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// Copyright (c) 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef CSSValueIDMappings_h
#define CSSValueIDMappings_h
#include "core/CSSValueIDMappingsGenerated.h"
namespace blink {
template <class T>
T CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
// By default, we use the generated mappings. For special cases, we
// specialize.
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<T>(v);
template <class T>
inline CSSValueID PlatformEnumToCSSValueID(T v) {
// By default, we use the generated mappings. For special cases, we overload.
return detail::platformEnumToCSSValueIDGenerated(v);
template <>
inline UnicodeBidi CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueWebkitIsolate)
return UnicodeBidi::kIsolate;
if (v == CSSValueWebkitIsolateOverride)
return UnicodeBidi::kIsolateOverride;
if (v == CSSValueWebkitPlaintext)
return UnicodeBidi::kPlaintext;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<UnicodeBidi>(v);
template <>
inline EBoxOrient CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueInlineAxis)
return EBoxOrient::kHorizontal;
if (v == CSSValueBlockAxis)
return EBoxOrient::kVertical;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<EBoxOrient>(v);
template <>
inline ETextCombine CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueHorizontal) // -webkit-text-combine
return ETextCombine::kAll;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<ETextCombine>(v);
template <>
inline ETextAlign CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueWebkitAuto) // Legacy -webkit-auto. Eqiuvalent to start.
return ETextAlign::kStart;
if (v == CSSValueInternalCenter)
return ETextAlign::kCenter;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<ETextAlign>(v);
template <>
inline ETextOrientation CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueSidewaysRight) // Legacy -webkit-auto. Eqiuvalent to start.
return ETextOrientation::kSideways;
if (v == CSSValueVerticalRight)
return ETextOrientation::kMixed;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<ETextOrientation>(v);
template <>
inline EResize CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueAuto) {
// Depends on settings, thus should be handled by the caller.
return EResize::kNone;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<EResize>(v);
template <>
inline WritingMode CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
switch (v) {
case CSSValueHorizontalTb:
case CSSValueLr:
case CSSValueLrTb:
case CSSValueRl:
case CSSValueRlTb:
return WritingMode::kHorizontalTb;
case CSSValueVerticalRl:
case CSSValueTb:
case CSSValueTbRl:
return WritingMode::kVerticalRl;
case CSSValueVerticalLr:
return WritingMode::kVerticalLr;
return WritingMode::kHorizontalTb;
template <>
inline ECursor CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueWebkitZoomIn)
return ECursor::kZoomIn;
if (v == CSSValueWebkitZoomOut)
return ECursor::kZoomOut;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<ECursor>(v);
template <>
inline EDisplay CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueWebkitFlex)
return EDisplay::kFlex;
if (v == CSSValueWebkitInlineFlex)
return EDisplay::kInlineFlex;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<EDisplay>(v);
template <>
inline EUserSelect CssValueIDToPlatformEnum(CSSValueID v) {
if (v == CSSValueAuto)
return EUserSelect::kAuto;
return detail::cssValueIDToPlatformEnumGenerated<EUserSelect>(v);
} // namespace blink