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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "chromeos/chromeos_switches.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/insets.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
namespace ash {
extern const int kBubblePaddingHorizontalBottom;
// The size delta between the default font and the font size found in tray
// items like labels and buttons.
extern const int kTrayTextFontSizeIncrease;
ASH_EXPORT extern const int kTrayItemSize;
// Extra padding used beside a single icon in the tray area of the shelf.
constexpr int kTrayImageItemPadding = 3;
extern const int kTrayLabelItemHorizontalPaddingBottomAlignment;
extern const int kTrayLabelItemVerticalPaddingVerticalAlignment;
// The width of the tray menu.
extern const int kTrayMenuWidth;
extern const int kTrayPopupAutoCloseDelayInSeconds;
extern const int kTrayPopupPaddingHorizontal;
extern const int kTrayPopupPaddingBetweenItems;
extern const int kTrayPopupButtonEndMargin;
// The padding used on the left and right of labels. This applies to all labels
// in the system menu.
extern const int kTrayPopupLabelHorizontalPadding;
// The horizontal padding used to properly lay out a slider in a TriView
// container with a FillLayout (such as a volume notification bubble).
extern const int kTrayPopupSliderHorizontalPadding;
// The minimum/default height of the rows in the system tray menu.
extern const int kTrayPopupItemMinHeight;
// The width used for the first region of the row (which holds an image).
extern const int kTrayPopupItemMinStartWidth;
// The width used for the end region of the row (usually a more arrow).
extern const int kTrayPopupItemMinEndWidth;
// When transitioning between a detailed and a default view, this delay is used
// before the transition starts.
ASH_EXPORT extern const int kTrayDetailedViewTransitionDelayMs;
// Padding used on right side of labels to keep minimum distance to the next
// item. This applies to all labels in the system menu.
extern const int kTrayPopupLabelRightPadding;
extern const int kTrayRoundedBorderRadius;
// The width of ToggleButton views including any border padding.
extern const int kTrayToggleButtonWidth;
extern const SkColor kPublicAccountUserCardTextColor;
extern const SkColor kPublicAccountUserCardNameColor;
extern const SkColor kHeaderBackgroundColor;
extern const SkColor kHeaderTextColorNormal;
// Constants for the title row.
constexpr int kTitleRowVerticalPadding = 4;
constexpr int kTitleRowProgressBarHeight = 2;
constexpr int kTitleRowPaddingTop = kTitleRowVerticalPadding;
constexpr int kTitleRowPaddingBottom =
kTitleRowVerticalPadding - kTitleRowProgressBarHeight;
extern const SkColor kMobileNotConnectedXIconColor;
// Extra padding used to adjust hitting region around tray items.
extern const int kHitRegionPadding;
// Width of a line used to separate tray items in the shelf.
ASH_EXPORT const int kSeparatorWidth = 1;
const int kSeparatorWidthNewUi = 0;
// The color of the separators used in the system menu.
extern const SkColor kMenuSeparatorColor;
// The size and foreground color of the icons appearing in the material design
// system tray.
constexpr int kTrayIconSize = 16;
extern const SkColor kTrayIconColor;
extern const SkColor kTrayIconBackgroundColor;
extern const SkColor kOobeTrayIconColor;
// The padding around network tray icon in dip.
constexpr int kTrayNetworkIconPadding = 2;
constexpr int kUnifiedTrayNetworkIconPadding = 4;
// The total visual padding at the start and end of the icon/label section
// of the tray.
constexpr int kTrayEdgePadding = 6;
// The size and foreground color of the icons appearing in the material design
// system menu.
extern const int kMenuIconSize;
extern const SkColor kMenuIconColor;
extern const SkColor kMenuIconColorDisabled;
// The size of buttons in the system menu.
ASH_EXPORT extern const int kMenuButtonSize;
// The vertical padding for the system menu separator.
extern const int kMenuSeparatorVerticalPadding;
// The horizontal padding for the system menu separator.
extern const int kMenuExtraMarginFromLeftEdge;
// The visual padding to the left of icons in the system menu.
extern const int kMenuEdgeEffectivePadding;
// The base color used for all ink drops in the system menu.
extern const SkColor kTrayPopupInkDropBaseColor;
// The opacity of the ink drop ripples for all ink drops in the system menu.
extern const float kTrayPopupInkDropRippleOpacity;
// The opacity of the ink drop ripples for all ink highlights in the system
// menu.
extern const float kTrayPopupInkDropHighlightOpacity;
// The inset applied to clickable surfaces in the system menu that do not have
// the ink drop filling the entire bounds.
extern const int kTrayPopupInkDropInset;
// The radius used to draw the corners of the rounded rect style ink drops.
extern const int kTrayPopupInkDropCornerRadius;
// The height of the system info row.
extern const int kTrayPopupSystemInfoRowHeight;
// The colors used when --enable-features=SystemTrayUnified flag is enabled.
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuBackgroundColor =
SkColorSetARGB(0xf2, 0x20, 0x21, 0x24);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuBackgroundColorWithBlur =
SkColorSetA(kUnifiedMenuBackgroundColor, 0x99);
constexpr float kUnifiedMenuBackgroundBlur = 30.f;
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuTextColor = SkColorSetRGB(0xf1, 0xf3, 0xf4);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuIconColor = SkColorSetRGB(0xe8, 0xea, 0xed);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuSecondaryTextColor =
SkColorSetA(kUnifiedMenuIconColor, 0xa3);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuIconColorDisabled =
SkColorSetRGB(0x5f, 0x63, 0x68);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuTextColorDisabled =
SkColorSetRGB(0x5f, 0x63, 0x68);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuButtonColor =
SkColorSetA(kUnifiedMenuIconColor, 0x14);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuSeparatorColor =
SkColorSetA(kUnifiedMenuIconColor, 0x23);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuButtonColorActive =
SkColorSetRGB(0x25, 0x81, 0xdf);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedMenuButtonColorDisabled =
SkColorSetA(kUnifiedMenuButtonColor, 0xa);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedNotificationSeparatorColor =
SkColorSetRGB(0xdf, 0xe0, 0xe0);
constexpr SkColor kUnifiedFeaturePodHoverColor =
SkColorSetRGB(0xff, 0xff, 0xff);
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedMenuItemPadding(0, 16, 16, 16);
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedSliderPadding(0, 16);
constexpr int kUnifiedMenuVerticalPadding = 8;
constexpr int kUnifiedNotificationCenterSpacing = 16;
constexpr int kUnifiedTrayIconSize = 20;
constexpr int kUnifiedTraySpacingBetweenIcons = 6;
constexpr int kUnifiedTrayBatteryWidth = 10;
constexpr int kUnifiedTrayCornerRadius = 20;
constexpr int kUnifiedTrayContentPadding = 8;
constexpr int kUnifiedTopShortcutSpacing = 16;
constexpr int kUnifiedNotificationHiddenLineHeight = 20;
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedTopShortcutPadding(0, 16);
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedNotificationHiddenPadding(6, 16);
constexpr int kStackingNotificationCounterMax = 8;
constexpr int kStackingNotificationCounterRadius = 2;
constexpr int kStackingNotificationCounterStartX = 18;
constexpr int kStackingNotificationCounterDistanceX = 10;
constexpr int kStackingNotificationCounterHeight = 20;
constexpr SkColor kStackingNotificationCounterColor =
SkColorSetRGB(0x5f, 0x63, 0x68);
constexpr SkColor kStackingNotificationCounterBorderColor =
SkColorSetRGB(0xe0, 0xe0, 0xe0);
// Size of an icon drawn inside top shortcut buttons.
// A dark disc with |kTrayItemSize| diameter is drawn in the background.
constexpr int kTrayTopShortcutButtonIconSize = 20;
constexpr int kUnifiedSystemInfoHeight = 16;
constexpr int kUnifiedSystemInfoSpacing = 8;
// Constants used in FeaturePodsView of UnifiedSystemTray.
constexpr gfx::Size kUnifiedFeaturePodIconSize(48, 48);
constexpr gfx::Size kUnifiedFeaturePodSize(112, 88);
constexpr gfx::Size kUnifiedFeaturePodCollapsedSize(48, 48);
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedFeaturePodIconPadding(4);
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedFeaturePodHoverPadding(2);
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodVectorIconSize = 24;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodLabelWidth = 80;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodSpacing = 6;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodHoverRadius = 4;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodVerticalPadding = 28;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodHorizontalSidePadding = 12;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodHorizontalMiddlePadding = 0;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodCollapsedVerticalPadding = 16;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodCollapsedHorizontalPadding = 24;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodArrowSpacing = 4;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodItemsInRow = 3;
constexpr int kUnifiedFeaturePodMaxItemsInCollapsed = 5;
constexpr int kUnifiedNotificationSeparatorThickness = 1;
// Separators between multiple users are shorter than the full width.
constexpr int kUnifiedUserChooserSeparatorSideMargin = 64;
// Additional gap above and below the longer separator between user list and
// "Sign in another user..." button.
constexpr int kUnifiedUserChooserLargeSeparatorVerticalSpacing = 8;
constexpr int kUnifiedUserChooserRowHeight = 64;
constexpr int kUnifiedUserChooserAvatorIconColumnWidth = 64;
constexpr int kUnifiedUserChooserCloseIconColumnWidth = 64;
// Gap between the buttons on the top shortcut row, other than the
// expand/collapse button.
constexpr int kUnifiedTopShortcutButtonDefaultSpacing = 16;
constexpr int kUnifiedTopShortcutButtonMinSpacing = 4;
// Constants used in the title row of a detailed view in UnifiedSystemTray.
constexpr gfx::Insets kUnifiedDetailedViewTitlePadding(0, 0, 0, 16);
constexpr int kUnifiedDetailedViewTitleRowHeight = 64;
// TODO(tetsui): Remove this class.
class TrayConstants {
// Returns the width of a line used to separate tray items in the shelf.
static int separator_width() { return kSeparatorWidthNewUi; }
static int GetTrayIconSize();
} // namespace ash