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<title>CSS 2.1 Test Suite: text-indent</title>
<style type="text/css">
.one {text-indent: 5em; background: aqua;}
.eight {text-indent: 50%; background: aqua;}
div {text-indent: 200%; background: aqua;width: 25%;}
<link rel="help" href="" title="16.1 Indentation: the 'text-indent' property">
<p class="eight">
The first line of this sentence should be indented halfway across the
page, but the rest of it should be flush with the normal left margin
of the page.
<p class="one">
Only the first line of this sentence<br>
should be indented,<br>
the others should all be<br>
<em>aligned on the left</em> of the window.
X The X on the previous line should be centered across the window.