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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "cc/base/cc_export.h"
namespace base {
namespace debug {
class ConvertableToTraceFormat;
class TracedValue;
namespace cc {
struct CC_EXPORT BeginFrameArgs {
// Creates an invalid set of values.
// You should be able to find all instances where a BeginFrame has been
// created by searching for "BeginFrameArgs::Create".
static BeginFrameArgs Create(base::TimeTicks frame_time,
base::TimeTicks deadline,
base::TimeDelta interval);
static BeginFrameArgs CreateForSynchronousCompositor(
base::TimeTicks now = base::TimeTicks());
// This is the default delta that will be used to adjust the deadline when
// proper draw-time estimations are not yet available.
static base::TimeDelta DefaultEstimatedParentDrawTime();
// This is the default interval to use to avoid sprinkling the code with
// magic numbers.
static base::TimeDelta DefaultInterval();
// This is the default amount of time after the frame_time to retroactively
// send a BeginFrame that had been skipped. This only has an effect if the
// deadline has passed, since the deadline is also used to trigger BeginFrame
// retroactively.
static base::TimeDelta DefaultRetroactiveBeginFramePeriod();
bool IsValid() const { return interval >= base::TimeDelta(); }
scoped_refptr<base::debug::ConvertableToTraceFormat> AsValue() const;
void AsValueInto(base::debug::TracedValue* dict) const;
base::TimeTicks frame_time;
base::TimeTicks deadline;
base::TimeDelta interval;
BeginFrameArgs(base::TimeTicks frame_time,
base::TimeTicks deadline,
base::TimeDelta interval);
} // namespace cc