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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/account_id/account_id.h"
#include "components/user_manager/user.h"
#include "components/user_manager/user_manager_base.h"
namespace user_manager {
// Fake user manager with a barebones implementation. Users can be added
// and set as logged in, and those users can be returned.
class USER_MANAGER_EXPORT FakeUserManager : public UserManagerBase {
~FakeUserManager() override;
// Create and add a new user. Created user is not affiliated with the domain,
// that owns the device.
virtual const user_manager::User* AddUser(const AccountId& account_id);
// The same as AddUser() but allows to specify user affiliation with the
// domain, that owns the device.
virtual const user_manager::User* AddUserWithAffiliation(
const AccountId& account_id,
bool is_affiliated);
void set_local_state(PrefService* local_state) { local_state_ = local_state; }
// UserManager overrides.
const user_manager::UserList& GetUsers() const override;
user_manager::UserList GetUsersAllowedForMultiProfile() const override;
// Set the user as logged in.
void UserLoggedIn(const AccountId& account_id,
const std::string& username_hash,
bool browser_restart,
bool is_child) override;
const user_manager::User* GetActiveUser() const override;
user_manager::User* GetActiveUser() override;
void SwitchActiveUser(const AccountId& account_id) override;
void SaveUserDisplayName(const AccountId& account_id,
const base::string16& display_name) override;
const AccountId& GetGuestAccountId() const override;
bool IsFirstExecAfterBoot() const override;
bool IsGuestAccountId(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
bool IsStubAccountId(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
bool HasBrowserRestarted() const override;
// Not implemented.
void UpdateUserAccountData(const AccountId& account_id,
const UserAccountData& account_data) override {}
void Shutdown() override {}
const user_manager::UserList& GetLRULoggedInUsers() const override;
user_manager::UserList GetUnlockUsers() const override;
const AccountId& GetOwnerAccountId() const override;
void OnSessionStarted() override {}
void RemoveUser(const AccountId& account_id,
user_manager::RemoveUserDelegate* delegate) override {}
void RemoveUserFromList(const AccountId& account_id) override;
bool IsKnownUser(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
const user_manager::User* FindUser(
const AccountId& account_id) const override;
user_manager::User* FindUserAndModify(const AccountId& account_id) override;
const user_manager::User* GetPrimaryUser() const override;
void SaveUserOAuthStatus(
const AccountId& account_id,
user_manager::User::OAuthTokenStatus oauth_token_status) override {}
void SaveForceOnlineSignin(const AccountId& account_id,
bool force_online_signin) override {}
base::string16 GetUserDisplayName(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
void SaveUserDisplayEmail(const AccountId& account_id,
const std::string& display_email) override {}
std::string GetUserDisplayEmail(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
bool IsCurrentUserOwner() const override;
bool IsCurrentUserNew() const override;
bool IsCurrentUserNonCryptohomeDataEphemeral() const override;
bool CanCurrentUserLock() const override;
bool IsUserLoggedIn() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsUserWithGaiaAccount() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsPublicAccount() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsGuest() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsSupervisedUser() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsKioskApp() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsArcKioskApp() const override;
bool IsLoggedInAsStub() const override;
bool IsUserNonCryptohomeDataEphemeral(
const AccountId& account_id) const override;
void AddObserver(Observer* obs) override {}
void RemoveObserver(Observer* obs) override {}
void AddSessionStateObserver(UserSessionStateObserver* obs) override {}
void RemoveSessionStateObserver(UserSessionStateObserver* obs) override {}
void NotifyLocalStateChanged() override {}
bool AreSupervisedUsersAllowed() const override;
bool IsGuestSessionAllowed() const override;
bool IsGaiaUserAllowed(const user_manager::User& user) const override;
bool IsUserAllowed(const user_manager::User& user) const override;
void UpdateLoginState(const user_manager::User* active_user,
const user_manager::User* primary_user,
bool is_current_user_owner) const override;
bool GetPlatformKnownUserId(const std::string& user_email,
const std::string& gaia_id,
AccountId* out_account_id) const override;
void AsyncRemoveCryptohome(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
bool IsSupervisedAccountId(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
const gfx::ImageSkia& GetResourceImagekiaNamed(int id) const override;
base::string16 GetResourceStringUTF16(int string_id) const override;
void ScheduleResolveLocale(const std::string& locale,
base::OnceClosure on_resolved_callback,
std::string* out_resolved_locale) const override;
bool IsValidDefaultUserImageId(int image_index) const override;
// UserManagerBase overrides:
bool AreEphemeralUsersEnabled() const override;
void SetEphemeralUsersEnabled(bool enabled) override;
const std::string& GetApplicationLocale() const override;
PrefService* GetLocalState() const override;
void HandleUserOAuthTokenStatusChange(
const AccountId& account_id,
user_manager::User::OAuthTokenStatus status) const override {}
bool IsEnterpriseManaged() const override;
void LoadDeviceLocalAccounts(
std::set<AccountId>* device_local_accounts_set) override {}
void PerformPreUserListLoadingActions() override {}
void PerformPostUserListLoadingActions() override {}
void PerformPostUserLoggedInActions(bool browser_restart) override {}
bool IsDemoApp(const AccountId& account_id) const override;
bool IsDeviceLocalAccountMarkedForRemoval(
const AccountId& account_id) const override;
void DemoAccountLoggedIn() override {}
void KioskAppLoggedIn(user_manager::User* user) override {}
void ArcKioskAppLoggedIn(user_manager::User* user) override {}
void PublicAccountUserLoggedIn(user_manager::User* user) override {}
void SupervisedUserLoggedIn(const AccountId& account_id) override {}
void OnUserRemoved(const AccountId& account_id) override {}
user_manager::User* primary_user_;
// Can be set by set_local_state().
PrefService* local_state_ = nullptr;
// If set this is the active user. If empty, the first created user is the
// active user.
AccountId active_account_id_ = EmptyAccountId();
// We use this internal function for const-correctness.
user_manager::User* GetActiveUserInternal() const;
// stub, always empty.
AccountId owner_account_id_ = EmptyAccountId();
// stub. Always empty.
gfx::ImageSkia empty_image_;
} // namespace user_manager