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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <jni.h>
#include "ui/android/ui_android_export.h"
namespace ui {
// Container of motion event data. Used when traversing views along their
// hierarchy. Actual motion event object will be constructed right before
// it is used in the |ViewClient| implementation to avoid creating multiple
// |MotionEventAndroid| instances.
struct MotionEventData {
MotionEventData(float dip_scale,
jobject jevent,
long time,
int action,
int pointer_count,
int history_size,
int action_index,
float pos_x0,
float pos_y0,
float pos_x1,
float pos_y1,
int pointer_id_0,
int pointer_id_1,
float touch_major_0,
float touch_major_1,
float touch_minor_0,
float touch_minor_1,
float orientation_0,
float orientation_1,
float tilt_0,
float tilt_1,
float raw_pos_x,
float raw_pos_y,
int tool_type_0,
int tool_type_1,
int button_state,
int meta_state,
bool is_touch_handle_event);
MotionEventData(const MotionEventData& other);
// Returns a new |MotionEventData| object whose position is offset
// by a given delta.
MotionEventData Offset(float delta_x, float delta_y) const;
float GetX() const { return pos_x0_ / dip_scale_; }
float GetY() const { return pos_y0_ / dip_scale_; }
const float dip_scale_;
const jobject jevent_;
const long time_; // ms
const int action_;
const int pointer_count_;
const int history_size_;
const int action_index_;
const float pos_x0_; // in pixel unit
const float pos_y0_;
const float pos_x1_;
const float pos_y1_;
const int pointer_id_0_;
const int pointer_id_1_;
const float touch_major_0_;
const float touch_major_1_;
const float touch_minor_0_;
const float touch_minor_1_;
const float orientation_0_;
const float orientation_1_;
const float tilt_0_;
const float tilt_1_;
const float raw_pos_x_;
const float raw_pos_y_;
const int tool_type_0_;
const int tool_type_1_;
const int button_state_;
const int meta_state_;
const bool is_touch_handle_event_;
// Client interface used to forward events from Java to native views.
// Calls are dispatched to its children along the hierarchy of ViewAndroid.
// Use bool return type to stop propagating the call i.e. overriden method
// should return true to indicate that the event was handled and stop
// the processing.
// Note: Not in use yet. Will be hooked up together with ViewRoot.
// See
class UI_ANDROID_EXPORT ViewClient {
virtual bool OnTouchEvent(const MotionEventData& event);
} // namespace ui