[] = "Debugging for packed apps";
const char kDebugPackedAppDescription[] =
"Enables debugging context menu options such as Inspect Element for packed "
const char kDebugShortcutsName[] = "Debugging keyboard shortcuts";
const char kDebugShortcutsDescription[] =
"Enables additional keyboard shortcuts that are useful for debugging Ash.";
const char kDetectTargetEmbeddingLookalikesName[] =
"Detect target embedding domains as lookalikes.";
const char kDetectTargetEmbeddingLookalikesDescription[] =
"Shows a lookalike interstitial when navigating to target embedding domains"
const char kDeviceDiscoveryNotificationsName[] =
"Device Discovery Notifications";
const char kDeviceDiscoveryNotificationsDescription[] =
"Device discovery notifications on local network.";
const char kForceEnableDevicesPageName[] = "Force enable chrome://devices page";
const char kForceEnableDevicesPageDescription[] =
"With this flag on, the chrome://devices page will show its previous "
"content, instead of a warning message. Note: chrome://devices is "
"no longer supported, and this flag will be permanently removed in M88.";
const char kDisableBestEffortTasksName[] = "Skip best effort tasks";
const char kDisableBestEffortTasksDescription[] =
"With this flag on, tasks of the lowest priority will not be executed "
"until shutdown. The queue of low priority tasks can increase memory usage."
"Also, while it should be possible to use Chrome almost normally with this "
"flag, it is expected that some non-visible operations such as writing "
"user data to disk, cleaning caches, reporting metrics or updating "
"components won't be performed until shutdown.";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiName[] =
"Block scripts loaded via document.write";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiDescription[] =
"Disallows fetches for third-party parser-blocking scripts inserted into "
"the main frame via document.write.";
const char kEnableAccessibilityObjectModelName[] =
"Accessibility Object Model v0 (deprecated)";
const char kEnableAccessibilityObjectModelDescription[] =
"Enables experimental support for an earlier version of Accessibility"
"Object Model APIs that are now deprecated.";
const char kEnableAmbientAuthenticationInIncognitoName[] =
"Enable Ambient Authentication in Incognito mode";
const char kEnableAmbientAuthenticationInIncognitoDescription[] =
"Enables ambient authentication in Incognito mode. This flag may be "
"overriden by policies.";
const char kEnableAmbientAuthenticationInGuestSessionName[] =
"Enable Ambient Authentication in Guest session.";
const char kEnableAmbientAuthenticationInGuestSessionDescription[] =
"Enables ambient authentication in Guest session. This flag may be "
"overriden by policies.";
const char kEnableAudioFocusEnforcementName[] = "Audio Focus Enforcement";
const char kEnableAudioFocusEnforcementDescription[] =
"Enables enforcement of a single media session having audio focus at "
"any one time. Requires #enable-media-session-service to be enabled too.";
const char kEnableAutofillAccountWalletStorageName[] =
"Enable the account data storage for autofill";
const char kEnableAutofillAccountWalletStorageDescription[] =
"Enable the ephemeral storage for account data for autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCacheServerCardInfoName[] =
"Enable Autofill to cache unmasked server card info";
const char kEnableAutofillCacheServerCardInfoDescription[] =
"If enabled, when a server card is unmasked, its info will be cached until "
"page navigation to simplify consecutive fills on the same page.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAblationExperimentDisplayName[] =
"Credit card autofill ablation experiment.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAblationExperimentDescription[] =
"If enabled, credit card autofill suggestions will not display.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAuthenticationName[] =
"Allow using platform authenticators to retrieve server cards";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAuthenticationDescription[] =
"When enabled, users will be given the option to use a platform "
"authenticator (if available) to verify card ownership when retrieving "
"credit cards from Google Payments.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadFeedbackName[] =
"Enable feedback for credit card upload flow";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadFeedbackDescription[] =
"When enabled, if credit card upload succeeds, the avatar button will "
"show a highlight, otherwise the icon will be updated and if it is "
"clicked, the save card failure bubble will be shown.";
const char kEnableExperimentalCookieFeaturesName[] =
"Enable experimental cookie features";
const char kEnableExperimentalCookieFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable new features that affect setting, sending, and managing cookies. "
"The enabled features are subject to change at any time.";
const char kEnableDeferAllScriptName[] = "DeferAllScript previews";
const char kEnableDeferAllScriptDescription[] =
"Enable deferring synchronous script on slow pages.";
const char kEnableDeferAllScriptWithoutOptimizationHintsName[] =
"Skip checking optimization hints for Defer Script previews";
const char kEnableDeferAllScriptWithoutOptimizationHintsDescription[] =
"Skips checking optimization hints for Defer Script previews and assumes "
"that the ECT trigger threshold is set to 4G (which is otherwise provided "
"by the optimization hints). Rest of the checks are still executed.";
const char kEnableEduCoexistenceName[] =
"Enable Family Link managed accounts and EDU accounts coexistence";
const char kEnableEduCoexistenceDescription[] =
"Allows Family Link managed users to add secondary EDU accounts.";
const char kEnableEduCoexistenceConsentLogName[] =
"Enable parent consent logging in EDU account addition flow";
const char kEnableEduCoexistenceConsentLogDescription[] =
"If enabled, parent consent gets logged to ARI before adding the account "
"to the device.";
const char kEnableSaveDataName[] = "Enables save data feature";
const char kEnableSaveDataDescription[] =
"Enables save data feature. May cause user's traffic to be proxied via "
"Google's data reduction proxy.";
const char kEnableNavigationPredictorName[] = "Enables navigation predictor";
const char kEnableNavigationPredictorDescription[] =
"Enables navigation predictor feature that predicts the next likely "
"navigation using a set of heuristics.";
const char kEnablePreconnectToSearchName[] =
"Enables preconnections to default search engine";
const char kEnablePreconnectToSearchDescription[] =
"Enables the feature that preconnects to the user's default search engine.";
const char kEnableNoScriptPreviewsName[] = "NoScript previews";
const char kEnableNoScriptPreviewsDescription[] =
"Enable disabling JavaScript on some pages on slow networks.";
const char kEnableRemovingAllThirdPartyCookiesName[] =
"Enable removing SameSite=None cookies";
const char kEnableRemovingAllThirdPartyCookiesDescription[] =
"Enables UI on chrome://settings/siteData to remove all third-party "
"cookies and site data.";
const char kColorProviderRedirectionName[] = "Color Provider Redirection";
const char kColorProviderRedirectionDescription[] =
"Redirects color requests to the color provider where possible.";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative1[] = "Use alt. server config 1";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative2[] = "Use alt. server config 2";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative3[] = "Use alt. server config 3";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative4[] = "Use alt. server config 4";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative5[] = "Use alt. server config 5";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative6[] = "Use alt. server config 6";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative7[] = "Use alt. server config 7";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative8[] = "Use alt. server config 8";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative9[] = "Use alt. server config 9";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative10[] =
"Use alt. server config 10";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyServerExperimentName[] =
"Use an alternative Data Saver back end configuration.";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyServerExperimentDescription[] =
"Enable a different approach to saving data by configuring the back end "
const char kDesktopPWAsLocalUpdatingName[] = "Desktop PWAs local updating";
const char kDesktopPWAsLocalUpdatingDescription[] =
"Enable installed PWAs to update their app manifest data when the site "
"manifest data has changed.";
const char kDesktopPWAsLocalUpdatingThrottlePersistenceName[] =
"Desktop PWAs local updating throttle persistence";
const char kDesktopPWAsLocalUpdatingThrottlePersistenceDescription[] =
"Persist the throttling of local PWA manifest update checks across browser "
const char kDesktopPWAsAppIconShortcutsMenuName[] =
"Desktop PWAs app icon shortcuts menu";
const char kDesktopPWAsAppIconShortcutsMenuDescription[] =
"Enable installed PWAs to include a menu of shortcuts associated with the "
"app icon in the taskbar on Windows, or the dock on macOS or Linux.";
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripName[] = "Desktop PWA tab strips";
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripDescription[] =
"Experimental UI for exploring what PWA windows would look like with a tab "
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripLinkCapturingName[] =
"Desktop PWA tab strip link capturing";
const char kDesktopPWAsTabStripLinkCapturingDescription[] =
"Experimental behaviour for \"Desktop PWA tab strips\" to capture link "
"navigations within the app scope and bring them into the app's tabbed "
const char kDesktopPWAsWithoutExtensionsName[] =
"Desktop PWAs without Extensions";
const char kDesktopPWAsWithoutExtensionsDescription[] =
"New platform to manage Web Applications metadata. Warning: this feature "
"is incomplete and may corrupt your synced Chrome profile. Test accounts "
"only are advised.";
const char kDesktopPWAsRunOnOsLoginName[] = "Desktop PWAs run on OS login";
const char kDesktopPWAsRunOnOsLoginDescription[] =
"Enable installed PWAs to be configured to automatically start when the OS "
"user logs in.";
const char kEnableSystemWebAppsName[] = "System Web Apps";
const char kEnableSystemWebAppsDescription[] =
"Experimental system for using the Desktop PWA framework for running System"
"Apps (e.g Settings, Discover).";
const char kEnableTLS13EarlyDataName[] = "TLS 1.3 Early Data";
const char kEnableTLS13EarlyDataDescription[] =
"This option enables TLS 1.3 Early Data, allowing GET requests to be sent "
"during the handshake when resuming a connection to a compatible TLS 1.3 "
const char kPostQuantumCECPQ2Name[] = "TLS Post-Quantum Confidentiality";
const char kPostQuantumCECPQ2Description[] =
"This option enables a post-quantum (i.e. resistent to quantum computers) "
"key exchange algorithm in TLS (CECPQ2).";
const char kMacCoreLocationImplementationName[] =
"Core Location Implementation";
const char kMacCoreLocationImplementationDescription[] =
"Enables usage of the Core Location APIs on macOS for geolocation";
const char kMaintainShelfStateWhenEnteringOverviewName[] =
"Allow Home Launcher Shelf In Overview";
const char kMaintainShelfStateWhenEnteringOverviewDescription[] =
"Maintains shelf state when entering and exiting overview mode.";
const char kWinrtGeolocationImplementationName[] =
"WinRT Geolocation Implementation";
const char kWinrtGeolocationImplementationDescription[] =
"Enables usage of the Windows.Devices.Geolocation WinRT APIs on Windows "
"for geolocation";
const char kWinrtSensorsImplementationName[] = "WinRT Sensor Implementation";
const char kWinrtSensorsImplementationDescription[] =
"Enables usage of the Windows.Devices.Sensors WinRT APIs on Windows for "
const char kEnableGenericSensorExtraClassesName[] =
"Generic Sensor Extra Classes";
const char kEnableGenericSensorExtraClassesDescription[] =
"Enables an extra set of sensor classes based on Generic Sensor API, which "
"expose previously unavailable platform features, i.e. AmbientLightSensor "
"and Magnetometer interfaces.";
const char kEnableGpuServiceLoggingName[] = "Enable gpu service logging";
const char kEnableGpuServiceLoggingDescription[] =
"Enable printing the actual GL driver calls.";
const char kEnableImplicitRootScrollerName[] = "Implicit Root Scroller";
const char kEnableImplicitRootScrollerDescription[] =
"Enables implicitly choosing which scroller on a page is the 'root "
"scroller'. i.e. The one that gets special features like URL bar movement, "
"overscroll glow, rotation anchoring, etc.";
const char kEnableCSSOMViewScrollCoordinatesName[] =
"CSSOM View Scroll Coordinates";
const char kEnableCSSOMViewScrollCoordinatesDescription[] =
"Enables CSSOM View Scroll Coordinates, this affects to box scroll "
"coordinates in scrollTop / scrollLeft / scrollTo' when ScrollOrigin isn't "
"at the left top corner. i.e. For leftwards overflow direction box "
"the X coordinate will start from 0 to negative value. For upwards box the "
"Y coordinate will start from 0 to negative value. And for other directions"
"(rightwards and downwards) the value will start from 0 to positive";
const char kEnablePreviewsCoinFlipName[] = "Enable Previews Coin Flip";
const char kEnablePreviewsCoinFlipDescription[] =
"Enable coin flip experimentation of Previews.";
const char kEnableSRPIsolatedPrerendersName[] =
"Enable Navigation Predictor Isolated Prerenders";
const char kEnableSRPIsolatedPrerendersDescription[] =
"Enable Navigation Predictions on the Google SRP to be fully isolated.";
const char kEnableSRPIsolatedPrerenderProbingName[] =
"Enable Probing on Navigation Predictor Isolated Prerenders";
const char kEnableSRPIsolatedPrerenderProbingDescription[] =
"Enable probing checks for Isolated Prerenders which will block commit.";
const char kEnableSRPIsolatedPrerendersNSPName[] =
"Enable NoStatePrefetch on Navigation Predictor Isolated Prerenders";
const char kEnableSRPIsolatedPrerendersNSPDescription[] =
"Enables NoStatePrefetch on Isolated Prerenders.";
const char kDownloadAutoResumptionNativeName[] =
"Enable download auto-resumption in native";
const char kDownloadAutoResumptionNativeDescription[] =
"Enables download auto-resumption in native";
const char kDownloadLaterName[] = "Enable download later";
const char kDownloadLaterDescription[] = "Enables download later feature.";
const char kDownloadLaterDebugOnWifiName[] =
"Show download later dialog on WIFI.";
const char kDownloadLaterDebugOnWifiNameDescription[] =
"Show download later dialog on WIFI.";
const char kEnableLayoutNGName[] = "Enable LayoutNG";
const char kEnableLayoutNGDescription[] =
"Enable Blink's next generation layout engine.";
const char kEnableLazyFrameLoadingName[] = "Enable lazy frame loading";
const char kEnableLazyFrameLoadingDescription[] =
"Defers the loading of iframes marked with the attribute 'loading=lazy' "
"until the page is scrolled down near them.";
const char kEnableLazyImageLoadingName[] = "Enable lazy image loading";
const char kEnableLazyImageLoadingDescription[] =
"Defers the loading of images marked with the attribute 'loading=lazy' "
"until the page is scrolled down near them.";
const char kEnableMediaSessionServiceName[] = "Media Session Service";
const char kEnableMediaSessionServiceDescription[] =
"Enables the media session mojo service and internal media session "
const char kEnableNetworkLoggingToFileName[] = "Enable network logging to file";
const char kEnableNetworkLoggingToFileDescription[] =
"Enables network logging to a file named netlog.json in the user data "
"directory. The file can be imported into chrome://net-internals.";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceInProcessName[] =
"Runs network service in-process";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceInProcessDescription[] =
"Runs the network service in the browser process.";
const char kEnableNewDownloadBackendName[] = "Enable new download backend";
const char kEnableNewDownloadBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new download backend that uses offline content provider";
const char kEnablePortalsName[] = "Enable Portals.";
const char kEnablePortalsDescription[] =
"Portals are an experimental web platform feature that allows embedding"
" and seamless transitions between pages."
" See and";
const char kEnablePortalsCrossOriginName[] = "Enable cross-origin Portals.";
const char kEnablePortalsCrossOriginDescription[] =
"Allows portals to load cross-origin URLs in addition to same-origin ones."
" Has no effect if Portals are not enabled.";
const char kEnableTranslateSubFramesName[] = "Translate sub frames";
const char kEnableTranslateSubFramesDescription[] =
"Enable the translation of sub frames (as well as the main frame)";
const char kEnableWindowsGamingInputDataFetcherName[] =
"Enable Windows.Gaming.Input";
const char kEnableWindowsGamingInputDataFetcherDescription[] =
"Enable Windows.Gaming.Input by default to provide game controller "
"support on Windows 10 desktop.";
const char kCorsForContentScriptsName[] = "CORS for content scripts";
const char kCorsForContentScriptsDescription[] =
"Prevent content scripts of Chrome Extensions from bypassing CORS. "
"For more information about the allowlist and the changes to the "
"security model of content scripts, please see: "
const char kForceEmptyCorbAndCorsAllowlistName[] =
"Force empty CORB and CORS allowlist";
const char kForceEmptyCorbAndCorsAllowlistDescription[] =
"Removes all Chrome Extensions from the CORB and CORS allowlist. "
"For more information about the allowlist and the changes to the "
"security model of content scripts, please see: "
const char kCrossOriginOpenerPolicyName[] = "Cross Origin Opener Policy";
const char kCrossOriginOpenerPolicyDescription[] =
"Enables Cross Origin Opener Policy.";
const char kCrossOriginOpenerPolicyReportingName[] =
"Cross Origin Opener Policy reporting";
const char kCrossOriginOpenerPolicyReportingDescription[] =
"Enables Cross Origin Opener Policy reporting.";
const char kCrossOriginOpenerPolicyAccessReportingName[] =
"Cross Origin Opener Policy access reporting";
const char kCrossOriginOpenerPolicyAccessReportingDescription[] =
"Enables Cross Origin Opener Policy access reporting.";
const char kCrossOriginIsolatedName[] = "crossOriginIsolated";
const char kCrossOriginIsolatedDescription[] =
"Marks some BrowsingContext groups as \"crossOriginIsolated\". They can "
"only host documents using a compatible set of {Origin,COOP,COEP}, "
"effectively isolating.";
const char kDisableKeepaliveFetchName[] = "Disable fetch with keepalive set";
const char kDisableKeepaliveFetchDescription[] =
"Disable fetch with keepalive set "
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionName[] =
"Experimental accessibility language detection";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionDescription[] =
"Enable language detection for in-page content which is then exposed to "
"assistive technologies such as screen readers.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionDynamicName[] =
"Experimental accessibility language detection for dynamic content";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLanguageDetectionDynamicDescription[] =
"Enable language detection for dynamic content which is then exposed to "
"assistive technologies such as screen readers.";
const char kCompositorThreadedScrollbarScrollingName[] =
"Compositor threaded scrollbar scrolling";
const char kCompositorThreadedScrollbarScrollingDescription[] =
"Enables pointer-based scrollbar scrolling on the compositor thread "
"instead of the main thread";
const char kMemlogName[] = "Chrome heap profiler start mode.";
const char kMemlogDescription[] =
"Starts heap profiling service that records sampled memory allocation "
"profile having each sample attributed with a callstack. "
"The sampling resolution is controlled with --memlog-sampling-rate flag. "
"Recorded heap dumps can be obtained at chrome://tracing "
"[category:memory-infra] and chrome://memory-internals. This setting "
"controls which processes will be profiled since their start. To profile "
"any given process at a later time use chrome://memory-internals page.";
const char kMemlogModeMinimal[] = "Browser and GPU";
const char kMemlogModeAll[] = "All processes";
const char kMemlogModeAllRenderers[] = "All renderers";
const char kMemlogModeRendererSampling[] = "Single renderer";
const char kMemlogModeBrowser[] = "Browser only";
const char kMemlogModeGpu[] = "GPU only";
const char kMemlogSamplingRateName[] =
"Heap profiling sampling interval (in bytes).";
const char kMemlogSamplingRateDescription[] =
"Heap profiling service uses Poisson process to sample allocations. "
"Default value for the interval between samples is 100000 (100KB). "
"This results in low noise for large and/or frequent allocations "
"[size * frequency >> 100KB]. This means that aggregate numbers [e.g. "
"total size of malloc-ed objects] and large and/or frequent allocations "
"can be trusted with high fidelity. "
"Lower intervals produce higher samples resolution, but come at a cost of "
"higher performance overhead.";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate10KB[] = "10KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate50KB[] = "50KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate100KB[] = "100KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate500KB[] = "500KB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate1MB[] = "1MB";
const char kMemlogSamplingRate5MB[] = "5MB";
const char kMemlogStackModeName[] = "Heap profiling stack traces type.";
const char kMemlogStackModeDescription[] =
"By default heap profiling service records native stacks. "
"A post-processing step is required to symbolize the stacks. "
"'Native with thread names' adds the thread name as the first frame of "
"each native stack. It's also possible to record a pseudo stack using "
"trace events as identifiers. It's also possible to do a mix of both.";
const char kMemlogStackModeMixed[] = "Mixed";
const char kMemlogStackModeNative[] = "Native";
const char kMemlogStackModeNativeWithThreadNames[] = "Native with thread names";
const char kMemlogStackModePseudo[] = "Trace events";
const char kEnablePixelCanvasRecordingName[] = "Enable pixel canvas recording";
const char kEnablePixelCanvasRecordingDescription[] =
"Pixel canvas recording allows the compositor to raster contents aligned "
"with the pixel and improves text rendering. This should be enabled when a "
"device is using fractional scale factor.";
const char kEnableResamplingInputEventsName[] =
"Enable resampling input events";
const char kEnableResamplingInputEventsDescription[] =
"Predicts mouse and touch inputs position at rAF time based on previous "
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsName[] =
"Enable resampling scroll events";
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsDescription[] =
"Predicts the scroll amount at vsync time based on previous input";
const char kEnableResourceLoadingHintsName[] = "Enable resource loading hints";
const char kEnableResourceLoadingHintsDescription[] =
"Enable using server-provided resource loading hints to provide a preview "
"over slow network connections.";
const char kEnableSyncTrustedVaultName[] =
"Enable trusted vault sync passphrase type";
const char kEnableSyncTrustedVaultDescription[] =
"Enables the new, experimental passphrase type for sync data";
const char kEnableTabSearchName[] = "Enable Tab Search";
const char kEnableTabSearchDescription[] =
"Enable the Tab Search feature in Top Chrome UI, which will show a popup"
"bubble that allows users to search over their currently open tabs.";
const char kEnableTextFragmentAnchorName[] = "Enable Text Fragment Anchor.";
const char kEnableTextFragmentAnchorDescription[] =
"Enables scrolling to text specified in URL's fragment.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfName[] =
"Use Blink's zoom for device scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfDescription[] =
"If enabled, Blink uses its zooming mechanism to scale content for device "
"scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceEnabled[] = "Enabled";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kEnableSubresourceRedirectName[] =
"Enable Render Level Data Use Optimization";
const char kEnableSubresourceRedirectDescription[] =
"Allow Render Level Data Use Optimization";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCableV2SupportName[] =
"Web Authentication caBLE v2 support";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCableV2SupportDescription[] =
"Enable the QR-based pairingless BLE protocol for use with the Web "
"Authentication API. (This will also enable the cloud-based protocol "
"on platforms where it is not already enabled.)";
const char kExperimentalWebAssemblyFeaturesName[] = "Experimental WebAssembly";
const char kExperimentalWebAssemblyFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental WebAssembly features.";
const char kEnableWasmBaselineName[] = "WebAssembly baseline compiler";
const char kEnableWasmBaselineDescription[] =
"Enables WebAssembly baseline compilation and tier up.";
const char kEnableWasmLazyCompilationName[] = "WebAssembly lazy compilation";
const char kEnableWasmLazyCompilationDescription[] =
"Enables lazy (JIT on first call) compilation of WebAssembly modules.";
const char kEnableWasmSimdName[] = "WebAssembly SIMD support.";
const char kEnableWasmSimdDescription[] =
"Enables support for the WebAssembly SIMD proposal.";
const char kEnableWasmThreadsName[] = "WebAssembly threads support";
const char kEnableWasmThreadsDescription[] =
"Enables support for the WebAssembly Threads proposal.";
const char kEnableWasmTieringName[] = "WebAssembly tiering";
const char kEnableWasmTieringDescription[] =
"Enables tiered compilation of WebAssembly (will tier up to TurboFan if "
"#enable-webassembly-baseline is enabled).";
const char kEvDetailsInPageInfoName[] = "EV certificate details in Page Info.";
const char kEvDetailsInPageInfoDescription[] =
"Shows the EV certificate details in the Page Info bubble.";
const char kExpensiveBackgroundTimerThrottlingName[] =
"Throttle expensive background timers";
const char kExpensiveBackgroundTimerThrottlingDescription[] =
"Enables intervention to limit CPU usage of background timers to 1%.";
const char kExperimentalExtensionApisName[] = "Experimental Extension APIs";
const char kExperimentalExtensionApisDescription[] =
"Enables experimental extension APIs. Note that the extension gallery "
"doesn't allow you to upload extensions that use experimental APIs.";
const char kExperimentalFlingAnimationName[] =
"Enable experimental fling animation";
const char kExperimentalFlingAnimationDescription[] =
"Enables the use of a touch fling curve that is based on the behavior of "
"native apps on Windows.";
const char kExperimentalProductivityFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Productivity Features";
const char kExperimentalProductivityFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable support for experimental developer productivity features, such as "
"import maps and policies for avoiding slow rendering.";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Web Platform features";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables experimental Web Platform features that are in development.";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationName[] =
"Extension Content Verification";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationDescription[] =
"This flag can be used to turn on verification that the contents of the "
"files on disk for extensions from the webstore match what they're "
"expected to be. This can be used to turn on this feature if it would not "
"otherwise have been turned on, but cannot be used to turn it off (because "
"this setting can be tampered with by malware).";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationBootstrap[] =
"Bootstrap (get expected hashes, but do not enforce them)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforce[] =
"Enforce (try to get hashes, and enforce them if successful)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforceStrict[] =
"Enforce strict (hard fail if we can't get hashes)";
const char kExtensionsCheckupName[] = "Extensions Checkup";
const char kExtensionsCheckupDescription[] =
"Enable the extensions checkup experiment";
const char kExtensionsToolbarMenuName[] = "Extensions Toolbar Menu";
const char kExtensionsToolbarMenuDescription[] =
"Enable a separate toolbar button and menu for extensions";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsName[] = "Extensions on chrome:// URLs";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsDescription[] =
"Enables running extensions on chrome:// URLs, where extensions explicitly "
"request this permission.";
const char kFilteringScrollPredictionName[] = "Filtering scroll prediction";
const char kFilteringScrollPredictionDescription[] =
"Enable filtering of predicted scroll events";
const char kFirstScrollLatencyMeasurementName[] =
"First Scroll Latency Measurement";
const char kFirstScrollLatencyMeasurementDescription[] =
"Enables measurement of the latency between user input events and visual "
"updates for the first scroll of a navigation.";
const char kFractionalScrollOffsetsName[] = "Fractional Scroll Offsets";
const char kFractionalScrollOffsetsDescription[] =
"Enables fractional scroll offsets inside Blink, exposing non-integer "
"offsets to web APIs.";
const char kFreezeUserAgentName[] = "Freeze User-Agent request header";
const char kFreezeUserAgentDescription[] =
"Set the User-Agent request header to a static string that conforms to the "
"current User-Agent string format but only reveals desktop vs Android and "
"if the 'mobile' flag is set";
const char kForceEffectiveConnectionTypeName[] =
"Override effective connection type";
const char kForceEffectiveConnectionTypeDescription[] =
"Overrides the effective connection type of the current connection "
"returned by the network quality estimator. Slow 2G on Cellular returns "
"Slow 2G when connected to a cellular network, and the actual estimate "
"effective connection type when not on a cellular network. Previews are "
"usually served on 2G networks.";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeUnknownDescription[] = "Unknown";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeOfflineDescription[] = "Offline";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeSlow2GDescription[] = "Slow 2G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeSlow2GOnCellularDescription[] =
"Slow 2G On Cellular";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType2GDescription[] = "2G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType3GDescription[] = "3G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType4GDescription[] = "4G";
const char kFileHandlingAPIName[] = "File Handling API";
const char kFileHandlingAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the file handling API, allowing websites to register as file "
"handlers. This depends on native-file-system";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectName[] = "Fill passwords on account selection";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectDescription[] =
"Filling of passwords when an account is explicitly selected by the user "
"rather than autofilling credentials on page load.";
const char kForceTextDirectionName[] = "Force text direction";
const char kForceTextDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the per-character directionality of UI text to "
"left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) mode, overriding the default "
"direction of the character language.";
const char kForceDirectionLtr[] = "Left-to-right";
const char kForceDirectionRtl[] = "Right-to-left";
const char kForceUiDirectionName[] = "Force UI direction";
const char kForceUiDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the UI to left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) "
"mode, overriding the default direction of the UI language.";
const char kFormControlsDarkModeName[] = "Web Platform Controls Dark Mode";
const char kFormControlsDarkModeDescription[] =
"If enabled, forms controls and scrollbars will be rendered with a dark "
"theme, only on web pages that support dark color schemes, and when the "
"OS is switched to dark theme.";
const char kFormControlsRefreshName[] = "Web Platform Controls updated UI";
const char kFormControlsRefreshDescription[] =
"If enabled, HTML forms elements will be rendered using an updated style.";
const char kColorPickerEyeDropperName[] = "Color Picker Eye Dropper Support";
const char kColorPickerEyeDropperDescription[] =
"If enabled, the color picker will contain an eye dropper control that "
"can be used to pick colors.";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsName[] = "Global Media Controls";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsDescription[] =
"Enables the Global Media Controls UI in the toolbar.";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsForCastName[] = "Global Media Controls for Cast";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsForCastDescription[] =
"Shows Cast sessions in the Global Media Controls UI. Requires "
"#global-media-controls and #cast-media-route-provider to also be enabled.";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsPictureInPictureName[] =
"Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsPictureInPictureDescription[] =
"Enables Picture-in-Picture controls in the Global Media Controls UI. "
"Requires "
"#global-media-controls to also be enabled.";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsSeamlessTransferName[] =
"Global Media Controls Seamless Transfer";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsSeamlessTransferDescription[] =
"Enables selection of audio output device to play media through in "
"the Global Media Controls UI. Requires #global-media-controls to "
"also be enabled.";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsOverlayControlsName[] =
"Enable overlay controls for Global Media Controls";
const char kGlobalMediaControlsOverlayControlsDescription[] =
"Allowing controls to be dragged out from Global Media Controls dialog. "
"Requires #global-media-controls to also be enabled.";
const char kGpuRasterizationName[] = "GPU rasterization";
const char kGpuRasterizationDescription[] = "Use GPU to rasterize web content.";
const char kGooglePasswordManagerName[] = "Google Password Manager UI";
const char kGooglePasswordManagerDescription[] =
"Enables access to the Google Password Manager UI from Chrome.";
const char kH264DecoderBufferIsCompleteFrameName[] =
"H.264 Decoder Buffer Is Complete Frame";
const char kH264DecoderBufferIsCompleteFrameDescription[] =
"H.264 decoder will treat each DecoderBuffer as a complete frame. Defaults "
"to enabled.";
const char kHandwritingGestureName[] = "Handwriting Gestures";
const char kHandwritingGestureDescription[] =
"Enables handwriting gestures within the virtual keyboard. This will send "
"handwriting you write inside the virtual keyboard to Google servers for "
"recognition but will not be associated with your Google account.";
const char kHardwareMediaKeyHandling[] = "Hardware Media Key Handling";
const char kHardwareMediaKeyHandlingDescription[] =
"Enables using media keys to control the active media session. This "
"requires MediaSessionService to be enabled too";
const char kHeavyAdPrivacyMitigationsName[] = "Heavy ad privacy mitigations";
const char kHeavyAdPrivacyMitigationsDescription[] =
"Enables privacy mitigations for the heavy ad intervention. Disabling "
"this makes the intervention deterministic. Defaults to enabled.";
const char kHeavyAdInterventionName[] = "Heavy Ad Intervention";
const char kHeavyAdInterventionDescription[] =
"Unloads ads that use too many device resources.";
const char kHideShelfControlsInTabletModeName[] =
"Hide shelf control buttons in tablet mode.";
const char kHideShelfControlsInTabletModeDescription[] =
"Hides home, back, and overview button from the shelf while the device is "
"in tablet mode. Predicated on shelf-hotseat feature being enabled.";
const char kHorizontalTabSwitcherAndroidName[] =
"Enable horizontal tab switcher";
const char kHorizontalTabSwitcherAndroidDescription[] =
"Changes the layout of the Android tab switcher so tabs scroll "
"horizontally instead of vertically.";
const char kTabSwitcherOnReturnName[] = "Tab switcher on return";
const char kTabSwitcherOnReturnDescription[] =
"Enable tab switcher on return after specified time has elapsed";
const char kHostedAppQuitNotificationName[] =
"Quit notification for hosted apps";
const char kHostedAppQuitNotificationDescription[] =
"Display a notification when quitting Chrome if hosted apps are currently "
const char kHostedAppShimCreationName[] =
"Creation of app shims for hosted apps on Mac";
const char kHostedAppShimCreationDescription[] =
"Create app shims on Mac when creating a hosted app.";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlocklistName[] = "Override software rendering list";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlocklistDescription[] =
"Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables "
"GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations.";
const char kIgnorePreviewsBlocklistName[] = "Ignore Previews Blocklist";
const char kIgnorePreviewsBlocklistDescription[] =
"Ignore decisions made by the PreviewsBlockList";
const char kImprovedCookieControlsName[] =
"Enable improved cookie controls UI in incognito mode";
const char kImprovedCookieControlsDescription[] =
"Improved UI in Incognito mode for third-party cookie blocking.";
const char kImprovedCookieControlsForThirdPartyCookieBlockingName[] =
"Enable improved UI for third-party cookie blocking";
const char kImprovedCookieControlsForThirdPartyCookieBlockingDescription[] =
"Enables an improved UI for existing third-party cookie blocking users.";
const char kImpulseScrollAnimationsName[] = "Impulse-style scroll animations";
const char kImpulseScrollAnimationsDescription[] =
"Replaces the default scroll animation with Impulse-style scroll "
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceName[] = "In-Product Help Demo Mode";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceDescription[] =
"Selects the In-Product Help demo mode.";
const char kInstalledAppsInCbdName[] = "Installed Apps in Clear Browsing Data";
const char kInstalledAppsInCbdDescription[] =
"Adds the installed apps warning dialog to the clear browsing data flow "
"which allows users to protect installed apps' data from being deleted.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyName[] = "Experimental JavaScript";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingName[] =
"Latest stable JavaScript features";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingDescription[] =
"Some web pages use legacy or non-standard JavaScript extensions that may "
"conflict with the latest JavaScript features. This flag allows disabling "
"support of those features for compatibility with such pages.";
const char kLauncherSettingsSearchName[] = "Launcher settings search";
const char kLauncherSettingsSearchDescription[] =
"Enable search results for OS settings in the launcher.";
const char kLegacyTLSEnforcedName[] =
"Enforce deprecation of legacy TLS versions";
const char kLegacyTLSEnforcedDescription[] =
"Enable connection errors and interstitials for sites that use legacy TLS "
"versions (TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1), which are deprecated and will be removed "
" in the future.";
const char kLegacyTLSWarningsName[] =
"Show security warnings for sites using legacy TLS versions";
const char kLegacyTLSWarningsDescription[] =
"Show security warnings for sites that use legacy TLS versions (TLS 1.0 "
"and TLS 1.1), which are deprecated and will be removed in the future.";
const char kLiteVideoName[] = "Enable LiteVideos";
const char kLiteVideoDescription[] =
"Enable the LiteVideo optimization to throttle media requests to "
"reduce data usage";
const char kLiteVideoDownlinkBandwidthKbpsName[] =
"Lite Video: Adjust throttling downlink (in Kbps).";
const char kLiteVideoDownlinkBandwidthKbpsDescription[] =
"Specify the throttling bandwidth to be used";
const char kLiteVideoForceOverrideDecisionName[] = "Force LiteVideos decision";
const char kLiteVideoForceOverrideDecisionDescription[] =
"Force the LiteVideo decision to be allowed on every navigation.";
const char kLoadMediaRouterComponentExtensionName[] =
"Load Media Router Component Extension";
const char kLoadMediaRouterComponentExtensionDescription[] =
"Loads the Media Router component extension at startup.";
const char kLogJsConsoleMessagesName[] =
"Log JS console messages in system logs";
const char kLogJsConsoleMessagesDescription[] =
"Enable logging JS console messages in system logs, please note that they "
"may contain PII.";
const char kMarkHttpAsName[] = "Mark non-secure origins as non-secure";
const char kMarkHttpAsDescription[] = "Change the UI treatment for HTTP pages";
const char kMediaHistoryName[] = "Enable Media History";
const char kMediaHistoryDescription[] =
"Enables Media History which records data around media playbacks on "
const char kMediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsName[] =
"Connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses";
const char kMediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsDescription[] =
"Have the Media Router connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses, not "
"just RFC1918/RFC4193 private addresses.";
const char kMixBrowserTypeTabsName[] = "Mix browser type tabs";
const char kMixBrowserTypeTabsDescription[] =
"Allows tabs to be dragged between any browsers that support tabs, "
"including apps";
const char kMixedFormsDisableAutofillName[] =
"Disable autofill for mixed forms";
const char kMixedFormsDisableAutofillDescription[] =
"If enabled, autofill is not allowed for mixed forms (forms on HTTPS sites "
"that submit over HTTP), and a warning bubble will be shown instead. "
"Autofill for passwords is not affected by this setting.";
const char kMixedFormsInterstitialName[] = "Mixed forms interstitial";
const char kMixedFormsInterstitialDescription[] =
"When enabled, a full-page interstitial warning is shown when a mixed "
"content form (a form on an HTTPS site that submits over HTTP) is "
const char kMobileIdentityConsistencyName[] = "Mobile identity consistency";
const char kMobileIdentityConsistencyDescription[] =
"Enables stronger identity consistency on mobile";
const char kMouseSubframeNoImplicitCaptureName[] =
"Disable mouse implicit capture for iframe";
const char kMouseSubframeNoImplicitCaptureDescription[] =
"When enable, mouse down does not implicit capture for iframe.";
const char kNativeFileSystemAPIName[] = "Native File System API";
const char kNativeFileSystemAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the experimental Native File System API, giving websites access "
"to the native file system";
const char kNearbySharingName[] = "Nearby Sharing";
const char kNearbySharingDescription[] =
"Enables Nearby Sharing for sharing content between devices.";
const char kNewCanvas2DAPIName[] = "Experimental canvas 2D API features";
const char kNewCanvas2DAPIDescription[] =
"Enables in-progress features for the canvas 2D API. See "
const char kNewProfilePickerName[] = "New profile picker";
const char kNewProfilePickerDescription[] =
"Enables new profile picker implementation.";
const char kNewUsbBackendName[] = "Enable new USB backend";
const char kNewUsbBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new experimental USB backends for macOS and Windows";
const char kNewTabstripAnimationName[] = "New tabstrip animations";
const char kNewTabstripAnimationDescription[] =
"New implementation of tabstrip animations.";
const char kNewOsSettingsSearchName[] = "New OS Settings Search";
const char kNewOsSettingsSearchDescription[] =
"Enables New OS Settings search with fuzzy matching, and disables the old "
"OS settings search using exact string matching.";
const char kTextureLayerSkipWaitForActivationName[] = "Parallelize layers";
const char kTextureLayerSkipWaitForActivationDescription[] =
"Don't wait for layer activation before beginning new frame.";
const char kNotificationIndicatorName[] = "Notification Indicators";
const char kNotificationIndicatorDescription[] =
"Enable notification indicators, which appear on shelf app icons when a "
"notification is active.";
const char kNotificationSchedulerDebugOptionName[] =
"Notification scheduler debug options";
const char kNotificationSchedulerDebugOptionDescription[] =
"Enable debugging mode to override certain behavior of notification "
"scheduler system for easier manual testing.";
const char kNotificationSchedulerImmediateBackgroundTaskDescription[] =
"Show scheduled notification right away.";
const char kNotificationsNativeFlagName[] = "Enable native notifications.";
const char kNotificationsNativeFlagDescription[] =
"Enable support for using the native notification toasts and notification "
"center on platforms where these are available.";
const char kUpdateHoverAtBeginFrameName[] = "Update hover at the begin frame";
const char kUpdateHoverAtBeginFrameDescription[] =
"Recompute hover state at BeginFrame for layout and scroll based mouse "
"moves, rather than old timing-based mechanism.";
const char kUseMultiloginEndpointName[] = "Use Multilogin endpoint.";
const char kUseMultiloginEndpointDescription[] =
"Use Gaia OAuth multilogin for identity consistency.";
const char kOfferStoreUnmaskedWalletCardsName[] =
"Google Payments card saving checkbox";
const char kOfferStoreUnmaskedWalletCardsDescription[] =
"Show the checkbox to offer local saving of a credit card downloaded from "
"the server.";
const char kOmniboxAdaptiveSuggestionsCountName[] =
"Adaptive Omnibox Suggestions count";
const char kOmniboxAdaptiveSuggestionsCountDescription[] =
"Dynamically adjust number of presented Omnibox suggestions depending on "
"available space. When enabled, this feature will increase (or decrease) "
"amount of offered Omnibox suggestions to fill in the space between the "
"Omnibox and soft keyboard (if any). See also Max Autocomplete Matches "
"flag to adjust the limit of offered suggestions. The number of shown "
"suggestions will be no less than the platform default limit.";
const char kOmniboxAssistantVoiceSearchName[] =
"Omnibox Assistant Voice Search";
const char kOmniboxAssistantVoiceSearchDescription[] =
"When enabled, use Assistant for omnibox voice query recognition instead of"
" Android's built-in voice recognition service. Only works on Android.";
const char kOmniboxAutocompleteTitlesName[] = "Omnibox Autocomplete Titles";
const char kOmniboxAutocompleteTitlesDescription[] =
"Allows autocompleting bookmark, history, and document suggestions when the"
" user input is a prefix of their titles, as opposed to their URLs.";
const char kOmniboxClobberIsZeroSuggestEntrypointName[] =
"Omnibox Clobber is ZeroSuggest Entrypoint";
const char kOmniboxClobberIsZeroSuggestEntrypointDescription[] =
"If enabled, when the user clears the whole omnibox text (i.e. via "
"Backspace), Chrome will request ZeroSuggest suggestions. Note, this flag "
"merely adds a new ZeroSuggest entrypoint. ZeroSuggest still must be "
"enabled on the proper page classification (either by default or via a "
"separate flag), or else this flag will do nothing.";
const char kOmniboxCompactSuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox: Compact suggestions";
const char kOmniboxCompactSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Conserve the space for Omnibox Suggestions by slightly reducing their "
const char kOmniboxDeferredKeyboardPopupName[] =
"Omnibox: Defer keyboard popup";
const char kOmniboxDeferredKeyboardPopupDescription[] =
"Defer keyboard popup when user selects the Omnibox to allow presenting "
"more instant/zero-prefix suggestions. The soft keyboard will only be "
"shown when user taps the Omnibox again, or if there's no suggestions to "
"show to the user.";
const char kOmniboxDisplayTitleForCurrentUrlName[] =
"Include title for the current URL in the omnibox";
const char kOmniboxDisplayTitleForCurrentUrlDescription[] =
"In the event that the omnibox provides suggestions on-focus, the URL of "
"the current page is provided as the first suggestion without a title. "
"Enabling this flag causes the title to be displayed.";
const char kOmniboxDisableInstantExtendedLimitName[] =
"Disable the 'instant extended' limit on search suggestions";
const char kOmniboxDisableInstantExtendedLimitDescription[] =
"Effectively doubles the max number of Google-provided search suggestions "
"on Android by disabling the 'Instant Extended' check.";
const char kOmniboxExperimentalSuggestScoringName[] =
"Omnibox Experimental Suggest Scoring";
const char kOmniboxExperimentalSuggestScoringDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental scoring mode for suggestions when Google is the "
"default search engine.";
const char kOmniboxHistoryQuickProviderAllowButDoNotScoreMidwordTermsName[] =
"Omnibox History Quick Provider Allow but Do Not Score Midword Terms";
const char
kOmniboxHistoryQuickProviderAllowButDoNotScoreMidwordTermsDescription[] =
"Midword terms are allowed but not scored.";
const char kOmniboxHistoryQuickProviderAllowMidwordContinuationsName[] =
"Omnibox History Quick Provider Allow Midword Continuations";
const char kOmniboxHistoryQuickProviderAllowMidwordContinuationsDescription[] =
"Midword matches are allowed and scored when the match begins immediately "
"after the previous match ends.";
const char kOmniboxLocalEntitySuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox Local Entity Suggestions";
const char kOmniboxLocalEntitySuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enables location specific suggestions displayed with images and enhanced "
"layout, similar to #omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions. Enabling this feature"
"will also enable #omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions.";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionName[] = "Omnibox Rich Autocompletion";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionDescription[] =
"Allow autocompletion for titles and non-prefixes. I.e. suggestions whose "
"titles or URLs contain the user input as a continuous chunk, but not "
"necessarily a prefix, can be the default suggestion. Typically, only "
"suggestions whose URLs are prefixed by the user input can be. The "
"potential variations toggle 4 params: 1) 'Title UI' displays titles, 2) "
"'2-Line UI' includes titles (and URLs when autocompleting titles) on a "
"2nd line, 3) 'Title AC' autocompletes titles, and 4) 'Non-Prefix AC' "
"autocompletes non-prefixes.";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionMinCharName[] =
"Omnibox Rich Autocompletion Min Characters";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionMinCharDescription[] =
"Specifies min input character length to trigger rich autocompletion.";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionShowAdditionalTextName[] =
"Omnibox Rich Autocompletion Show Additional Text";
const char kOmniboxRichAutocompletionShowAdditionalTextDescription[] =
"Show the suggestion title or URL additional text when the input matches "
"the URL or title respectively. Defaults to true.";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox on-focus suggestions";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Configures Omnibox on-focus suggestions - suggestions displayed on-focus "
"before the user has typed any input";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsContextualWebName[] =
"Omnibox on-focus suggestions for the contextual Web";
const char kOmniboxOnFocusSuggestionsContextualWebDescription[] =
"Enables on-focus suggestions on the Open Web, that are contextual to the "
"current URL. Will only work if user is signed-in and syncing, or is "
"otherwise eligible to send the current page URL to the suggest server.";
const char kOmniboxSearchEngineLogoName[] = "Omnibox search engine logo";
const char kOmniboxSearchEngineLogoDescription[] =
"Display the current default search engine's logo in the omnibox";
const char kOmniboxSearchReadyIncognitoName[] =
"Search ready omnibox in incognito";
const char kOmniboxSearchReadyIncognitoDescription[] =
"Show search ready omnibox when browsing incognito.";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererName[] =
"Start spare renderer on omnibox focus";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererDescription[] =
"When the omnibox is focused, start an empty spare renderer. This can "
"speed up the load of the navigation from the omnibox.";
const char kOmniboxSuggestionsRecyclerViewName[] =
"Omnibox Suggestions using a recycler view";
const char kOmniboxSuggestionsRecyclerViewDescription[] =
"Use an Android RecyclerView to render the Omnibox Suggestions drop down.";
const char kOmniboxSuggestionsWrapAroundName[] =
"Omnibox Suggestions Wrap-Around";
const char kOmniboxSuggestionsWrapAroundDescription[] =
"Allow long search suggestions to wrap around to reveal their content";
const char kOmniboxTabSwitchSuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox switch to tab suggestions";
const char kOmniboxTabSwitchSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable URL suggestions to optionally take the user to a tab where a "
"website is already opened.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlSchemeName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlSchemeDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, hide the scheme from steady state displayed URLs. It is "
"restored during editing.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlTrivialSubdomainsName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Trivial Subdomains";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlTrivialSubdomainsDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, hide trivial subdomains from steady state displayed URLs. "
"Hidden portions are restored during editing.";
const char kOmniboxUIRevealSteadyStateUrlPathQueryAndRefOnHoverName[] =
"Omnibox UI Reveal Steady-State URL Path, Query, and Ref On Hover";
const char kOmniboxUIRevealSteadyStateUrlPathQueryAndRefOnHoverDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, reveal the path, query and ref from steady state "
"displayed URLs on hover.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlPathQueryAndRefOnInteractionName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Query, and Ref On Interaction";
const char
kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlPathQueryAndRefOnInteractionDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, hide the path, query and ref from steady state "
"displayed URLs when the user interacts with the page.";
const char kOmniboxUIMaybeElideToRegistrableDomainName[] =
"Omnibox UI Sometimes Hide Steady-State URL Subdomains Beyond Registrable "
const char kOmniboxUIMaybeElideToRegistrableDomainDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, occasionally hide subdomains as well as path, query and "
"ref from steady state displayed URLs, depending on heuristics. Has no "
"effect unless at least one of "
"#omnibox-ui-reveal-steady-state-url-path-query-and-ref-on-hover or "
"#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-path-query-and-ref-on-interaction is "
const char kOmniboxMaxZeroSuggestMatchesName[] =
"Omnibox Max Zero Suggest Matches";
const char kOmniboxMaxZeroSuggestMatchesDescription[] =
"Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed when zero "
"suggest is active (i.e. displaying suggestions without input).";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesName[] =
"Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesDescription[] =
"Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the "
"Omnibox UI.";
const char kOmniboxMaxURLMatchesName[] = "Omnibox Max URL Matches";
const char kOmniboxMaxURLMatchesDescription[] =
"The maximum number of URL matches to show, unless there are no "
const char kOmniboxDynamicMaxAutocompleteName[] =
"Omnibox Dynamic Max Autocomplete";
const char kOmniboxDynamicMaxAutocompleteDescription[] =
"Configures the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the "
"Omnibox UI dynamically based on the number of URL matches.";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsIncognitoName[] =
"Omnibox on device head suggestions (incognito only)";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsIncognitoDescription[] =
"Google head non personalized search suggestions provided by a compact on "
"device model for incognito";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsNonIncognitoName[] =
"Omnibox on device head suggestions (non-incognito only)";
const char kOmniboxOnDeviceHeadSuggestionsNonIncognitoDescription[] =
"Google head non personalized search suggestions provided by a compact on "
"device model for non-incognito";
const char kOmniboxPreserveDefaultMatchAgainstAsyncUpdateName[] =
"Omnibox Preserve Default Match Against Async Update";
const char kOmniboxPreserveDefaultMatchAgainstAsyncUpdateDescription[] =
"Preserves the default match against change when providers return results "
"asynchronously. This prevents the default match from changing after the "
"user finishes typing. Without this feature, if the default match is "
"updated right when the user presses Enter, the user may go to a "
"surprising destination.";
const char kOmniboxUISwapTitleAndUrlName[] = "Omnibox UI Swap Title and URL";
const char kOmniboxUISwapTitleAndUrlDescription[] =
"In the omnibox dropdown, shows titles before URLs when both are "
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestionsOnNTPName[] =
"Omnibox Zero Suggestions on New Tab Page";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestionsOnNTPDescription[] =
"Offer suggestions when URL bar (omnibox) is focused.";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestionsOnNTPRealboxName[] =
"Zero Suggestions in real search box on New Tab Page";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestionsOnNTPRealboxDescription[] =
"Offer suggestions when the real search box on New Tab Page is focused.";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestionsOnSERPName[] =
"Omnibox Zero Suggestions on SERP / On-Focus Query Refinement";
const char kOmniboxZeroSuggestionsOnSERPDescription[] =
"Offer query refinement suggestions when the URL bar (omnibox) is focused "
"on the default search provider's search results page (SERP).";
const char kOnTheFlyMhtmlHashComputationName[] =
"On-The-Fly MHTML Hash Computation";
const char kOnTheFlyMhtmlHashComputationDescription[] =
"Save MHTML files to the target location and calculate their content "
"digests in one step.";
const char kOopRasterizationName[] = "Out of process rasterization";
const char kOopRasterizationDescription[] =
"Perform Ganesh raster in the GPU Process instead of the renderer. "
"Must also enable GPU rasterization";
const char kOopRasterizationDDLName[] =
"Out of process rasterization using DDLs";
const char kOopRasterizationDDLDescription[] =
"Use Skia Deferred Display Lists when performing rasterization in the GPU "
"process "
"Must also enable OOP rasterization";
const char kEnableDeJellyName[] = "Experimental de-jelly effect";
const char kEnableDeJellyDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental effect which attempts to mitigate "
"\"jelly-scrolling\". This is an experimental implementation with known "
"bugs, visual artifacts, and performance cost. This implementation may be "
"removed at any time.";
const char kOsSettingsDeepLinkingName[] = "CrOS Settings Deep Linking";
const char kOsSettingsDeepLinkingDescription[] =
"Enables a unique URL for each path in CrOS settings. "
"This allows deep linking to individual settings, i.e. in settings search.";
const char kOverlayNewLayoutName[] = "Overlay new layout";
const char kOverlayNewLayoutDescription[] =
"Enables a new layout for the "
"Overlay panels including Contextual Search and Preview Tab.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsName[] = "Overlay Scrollbars";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsDescription[] =
"Enable the experimental overlay scrollbars implementation. You must also "
"enable threaded compositing to have the scrollbars animate.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashAfterAnyScrollUpdateName[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars After Any Scroll Update";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashAfterAnyScrollUpdateDescription[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars After any scroll update happends in page. You"
" must also enable Overlay Scrollbars.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashWhenMouseEnterName[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars When Mouse Enter";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashWhenMouseEnterDescription[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars When Mouse Enter a scrollable area. You must also"
" enable Overlay Scrollbars.";
const char kOverlayStrategiesName[] = "Select HW overlay strategies";
const char kOverlayStrategiesDescription[] =
"Select strategies used to promote quads to HW overlays.";
const char kOverlayStrategiesDefault[] = "Default";
const char kOverlayStrategiesNone[] = "None";
const char kOverlayStrategiesUnoccludedFullscreen[] =
"Unoccluded fullscreen buffers (single-fullscreen)";
const char kOverlayStrategiesUnoccluded[] =
"Unoccluded buffers (single-fullscreen,single-on-top)";
const char kOverlayStrategiesOccludedAndUnoccluded[] =
"Occluded and unoccluded buffers "
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationName[] = "Overscroll history navigation";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationDescription[] =
"History navigation in response to horizontal overscroll.";
const char kPaintHoldingName[] =
"Delay the commit to screen for same-origin navigations";
const char kPaintHoldingDescription[] =
"Enables a delay before commiting the page to screen when navigating "
"between pages in the same origin. This may help avoid a flash of unstyled "
"content for same-origin navigations";
const char kParallelDownloadingName[] = "Parallel downloading";
const char kParallelDownloadingDescription[] =
"Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed.";
const char kPassiveEventListenerDefaultName[] =
"Passive Event Listener Override";
const char kPassiveEventListenerDefaultDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, touchmove, mousewheel and wheel event listeners (which "
"haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive. This will break "
"touch/wheel behavior on some websites but is useful for demonstrating the "
"potential performance benefits of adopting passive event listeners.";
const char kPassiveEventListenerTrue[] = "True (when unspecified)";
const char kPassiveEventListenerForceAllTrue[] = "Force All True";
const char kPassiveEventListenersDueToFlingName[] =
"Touch Event Listeners Passive Default During Fling";
const char kPassiveEventListenersDueToFlingDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, and first touchmove per scroll event listeners during "
"fling to be treated as passive.";
const char kPassiveDocumentEventListenersName[] =
"Document Level Event Listeners Passive Default";
const char kPassiveDocumentEventListenersDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, and touchmove event listeners on document level "
"targets (which haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive.";
const char kPassiveDocumentWheelEventListenersName[] =
"Document Level Wheel Event Listeners Passive Default";
const char kPassiveDocumentWheelEventListenersDescription[] =
"Forces wheel, and mousewheel event listeners on document level targets "
"(which haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive.";
const char kPassiveMixedContentWarningName[] =
"Warning for Passive Mixed Content";
const char kPassiveMixedContentWarningDescription[] =
"Causes a 'Not Secure' chip to be shown in the omnibox if a site contains "
"passive (aka optionally blockable) mixed content.";
const char kPasswordChangeInSettingsName[] =
"Rework password change flow from settings";
const char kPasswordChangeInSettingsDescription[] =
"Change password when bulk leak check detected an issue.";
const char kPasswordChangeName[] = "Rework password change flow";
const char kPasswordChangeDescription[] =
"Change password when password leak is detected.";
const char kPasswordEditingAndroidName[] = "Password editing for Android";
const char kPasswordEditingAndroidDescription[] =
"Adds the editing option for saved passwords.";
const char kPasswordImportName[] = "Password import";
const char kPasswordImportDescription[] =
"Import functionality in password settings.";
const char kForceSecurePaymentConfirmationDialogName[] =
"Force Secure Payment Confirmation Dialog";
const char kForceSecurePaymentConfirmationDialogDescription[] =
"All calls into PaymentRequest API will display the experimental Secure "
"Payment Confirmation dialog without any functionality, for demonstration "
"purposes only.";
const char kForceWebContentsDarkModeName[] = "Force Dark Mode for Web Contents";
const char kForceWebContentsDarkModeDescription[] =
"Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme.";
const char kForcedColorsName[] = "Forced Colors";
const char kForcedColorsDescription[] =
"Enables forced colors mode for web content.";
const char kPercentBasedScrollingName[] = "Percent-based Scrolling";
const char kPercentBasedScrollingDescription[] =
"If enabled, mousewheel and keyboard scrolls will scroll by a percentage "
"of the scroller size.";
const char kPerMethodCanMakePaymentQuotaName[] =
"Per-method canMakePayment() quota.";
const char kPerMethodCanMakePaymentQuotaDescription[] =
"Allow calling canMakePayment() for different payment methods, as long as "
"method-specific parameters remain unchanged.";
const char kPermissionChipName[] = "Permissions Chip Experiment";
const char kPermissionChipDescription[] =
"Enables an experimental permission prompt that uses a chip in the location"
" bar.";
const char kPointerLockOptionsName[] = "Enables pointer lock options";
const char kPointerLockOptionsDescription[] =
"Enables pointer lock unadjustedMovement. When unadjustedMovement is set "
"to true, pointer movements wil not be affected by the underlying platform "
"modications such as mouse accelaration.";
const char kPolicyAtomicGroupsEnabledName[] = "Policy Atomic Groups Enabled";
const char kPolicyAtomicGroupsEnabledDescription[] =
"Enables the concept of policy atomic groups that makes policies of an "
"atomic group that do not share the highest priority source from that group"
const char kPreviewsAllowedName[] = "Previews Allowed";
const char kPreviewsAllowedDescription[] =
"Allows previews to be shown subject to specific preview types being "
"enabled and the client experiencing specific triggering conditions. "
"May be used as a kill-switch to turn off all potential preview types.";
const char kPrintJobManagementAppName[] = "Print Management App";
const char kPrintJobManagementAppDescription[] =
"Enables the print management app that allows Chrome OS users to view "
"and manage their native print jobs.";
const char kPrintSaveToDriveName[] = "Print Save to Drive locally";
const char kPrintSaveToDriveDescription[] =
"Modifies Print Preview Save to Drive to use locally mounted Drive";
const char kPrivacyElevatedAndroidName[] =
"Elevate Privacy in Settings on Android";
const char kPrivacyElevatedAndroidDescription[] =
"Moves the Privacy section up to Basics and moves the Homepage one to "
" Advanced.";
const char kPrivacyReorderedAndroidName[] =
"Reorder settings in Privacy on Android";
const char kPrivacyReorderedAndroidDescription[] =
"Reorder settings in the Privacy settings page for better user experience.";
const char kPrivacySettingsRedesignName[] = "Privacy Settings Redesign";
const char kPrivacySettingsRedesignDescription[] =
"Redesign of the privacy settings card to make it more prominent and "
"and easier to use.";
const char kSafetyCheckAndroidName[] = "Safety Check on Android";
const char kSafetyCheckAndroidDescription[] =
"A settings component for checking multiple areas of browser safety.";
const char kProminentDarkModeActiveTabTitleName[] =
"Prominent Dark Mode Active Tab Titles";
const char kProminentDarkModeActiveTabTitleDescription[] =
"Makes the active tab title in dark mode bolder so the active tab is "
"easier "
"to identify.";
const char kPromoBrowserCommandsName[] = "NTP Promo Browser Commands";
const char kPromoBrowserCommandsDescription[] =
"Enables executing the browser commands sent by the NTP promos";
const char kPullToRefreshName[] = "Pull-to-refresh gesture";
const char kPullToRefreshDescription[] =
"Pull-to-refresh gesture in response to vertical overscroll.";
const char kPullToRefreshEnabledTouchscreen[] = "Enabled for touchscreen only";
const char kQuicName[] = "Experimental QUIC protocol";
const char kQuicDescription[] = "Enable experimental QUIC protocol support.";
const char kQuietNotificationPromptsName[] =
"Quieter notification permission prompts";
const char kQuietNotificationPromptsDescription[] =
"Enables quieter permission prompts for notification permission requests. "
"When a site wishes to show notifications, the usual modal dialog is "
"replaced with a quieter version.";
const char kContentSettingsRedesignName[] = "Content settings page redesign";
const char kContentSettingsRedesignDescription[] =
"Enables a new content settings page UI.";
const char kRawClipboardName[] = "Raw Clipboard";
const char kRawClipboardDescription[] =
"Allows raw / unsanitized clipboard content to be read and written. "
const char kReadLaterName[] = "Read Later";
const char kReadLaterDescription[] =
"Allow users to save tabs for later. Enables a new button and menu for "
"accessing tabs saved for later.";
const char kReducedReferrerGranularityName[] =
"Reduce default 'referer' header granularity.";
const char kReducedReferrerGranularityDescription[] =
"If a page hasn't set an explicit referrer policy, setting this flag will "
"reduce the amount of information in the 'referer' header for cross-origin "
const char kRewriteLevelDBOnDeletionName[] =
"Rewrite LevelDB instances after full deletions";
const char kRewriteLevelDBOnDeletionDescription[] =
"Rewrite LevelDB instances to remove traces of deleted data from disk.";
const char kRequestUnbufferedDispatchName[] = "Use RequestUnbufferedDispatch";
const char kRequestUnbufferedDispatchDescription[] =
"Calls RequestUnbufferedDispatch in the Android API to disable buffering "
"of input by the OS.";
const char kRestrictGamepadAccessName[] = "Restrict gamepad access";
const char kRestrictGamepadAccessDescription[] =
"Enables Feature Policy and Secure Context restrictions on the Gamepad API";
const char kRequestTabletSiteName[] =
"Request tablet site option in the settings menu";
const char kRequestTabletSiteDescription[] =
"Allows the user to request tablet site. Web content is often optimized "
"for tablet devices. When this option is selected the user agent string is "
"changed to indicate a tablet device. Web content optimized for tablets is "
"received there after for the current tab.";
const char kDelayAsyncScriptExecutionName[] = "Delay Async Script Execution";
const char kDelayAsyncScriptExecutionDescription[] =
"The execution of async scripts will be delayed.";
const char kPrefetchPrivacyChangesName[] =
"Prefetch request properties are updated to be privacy-preserving";
const char kPrefetchPrivacyChangesDescription[] =
"Prefetch requests will not follow redirects, not send a Referer header, "
"not send credentials for cross-origin requests, and do not pass through "
"service workers.";
const char kIntensiveWakeUpThrottlingName[] =
"Throttle Javascript timers in background.";
const char kIntensiveWakeUpThrottlingDescription[] =
"When enabled, wake ups from DOM Timers are limited to 1 per minute in a "
"page that has been hidden for 5 minutes. For additional details, see "
const char kPrinterStatusName[] = "Show printer Status";
const char kPrinterStatusDescription[] =
"Enables printer status icons and labels for saved and nearby printers";
const char kSafetyTipName[] =
"Show Safety Tip UI when visiting low-reputation websites";
const char kSafetyTipDescription[] =
"If enabled, a Safety Tip UI may be displayed when visiting or interacting "
"with a site Chrome believes may be suspicious.";
const char kSameSiteByDefaultCookiesName[] = "SameSite by default cookies";
const char kSameSiteByDefaultCookiesDescription[] =
"Treat cookies that don't specify a SameSite attribute as if they were "
"SameSite=Lax. Sites must specify SameSite=None in order to enable "
"third-party usage.";
const char kSchemefulSameSiteName[] = "Schemeful Same-Site";
const char kSchemefulSameSiteDescription[] =
"Modify the same-site computation such that origins with the same "
"registrable domain but different schemes are considered cross-site. This "
"change only applies to cookies with the 'SameSite' attribute.";
const char kScrollableTabStripName[] = "Scrollable TabStrip";
const char kScrollableTabStripDescription[] =
"Allows users to access tabs by scrolling when they no longer fit in the "
const char kScrollUnificationName[] = "Scroll Unification";
const char kScrollUnificationDescription[] =
"Refactoring project that eliminates scroll handling code from Blink. "
"Does not affect behavior or performance.";
const char kSendTabToSelfOmniboxSendingAnimationName[] =
"Send tab to self omnibox sending animation";
const char kSendTabToSelfOmniboxSendingAnimationDescription[] =
"If enabled, shows Sending... animation in omnibox instead of Desktop OS "
"notifications for contextual menu entry points.";
const char kServiceWorkerOnUIName[] = "Service worker on UI thread";
const char kServiceWorkerOnUIDescription[] =
"Enables browser process logic related to service workers to run on the UI "
"thread rather than the IO thread.";
const char kSharedClipboardUIName[] =
"Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled";
const char kSharedClipboardUIDescription[] =
"Enables shared clipboard feature signals to be handled by showing "
"a list of user's available devices to share the clipboard.";
const char kSharingPeerConnectionReceiverName[] =
"Enable receiver device to handle peer connection requests.";
const char kSharingPeerConnectionReceiverDescription[] =
"Enables receiver device to connect and share data using a peer to peer "
const char kSharingPeerConnectionSenderName[] =
"Enable sender device to initiate peer connection requests.";
const char kSharingPeerConnectionSenderDescription[] =
"Enables the sender devices to connect with chosen device using a peer to "
"peer connection for transferring data.";
const char kSharingPreferVapidName[] =
"Prefer sending Sharing message via VAPID";
const char kSharingPreferVapidDescription[] =
"Prefer sending Sharing message via FCM WebPush authenticated using VAPID.";
const char kSharingQRCodeGeneratorName[] = "Enable sharing page via QR Code";
const char kSharingQRCodeGeneratorDescription[] =
"Enables right-click UI to share the page's URL via a generated QR Code.";
const char kSharingSendViaSyncName[] =
"Enable sending Sharing message via Sync";
const char kSharingSendViaSyncDescription[] =
"Enables sending Sharing message via commiting to Chrome Sync's "
"SHARING_MESSAGE data type";
const char kSharingDeviceExpirationName[] =
"Configures sharing device expiration";
const char kSharingDeviceExpirationDescription[] =
"Configures how long after a device was last active that it is eligible "
"for use in sharing features.";
const char kShelfHotseatName[] = "Enable a modular design for the shelf.";
const char kShelfHotseatDescription[] =
"Shows a modular design for the shelf where the apps are shown separately "
"in a 'hotseat' interface when in tablet mode, and where various pieces "
"are separate and behave independently. Also reduces the size of the"
"shelf and its app when in laptop mode.";
const char kShelfHoverPreviewsName[] =
"Show previews of running apps when hovering over the shelf.";
const char kShelfHoverPreviewsDescription[] =
"Shows previews of the open windows for a given running app when hovering "
"over the shelf.";
const char kShowAndroidFilesInFilesAppName[] =
"Show Android files in Files app";
const char kShowAndroidFilesInFilesAppDescription[] =
"Show Android files in Files app if Android is enabled on the device.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesName[] = "Show autofill signatures.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill signatures as HTML attributes. Also "
"marks password fields suitable for password generation.";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsName[] = "Show Autofill predictions";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill field type predictions as placeholder "
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackName[] = "Show overdraw feedback";
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackDescription[] =
"Visualize overdraw by color-coding elements based on if they have other "
"elements drawn underneath.";
const char kSkiaRendererName[] = "Skia API for compositing";
const char kSkiaRendererDescription[] =
"If enabled, the display compositor will use Skia as the graphics API "
"instead of OpenGL ES.";
const char kHistoryManipulationIntervention[] =
"History Manipulation Intervention";
const char kHistoryManipulationInterventionDescription[] =
"If a page does a client side redirect or adds to the history without a "
"user gesture, then skip it on back/forward UI.";
const char kSilentDebuggerExtensionApiName[] = "Silent Debugging";
const char kSilentDebuggerExtensionApiDescription[] =
"Do not show the infobar when an extension attaches to a page via "
"chrome.debugger API. This is required to debug extension background "
const char kIsolateOriginsName[] = "Isolate additional origins";
const char kIsolateOriginsDescription[] =
"Requires dedicated processes for an additional set of origins, "
"specified as a comma-separated list.";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutName[] = "Disable site isolation";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutDescription[] =
"Disables site isolation "
"(SitePerProcess, IsolateOrigins, etc). Intended for diagnosing bugs that "
"may be due to out-of-process iframes. Opt-out has no effect if site "
"isolation is force-enabled using a command line switch or using an "
"enterprise policy. "
"Caution: this disables important mitigations for the Spectre CPU "
"vulnerability affecting most computers.";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutChoiceOptOut[] = "Disabled (not recommended)";
const char kSmoothScrollingName[] = "Smooth Scrolling";
const char kSmoothScrollingDescription[] =
"Animate smoothly when scrolling page content.";
const char kSmsReceiverCrossDeviceName[] = "SMS Receiver Cross Device";
const char kSmsReceiverCrossDeviceDescription[] =
"Enable the SMS Receiver API to work across devices";
const char kSpeculativeServiceWorkerStartOnQueryInputName[] =
"Enable speculative start of a service worker when a search is predicted.";
const char kSpeculativeServiceWorkerStartOnQueryInputDescription[] =
"If enabled, when the user enters text in the omnibox that looks like a "
"a query, any service worker associated with the search engine the query "
"will be sent to is started early.";
const char kSplitPartiallyOccludedQuadsName[] =
"Split partially occluded quads";
const char kSplitPartiallyOccludedQuadsDescription[] =
"Split partially occluded quads before drawing, discarding the occluded "
"regions, in order to reduce compositing overdraw.";
const char kStrictOriginIsolationName[] = "Strict-Origin-Isolation";
const char kStrictOriginIsolationDescription[] =
"Experimental security mode that strengthens the site isolation policy. "
"Controls whether site isolation should use origins instead of scheme and "
const char kStopInBackgroundName[] = "Stop in background";
const char kStopInBackgroundDescription[] =
"Stop scheduler task queues, in the background, "
" after a grace period.";
const char kStopNonTimersInBackgroundName[] =
"Stop non-timer task queues background";
const char kStopNonTimersInBackgroundDescription[] =
"Stop non-timer task queues, in the background, "
"after a grace period.";
const char kStorageAccessAPIName[] = "Storage Access API";
const char kStorageAccessAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the Storage Access API, allowing websites to request storage "
"access when it would otherwise be restricted.";
const char kStoragePressureEventName[] = "Enable storage pressure Event";
const char kStoragePressureEventDescription[] =
"If enabled, Chrome will dispatch a DOM event, informing applications "
"about storage pressure (low disk space)";
const char kStoragePressureUIName[] = "Enable storage pressure UI";
const char kStoragePressureUIDescription[] =
"If enabled, Chrome will trigger system notifications to warn about "
"storage pressure.";
const char kSuggestedContentToggleName[] = "Enable Suggested Content toggle";
const char kSuggestedContentToggleDescription[] =
"Enables a settings UI toggle that controls Suggested Content status. Also"
"enables a corresponding notice in the Launcher about Suggested Content.";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchName[] =
"Substring matching for Autofill suggestions";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchDescription[] =
"Match Autofill suggestions based on substrings (token prefixes) rather "
"than just prefixes.";
const char kSyncDeviceInfoInTransportModeName[] =
"Enable syncing DeviceInfo in transport-only sync mode.";
const char kSyncDeviceInfoInTransportModeDescription[] =
"When enabled, allows syncing DeviceInfo datatype for users who are "
"signed-in but not necessary sync-ing.";
const char kSyncSandboxName[] = "Use Chrome Sync sandbox";
const char kSyncSandboxDescription[] =
"Connects to the testing server for Chrome Sync.";
const char kSystemKeyboardLockName[] = "Experimental system keyboard lock";
const char kSystemKeyboardLockDescription[] =
"Enables websites to use the keyboard.lock() API to intercept system "
"keyboard shortcuts and have the events routed directly to the website "
"when in fullscreen mode.";
const char kSystemTrayMicGainName[] = "Modify mic gain in the system tray";
const char kSystemTrayMicGainDescription[] =
"Enables mic gain settings in the system tray audio "
const char kTabEngagementReportingName[] = "Tab Engagement Metrics";
const char kTabEngagementReportingDescription[] =
"Tracks tab engagement and lifetime metrics.";
const char kTabGridLayoutAndroidName[] = "Tab Grid Layout";
const char kTabGridLayoutAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to see their tabs in a grid layout in the tab switcher on "
const char kTabGroupsAndroidName[] = "Tab Groups";
const char kTabGroupsAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to create groups to better organize their tabs on phones.";
const char kTabGroupsContinuationAndroidName[] = "Tab Groups Continuation";
const char kTabGroupsContinuationAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access continuation features in Tab Group on phones.";
const char kTabGroupsUiImprovementsAndroidName[] = "Tab Groups UI Improvements";
const char kTabGroupsUiImprovementsAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access new features in Tab Group UI on phones.";
const char kTabToGTSAnimationAndroidName[] = "Enable Tab-to-GTS Animation";
const char kTabToGTSAnimationAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to see an animation when entering or leaving the "
"Grid Tab Switcher on phones.";
const char kTabGroupsName[] = "Tab Groups";
const char kTabGroupsDescription[] =
"Allows users to organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to "
"separate tabs associated with different tasks.";
const char kTabGroupsCollapseName[] = "Tab Groups Collapse";
const char kTabGroupsCollapseDescription[] =
"Allows a tab group to be collapsible and expandable, if tab groups are "
const char kTabGroupsCollapseFreezingName[] = "Tab Groups Collapse Freezing";
const char kTabGroupsCollapseFreezingDescription[] =
"Experimental tab freezing upon collapsing a tab group.";
const char kTabGroupsFeedbackName[] = "Tab Groups Feedback";
const char kTabGroupsFeedbackDescription[] =
"Enables the feedback app to appear in the tab group editor bubble, if tab "
"groups are enabled.";
const char kTabHoverCardsName[] = "Tab Hover Cards";
const char kTabHoverCardsDescription[] =
"Enables a popup containing tab information to be visible when hovering "
"over a tab. This will replace tooltips for tabs.";
const char kTabHoverCardImagesName[] = "Tab Hover Card Images";
const char kTabHoverCardImagesDescription[] =
"Shows a preview image in tab hover cards, if tab hover cards are enabled.";
const char kTabOutlinesInLowContrastThemesName[] =
"Tab Outlines in Low Contrast Themes";
const char kTabOutlinesInLowContrastThemesDescription[] =
"Expands the range of situations in which tab outline strokes are "
"displayed, improving accessiblity in dark and incognito mode.";
const char kTintCompositedContentName[] = "Tint composited content";
const char kTintCompositedContentDescription[] =
"Tint contents composited using Viz with a shade of red to help debug and "
"study overlay support.";
const char kTopChromeTouchUiName[] = "Touch UI Layout";
const char kTopChromeTouchUiDescription[] =
"Enables touch UI layout in the browser's top chrome.";
const char kThreadedScrollingName[] = "Threaded scrolling";
const char kThreadedScrollingDescription[] =
"Threaded handling of scroll-related input events. Disabling this will "
"force all such scroll events to be handled on the main thread. Note that "
"this can dramatically hurt scrolling performance of most websites and is "
"intended for testing purposes only.";
const char kTouchAdjustmentName[] = "Touch adjustment";
const char kTouchAdjustmentDescription[] =
"Refine the position of a touch gesture in order to compensate for touches "
"having poor resolution compared to a mouse.";
const char kTouchDragDropName[] = "Touch initiated drag and drop";
const char kTouchDragDropDescription[] =
"Touch drag and drop can be initiated through long press on a draggable "
const char kTouchEventsName[] = "Touch Events API";
const char kTouchEventsDescription[] =
"Force Touch Events API feature detection to always be enabled or "
"disabled, or to be enabled when a touchscreen is detected on startup "
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyName[] = "Touch text selection strategy";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDescription[] =
"Controls how text selection granularity changes when touch text selection "
"handles are dragged. Non-default behavior is experimental.";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyCharacter[] = "Character";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDirection[] = "Direction";
const char kTouchpadOverscrollHistoryNavigationName[] =
"Overscroll history navigation on Touchpad";
const char kTouchpadOverscrollHistoryNavigationDescription[] =
"Allows swipe left/right from touchpad change browser navigation.";
const char kTraceUploadUrlName[] = "Trace label for navigation tracing";
const char kTraceUploadUrlDescription[] =
"This is to be used in conjunction with the enable-navigation-tracing "
"flag. Please select the label that best describes the recorded traces. "
"This will choose the destination the traces are uploaded to. If you are "
"not sure, select other. If left empty, no traces will be uploaded.";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceOther[] = "Other";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceEmloading[] = "emloading";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceQa[] = "QA";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceTesting[] = "Testing";
const char kTranslateForceTriggerOnEnglishName[] =
"Select which language model to use to trigger translate on English "
const char kTranslateForceTriggerOnEnglishDescription[] =
"Force the Translate Triggering on English pages experiment to be enabled "
"with the selected language model active.";
const char kTranslateBubbleUIName[] =
"Select which UI to use for translate bubble";
const char kTranslateBubbleUIDescription[] =
"Three bubble options to choose. Existing UI is selected by default";
const char kTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureName[] =
"Insecure origins treated as secure";
const char kTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureDescription[] =
"Treat given (insecure) origins as secure origins. Multiple origins can be "
"supplied as a comma-separated list. Origins must have their protocol "
"specified e.g. \"\". For the definition of secure "
"contexts, see";
const char kTreatUnsafeDownloadsAsActiveName[] =
"Treat risky downloads over insecure connections as active mixed content";
const char kTreatUnsafeDownloadsAsActiveDescription[] =
"Disallows downloads of unsafe files (files that can potentially execute "
"code), where the final download origin or any origin in the redirect "
"chain is insecure if the originating page is secure.";
const char kTrustTokensName[] = "Enable Trust Tokens";
const char kTrustTokensDescription[] =
"Enables the prototype Trust Token API "
const char kTrySupportedChannelLayoutsName[] =
"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the "
"default hardware layout are available.";
const char kTrySupportedChannelLayoutsDescription[] =
"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the "
"default hardware layout are available. Turning this on will allow the OS "
"to do stereo to surround expansion if supported. May expose third party "
"driver bugs, use with caution.";
const char kTurnOffStreamingMediaCachingName[] =
"Turn off caching of streaming media to disk.";
const char kTurnOffStreamingMediaCachingDescription[] =
"Reduces disk activity during media playback, which can result in "
"power savings.";
const char kUnsafeWebGPUName[] = "Unsafe WebGPU";
const char kUnsafeWebGPUDescription[] =
"Enables access to the experimental WebGPU API. Warning: As GPU sandboxing "
"isn't implemented yet for the WebGPU API, it is possible to read GPU data "
"for other processes.";
const char kUiPartialSwapName[] = "Partial swap";
const char kUiPartialSwapDescription[] = "Sets partial swap behavior.";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowName[] = "Username first flow";
const char kUsernameFirstFlowDescription[] =
"Support of username saving and filling on username first flow i.e. login "
"flows where a user has to type username first on one page and then "
"password on another page";
const char kUsePreferredIntervalForVideoName[] =
"Use preferred interval for video";
const char kUsePreferredIntervalForVideoDescription[] =
"When enabled, the composition rate will be changed based on the videos' "
"actual fps.";
const char kUseSearchClickForRightClickName[] =
"Use Search+Click for right click";
const char kUseSearchClickForRightClickDescription[] =
"When enabled search+click will be remapped to right click, allowing "
"webpages and apps to consume alt+click. When disabled the legacy "
"behavior of remapping alt+click to right click will remain unchanged.";
const char kV8VmFutureName[] = "Future V8 VM features";
const char kV8VmFutureDescription[] =
"This enables upcoming and experimental V8 VM features. "
"This flag does not enable experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxName[] =
"Use Google Payments sandbox servers";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxDescription[] =
"For developers: use the sandbox service for Google Payments API calls.";
const char kWebBluetoothNewPermissionsBackendName[] =
"Use the new permissions backend for Web Bluetooth";
const char kWebBluetoothNewPermissionsBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new permissions backend for Web Bluetooth. This will enable "
"persistent storage of device permissions.";
const char kWebBundlesName[] = "Web Bundles";
const char kWebBundlesDescription[] =
"Enables experimental supports for Web Bundles (Bundled HTTP Exchanges) "
const char kWebOtpBackendName[] = "Web OTP";
const char kWebOtpBackendDescription[] =
"Enables Web OTP API that uses the specified backend.";
const char kWebOtpBackendSmsVerification[] =
"SMS Verification API (requires app-hash)";
const char kWebOtpBackendUserConsent[] = "User Consent API";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsName[] = "WebGL Draft Extensions";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access the WebGL "
"Extensions that are still in draft status.";
const char kWebPaymentsExperimentalFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Web Payments API features";
const char kWebPaymentsExperimentalFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable experimental Web Payments API features";
const char kWebPaymentsMinimalUIName[] = "Web Payments Minimal UI";
const char kWebPaymentsMinimalUIDescription[] =
"Allow Payment Request API to open a minimal UI to replace the Payment "
"Request UI when appropriate.";
const char kAppStoreBillingDebugName[] =
"Web Payments App Store Billing Debug Mode";
const char kAppStoreBillingDebugDescription[] =
"App-store purchases (e.g., Google Play Store) within a TWA can be "
"requested using the Payment Request API. This flag removes the "
"restriction that the TWA has to be installed from the app-store.";
const char kWebrtcCaptureMultiChannelApmName[] =
"WebRTC multi-channel capture audio processing.";
const char kWebrtcCaptureMultiChannelApmDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for processing capture audio in multi channel without "
"downmixing when running APM in the render process.";
const char kWebrtcHideLocalIpsWithMdnsName[] =
"Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC.";
const char kWebrtcHideLocalIpsWithMdnsDecription[] =
"Conceal local IP addresses with mDNS hostnames.";
const char kWebrtcHybridAgcName[] = "WebRTC hybrid Agc2/Agc1.";
const char kWebrtcHybridAgcDescription[] =
"WebRTC Agc2 digital adaptation with Agc1 analog adaptation.";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video decoding";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for decoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcNewEncodeCpuLoadEstimatorName[] =
"WebRTC new encode cpu load estimator";
const char kWebrtcNewEncodeCpuLoadEstimatorDescription[] =
"Enable new estimator for the encoder cpu load, for evaluation and "
"testing. Intended to improve accuracy when screen casting.";
const char kWebRtcRemoteEventLogName[] = "WebRTC remote-bound event logging";
const char kWebRtcRemoteEventLogDescription[] =
"Allow collecting WebRTC event logs and uploading them to Crash. "
"Please note that, even if enabled, this will still require "
"a policy to be set, for it to have an effect.";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmName[] =
"Negotiation with GCM cipher suites for SRTP in WebRTC";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will try to negotiate GCM cipher suites for SRTP.";
const char kWebrtcStunOriginName[] = "WebRTC Stun origin header";
const char kWebrtcStunOriginDescription[] =
"When enabled, Stun messages generated by WebRTC will contain the Origin "
const char kWebrtcUseMinMaxVEADimensionsName[] =
"WebRTC Min/Max Video Encode Accelerator dimensions";
const char kWebrtcUseMinMaxVEADimensionsDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will only use the Video Encode Accelerator for "
"video resolutions inside those published as supported.";
const char kWebXrForceRuntimeName[] = "Force WebXr Runtime";
const char kWebXrForceRuntimeDescription[] =
"Force the browser to use a particular runtime, even if it would not "
"usually be enabled or would otherwise not be selected based on the "
"attached hardware.";
const char kWebXrRuntimeChoiceNone[] = "No Runtime";
const char kWebXrRuntimeChoiceOpenXR[] = "OpenXR";
const char kWebXrRuntimeChoiceWindowsMixedReality[] = "Windows Mixed Reality";
const char kWebXrIncubationsName[] = "WebXR Incubations";
const char kWebXrIncubationsDescription[] =
"Enables experimental features for WebXR.";
const char kWebXrMultiGpuName[] = "WebXR Multi GPU Support";
const char kWebXrMultiGpuDescription[] =
"Improves WebXR support for computers with more than one GPU.";
const char kZeroCopyName[] = "Zero-copy rasterizer";
const char kZeroCopyDescription[] =
"Raster threads write directly to GPU memory associated with tiles.";
const char kEnableVulkanName[] = "Vulkan";
const char kEnableVulkanDescription[] = "Use vulkan as the graphics backend.";
// Android ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kAndroidAutofillAccessibilityName[] = "Autofill Accessibility";
const char kAndroidAutofillAccessibilityDescription[] =
"Enable accessibility for autofill popup.";
const char kAndroidDefaultBrowserPromoName[] = "Default Browser Promo";
const char kAndroidDefaultBrowserPromoDescription[] =
"Shows a promo dialog to set Chrome as the default browser";
const char kAndroidManagedByMenuItemName[] = "Managed by menu item";
const char kAndroidManagedByMenuItemDescription[] =
"whether policies have been applied to this browser at the profile or "
"machine level.";
const char kAndroidMultipleDisplayName[] = "Multiple Display";
const char kAndroidMultipleDisplayDescription[] =
"When enabled, tabs can be moved to the secondary display.";
const char kAppNotificationStatusMessagingName[] =
"App notification status messaging";
const char kAppNotificationStatusMessagingDescription[] =
"Enables messaging in site permissions UI informing user when "
"notifications are disabled for the entire app.";
const char kAsyncDnsName[] = "Async DNS resolver";
const char kAsyncDnsDescription[] = "Enables the built-in DNS resolver.";
const char kAutofillAccessoryViewName[] =
"Autofill suggestions as keyboard accessory view";
const char kAutofillAccessoryViewDescription[] =
"Shows Autofill suggestions on top of the keyboard rather than in a "
const char kAutofillAssistantDirectActionsName[] =
"Autofill Assistant direct actions";
const char kAutofillAssistantDirectActionsDescription[] =
"When enabled, expose direct actions from the Autofill Assistant.";
const char kAutofillTouchToFillName[] = "Touch To Fill UI for Passwords";
const char kAutofillTouchToFillDescription[] =
"Adds a Touch To Fill sheet to the keyboard accessory which will be shown "
"instead of the keyboard when a password can be filled.";
const char kAutofillUseMobileLabelDisambiguationName[] =
"Autofill Uses Mobile Label Disambiguation";
const char kAutofillUseMobileLabelDisambiguationDescription[] =
"When enabled, Autofill suggestions' labels are displayed using a "
"mobile-friendly format.";
const char kBackgroundTaskComponentUpdateName[] =
"Background Task Component Updates";
const char kBackgroundTaskComponentUpdateDescription[] =
"Schedule component updates with BackgroundTaskScheduler";
const char kBentoOfflineName[] =
"Enables an experiment for Offline Bento content on Android";
const char kBentoOfflineDescription[] =
"Enables displaying Bento content on the offline page for Android.";
const char kCCTIncognitoName[] = "Chrome Custom Tabs Incognito mode";
const char kCCTIncognitoDescription[] =
"Enables incognito mode for Chrome Custom Tabs, on Android.";
const char kCCTTargetTranslateLanguageName[] =
"Chrome Custom Tabs Target Translate Language";
const char kCCTTargetTranslateLanguageDescription[] =
"Enables specify target language the page should be translated to "
"in Chrome Custom Tabs.";
const char kChromeDuetName[] = "Chrome Duet";
const char kChromeDuetDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home, on Android.";
const char kChromeDuetLabelsName[] = "Chrome Duet Labels";
const char kChromeDuetLabelsDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome Duet (split toolbar) labels.";
const char kChromeShareHighlightsAndroidName[] =
"Chrome Share text highlights on Android";
const char kChromeShareHighlightsAndroidDescription[] =
"Enables UI to generate and share link to text highlights on Android";
const char kChromeShareQRCodeName[] = "Chrome Share QRCodes";
const char kChromeShareQRCodeDescription[] =
"Enables UI to generate and scan QR Codes on Android";
const char kChromeShareScreenshotName[] = "Chrome Share Screenshots";
const char kChromeShareScreenshotDescription[] =
"Enables UI to edit and share screenshots";
const char kChromeSharingHubName[] = "Chrome Sharing Hub";
const char kChromeSharingHubDescription[] =
"Enables the Chrome Sharing Hub/custom share sheet.";
const char kChromeSharingHubV15Name[] = "Chrome Sharing Hub V1.5";
const char kChromeSharingHubV15Description[] =
"Enables v1.5 of the Chrome Sharing Hub.";
const char kClearOldBrowsingDataName[] = "Clear older browsing data";
const char kClearOldBrowsingDataDescription[] =
"Enables clearing of browsing data which is older than a given time "
const char kCloseTabSuggestionsName[] = "Suggest to close Tabs";
const char kCloseTabSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Suggests to the user to close Tabs that haven't been used beyond a "
"configurable threshold or where duplicates of Tabs exist. "
"The threshold is configurable.";
const char kContentIndexingDownloadHomeName[] =
"Content indexing in download home";
const char kContentIndexingDownloadHomeDescription[] =
"Shows content indexing articles in group cards in download home";
const char kContentIndexingNTPName[] = "Content indexing in NTP";
const char kContentIndexingNTPDescription[] =
"Shows content indexing entry point UI in NTP";
const char kContextMenuCopyImageName[] = "Copy Image";
const char kContextMenuCopyImageDescription[] =
"Enable copying image to system clipboard via context menu.";
const char kContextMenuPerformanceInfoAndRemoteHintFetchingName[] =
"Context menu performance info and remote hint fetching";
const char kContextMenuPerformanceInfoAndRemoteHintFetchingDescription[] =
"Enables showing link performance information in the context menu and "
"allows communicating with Google servers to fetch performance information "
"for the main frame URL.";
const char kContextualSearchDebugName[] = "Contextual Search debug";
const char kContextualSearchDebugDescription[] =
"Enables internal debugging of Contextual Search behavior on the client "
"and server.";
const char kContextualSearchDefinitionsName[] = "Contextual Search definitions";
const char kContextualSearchDefinitionsDescription[] =
"Enables touch-activated contextual definitions of words on a page to be "
"presented in the caption of the Touch to Search Bar.";
const char kContextualSearchLongpressResolveName[] =
"Contextual Search long-press Resolves";
const char kContextualSearchLongpressResolveDescription[] =
"Enables communicating with Google servers when a long-press gesture is "
"recognized under some privacy-limited conditions, including having Touch "
"to Search enabled in preferences. The page context data sent to Google is "
"potentially privacy sensitive! This disables the tap gesture from "
"triggering Touch to Search unless that experiment arm is enabled.";
const char kContextualSearchMlTapSuppressionName[] =
"Contextual Search ML tap suppression";
const char kContextualSearchMlTapSuppressionDescription[] =
"Enables tap gestures to be suppressed to improve CTR by applying machine "
"learning. The \"Contextual Search Ranker prediction\" flag must also be "
const char kContextualSearchRankerQueryName[] =
"Contextual Search Ranker prediction";
const char kContextualSearchRankerQueryDescription[] =
"Enables prediction of tap gestures using Assist-Ranker machine learning.";
const char kContextualSearchSecondTapName[] =
"Contextual Search second tap triggering";
const char kContextualSearchSecondTapDescription[] =
"Enables triggering on a second tap gesture even when Ranker would "
"normally suppress that tap.";
const char kContextualSearchTranslationsName[] =
"Contextual Search translations";
const char kContextualSearchTranslationsDescription[] =
"Enables automatic translations of words on a page to be presented in the "
"caption of the bottom bar.";
const char kDirectActionsName[] = "Direct actions";
const char kDirectActionsDescription[] =
"Enables direct actions (Android Q and more).";
const char kDuetTabStripIntegrationAndroidName[] = "Duet-TabStrip Integration";
const char kDuetTabStripIntegrationAndroidDescription[] =
"Allows users to access integration of Duet and TabStrip.";
const char kAutofillManualFallbackAndroidName[] =
"Enable Autofill manual fallback for Addresses and Payments (Android)";
const char kAutofillManualFallbackAndroidDescription[] =
"If enabled, adds toggle for addresses and payments bottom sheet to the "
"keyboard accessory.";
const char kEnableAutofillRefreshStyleName[] =
"Enable Autofill refresh style (Android)";
const char kEnableAutofillRefreshStyleDescription[] =
"Enable modernized style for Autofill on Android";
const char kEnableAndroidSpellcheckerDescription[] =
"Enables use of the Android spellchecker.";
const char kEnableCommandLineOnNonRootedName[] =
"Enable command line on non-rooted devices";
const char kEnableCommandLineOnNoRootedDescription[] =
"Enable reading command line file on non-rooted devices (DANGEROUS).";
const char kEnableRevampedContextMenuName[] =
"Enable the revamped context menu";
const char kEnableRevampedContextMenuDescription[] =
"Enables a revamped context menu when a link, image, or video is long "
"pressed within Chrome.";
const char kEnableOfflinePreviewsName[] = "Offline Page Previews";
const char kEnableOfflinePreviewsDescription[] =
"Enable showing offline page previews on slow networks.";
const char kEnableUseAaudioDriverName[] = "Use AAudio Driver";
const char kEnableUseAaudioDriverDescription[] =
"Enable the use of AAudio, if supported by the current Android version.";
const char kEphemeralTabUsingBottomSheetName[] =
"An ephemeral Preview Tab using the bottom sheet";
const char kEphemeralTabUsingBottomSheetDescription[] =
"Enable a 'Preview page/image' at a linked page into the bottom sheet. "
"No other flags are needed for this feature.";
const char kExploreSitesName[] = "Explore websites";
const char kExploreSitesDescription[] =
"Enables portal from new tab page to explore websites.";
const char kFillingPasswordsFromAnyOriginName[] =
"Filling passwords from any origin";
const char kFillingPasswordsFromAnyOriginDescription[] =
"Enabling this flag adds a button to the password fallback sheet. The "
"button opens a different sheet that allows filling a password from any "
const char kGamesHubName[] = "Games Hub";
const char kGamesHubDescription[] =
"Enables viewing and usage of the Games Hub.";
const char kHomepageLocationName[] =
"Enable enterprise policy HomepageLocation";
const char kHomepageLocationDescription[] =
"Enable enterprice policy HomepageLocation, a rule of configure the home "
"page URL";
const char kHomepagePromoCardName[] =
"Enable homepage promo card on the New Tab Page";
const char kHomepagePromoCardDescription[] =
"Enable homepage promo card that will be shown to users with partner "
"configured homepage.";
const char kHomepageSettingsUIConversionName[] =
"Enable new homepage setting UI";
const char kHomepageSettingsUIConversionDescription[] =
"Enable new homepage setting UI, which allows user set up customized "
"homepage URL through a radio button group, and add promo box on NTP "
"if homepage is not enabled.";
const char kInstantStartName[] = "Instant start";
const char kInstantStartDescription[] =
"Show start surface before native library is loaded.";
const char kIntentBlockExternalFormRedirectsNoGestureName[] =
"Block intents from form submissions without user gesture";
const char kIntentBlockExternalFormRedirectsNoGestureDescription[] =
"Require a user gesture that triggered a form submission in order to "
"allow for redirecting to an external intent.";
const char kInterestFeedNotificationsName[] = "Interest Feed Notifications";
const char kInterestFeedNotificationsDescription[] =
"Show notifications for some suggested content from the interest feed. "
"#interest-feed-content-suggestions should also be enabled.";
const char kInterestFeedContentSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Use the interest feed to render content suggestions. Currently "
"content "
"suggestions are shown on the New Tab Page.";
const char kInterestFeedContentSuggestionsName[] =
"Interest Feed Content Suggestions";
const char kInterestFeedV2Name[] = "Interest Feed v2";
const char kInterestFeedV2Description[] =
"Show content suggestions on the New Tab Page and Start Surface using the "
"new Feed Component.";
const char kInterestFeedFeedbackDescription[] =
"Allow the user to provide feedback from a feed card.";
const char kInterestFeedFeedbackName[] = "Interest Feed Feedback";
const char kOfflineIndicatorAlwaysHttpProbeName[] = "Always http probe";
const char kOfflineIndicatorAlwaysHttpProbeDescription[] =
"Always do http probe to detect network connectivity for offline indicator "
"as opposed to just taking the connection state from the system."
"Used for testing.";
const char kOfflineIndicatorChoiceName[] = "Offline indicator choices";
const char kOfflineIndicatorChoiceDescription[] =
"Show an offline indicator while offline.";
const char kOfflineIndicatorV2Name[] = "Offline indicator V2";
const char kOfflineIndicatorV2Description[] =
"Show a persistent offline indicator when offline.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtName[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtDescription[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtV2Name[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT V2 features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtV2Description[] =
"V2 features include attributing pages to the app that initiated the "
"custom tabs, and being able to query for pages by page attribution.";
const char kOfflinePagesCTSuppressNotificationsName[] =
"Disable download complete notification for whitelisted CCT apps.";
const char kOfflinePagesCTSuppressNotificationsDescription[] =
"Disable download complete notification for page downloads originating "
"from a CCT app whitelisted to show their own download complete "
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptiveFailStatusName[] =
"Enables descriptive failed download status text.";
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptiveFailStatusDescription[] =
"Enables failed download status text in notifications and Downloads Home "
"to state the reason the request failed if the failure is actionable.";
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptivePendingStatusName[] =
"Enables descriptive pending download status text.";
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptivePendingStatusDescription[] =
"Enables pending download status text in notifications and Downloads Home "
"to state the reason the request is pending.";
const char kOfflinePagesInDownloadHomeOpenInCctName[] =
"Enables offline pages in the downloads home to be opened in CCT.";
const char kOfflinePagesInDownloadHomeOpenInCctDescription[] =
"When enabled offline pages launched from the Downloads Home will be "
"opened in Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) instead of regular tabs.";
const char kOfflinePagesLoadSignalCollectingName[] =
"Enables collecting load timing data for offline page snapshots.";
const char kOfflinePagesLoadSignalCollectingDescription[] =
"Enables loading completeness data collection while writing an offline "
"page. This data is collected in the snapshotted offline page to allow "
"data analysis to improve deciding when to make the offline snapshot.";
const char kOfflinePagesPrefetchingName[] =
"Enables suggested offline pages to be prefetched.";
const char kOfflinePagesPrefetchingDescription[] =
"Enables suggested offline pages to be prefetched, so useful content is "
"available while offline.";
const char kOfflinePagesResourceBasedSnapshotName[] =
"Enables offline page snapshots to be based on percentage of page loaded.";
const char kOfflinePagesResourceBasedSnapshotDescription[] =
"Enables offline page snapshots to use a resource percentage based "
"approach for determining when the page is loaded as opposed to a time "
"based approach";
const char kOfflinePagesRenovationsName[] = "Enables offline page renovations.";
const char kOfflinePagesRenovationsDescription[] =
"Enables offline page renovations which correct issues with dynamic "
"content that occur when offlining pages that use JavaScript.";
const char kOfflinePagesLivePageSharingName[] =
"Enables live page sharing of offline pages";
const char kOfflinePagesLivePageSharingDescription[] =
"Enables to share current loaded page as offline page by saving as MHTML "
const char kOfflinePagesShowAlternateDinoPageName[] =
"Enable alternate dino page with more user capabilities.";
const char kOfflinePagesShowAlternateDinoPageDescription[] =
"Enables the dino page to show more buttons and offer existing offline "
const char kOffliningRecentPagesName[] =
"Enable offlining of recently visited pages";
const char kOffliningRecentPagesDescription[] =
"Enable storing recently visited pages locally for offline use. Requires "
"Offline Pages to be enabled.";
const char kAndroidPartnerCustomizationPhenotypeName[] =
"Use homepage and bookmarks from partner customization";
const char kAndroidPartnerCustomizationPhenotypeDescription[] =
"This flag loads a new configuration source of the default homepage and "
const char kPageInfoPerformanceHintsName[] = "Page info performance hints";
const char kPageInfoPerformanceHintsDescription[] =
"Show site performance information in the page info menu.";
const char kPageInfoV2Name[] = "Page info version two";
const char kPageInfoV2Description[] =
"Enable the second version of the page info menu.";
const char kPasswordCheckName[] = "Bulk Password Check";
const char kPasswordCheckDescription[] =
"Enables the Bulk Password Check feature for signed-in users.";
const char kPasswordManagerOnboardingAndroidName[] =
"Password manager onboarding experience";
const char kPasswordManagerOnboardingAndroidDescription[] =
"This flag enables showing the password manager onboarding experience.";
const char kPhotoPickerVideoSupportName[] = "Photo Picker Video Support";
const char kPhotoPickerVideoSupportDescription[] =
"Enables video files to be shown in the Photo Picker dialog";
const char kProcessSharingWithDefaultSiteInstancesName[] =
"Process sharing with default site instances";
const char kProcessSharingWithDefaultSiteInstancesDescription[] =
"When site isolation is disabled, this mode changes how sites are lumped "
"in to shared processes. For sites that do not require isolation, this "
"feature groups them into a single 'default' site instance (per browsing "
"instance) instead of creating unique site instances for each one. This "
"enables resource savings by creating fewer processes for sites that do "
"not need isolation.";
const char kProcessSharingWithStrictSiteInstancesName[] =
"Process sharing with strict site instances";
const char kProcessSharingWithStrictSiteInstancesDescription[] =
"When site isolation is disabled, this mode changes how sites are lumped "
"in to a shared process. Process selection is usually controlled with "
"site instances. With strict site isolation, each site on a page gets its "
"own site instance and process. With site isolation disabled and without "
"this mode, all sites that share a process are put into the same site "
"instance. This mode adds a third way: site instances are strictly "
"separated like strict site isolation, but process selection puts multiple "
"site instances in a single process.";
const char kQueryTilesName[] = "Show query tiles";
const char kQueryTilesDescription[] = "Shows query tiles in Chrome";
const char kQueryTilesOmniboxName[] = "Show query tiles in omnibox";
const char kQueryTilesOmniboxDescription[] = "Shows query tiles in omnibox";
const char kQueryTilesSingleTierName[] = "Show only one level of query tiles";
const char kQueryTilesSingleTierDescription[] =
"Show only one level of query tiles";
const char kQueryTilesEnableQueryEditingName[] =
"Query Tiles - Enable query edit mode";
const char kQueryTilesEnableQueryEditingDescription[] =
"When a query tile is tapped, the query text will be shown in the omnibox "
"and user will have a chance to edit the text before submitting";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCode[] = "Country code for getting tiles";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCodeDescription[] =
"When query tiles are enabled, this value determines tiles for which "
"country should be displayed.";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCodeUS[] = "US";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCodeIndia[] = "IN";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCodeBrazil[] = "BR";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCodeNigeria[] = "NG";
const char kQueryTilesCountryCodeIndonesia[] = "ID";
const char kQueryTilesInstantFetchName[] = "Query tile instant fetch";
const char kQueryTilesInstantFetchDescription[] =
"Immediately schedule background task to fetch query tiles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsName[] = "Reader Mode triggering";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsDescription[] =
"Determines what pages the Reader Mode infobar is shown on.";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsMarkup[] = "With article structured markup";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAdaboost[] = "Non-mobile-friendly articles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAllArticles[] = "All articles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAlwaysOff[] = "Never";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAlwaysOn[] = "Always";
const char kReaderModeInCCTName[] = "Reader Mode in CCT";
const char kReaderModeInCCTDescription[] =
"Open Reader Mode in Chrome Custom Tabs.";
const char kRecoverFromNeverSaveAndroidName[] =
"UI to recover from never save passwords on Android";
const char kRecoverFromNeverSaveAndroidDescription[] =
"Enables showing UI which allows for easy reverting of the decision to "
"never save passwords on a certain webiste";
const char kReengagementNotificationName[] =
"Enable re-engagement notifications";
const char kReengagementNotificationDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome to use the in-product help system to decide when "
"to show re-engagement notifications.";
const char kRelatedSearchesName[] =
"Enables an experiment for Related Searches on Android";
const char kRelatedSearchesDescription[] =
"Enables displaying related searches in a UI surface for experimentation "
"purposes. This may have privacy implications so do not enable unless "
"you have no privacy worries about sending page content and URLs to "
const char kReportFeedUserActionsName[] =
"Enable the report of click actions on cards in Chrome's Feed on Android.";