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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/browser/autofill_popup_delegate.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/browser/suggestion.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/common/form_data.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/common/form_field_data.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/rect_f.h"
namespace autofill {
class AutofillDriver;
class AutofillManager;
class CreditCard;
// TODO(csharp): A lot of the logic in this class is copied from autofillagent.
// Once Autofill is moved out of WebKit this class should be the only home for
// this logic. See
// Delegate for in-browser Autocomplete and Autofill display and selection.
class AutofillExternalDelegate : public AutofillPopupDelegate {
// Creates an AutofillExternalDelegate for the specified AutofillManager and
// AutofillDriver.
AutofillExternalDelegate(AutofillManager* manager,
AutofillDriver* driver);
virtual ~AutofillExternalDelegate();
// AutofillPopupDelegate implementation.
void OnPopupShown() override;
void OnPopupHidden() override;
void DidSelectSuggestion(const base::string16& value,
int identifier) override;
void DidAcceptSuggestion(const base::string16& value,
int identifier,
int position) override;
bool GetDeletionConfirmationText(const base::string16& value,
int identifier,
base::string16* title,
base::string16* body) override;
bool RemoveSuggestion(const base::string16& value, int identifier) override;
void ClearPreviewedForm() override;
// Returns PopupType::kUnspecified for all popups prior to |onQuery|, or the
// popup type after call to |onQuery|.
PopupType GetPopupType() const override;
AutofillDriver* GetAutofillDriver() override;
void RegisterDeletionCallback(base::OnceClosure deletion_callback) override;
// Records and associates a query_id with web form data. Called
// when the renderer posts an Autofill query to the browser. |bounds|
// is window relative. We might not want to display the warning if a website
// has disabled Autocomplete because they have their own popup, and showing
// our popup on to of theirs would be a poor user experience.
virtual void OnQuery(int query_id,
const FormData& form,
const FormFieldData& field,
const gfx::RectF& element_bounds);
// Records query results and correctly formats them before sending them off
// to be displayed. Called when an Autofill query result is available.
virtual void OnSuggestionsReturned(int query_id,
const std::vector<Suggestion>& suggestions,
bool autoselect_first_suggestion,
bool is_all_server_suggestions = false);
// Returns true if there is a screen reader installed on the machine.
virtual bool HasActiveScreenReader() const;
// Indicates on focus changed if autofill is available or unavailable, so
// state can be announced by screen readers.
virtual void OnAutofillAvailabilityEvent(bool has_suggestions);
// Set the data list value associated with the current field.
void SetCurrentDataListValues(
const std::vector<base::string16>& data_list_values,
const std::vector<base::string16>& data_list_labels);
// Inform the delegate that the text field editing has ended. This is
// used to help record the metrics of when a new popup is shown.
void DidEndTextFieldEditing();
// Returns the delegate to its starting state by removing any page specific
// values or settings.
void Reset();
base::WeakPtr<AutofillExternalDelegate> GetWeakPtr();
// Called when a credit card is scanned using device camera.
void OnCreditCardScanned(const CreditCard& card);
// Fills the form with the Autofill data corresponding to |unique_id|.
// If |is_preview| is true then this is just a preview to show the user what
// would be selected and if |is_preview| is false then the user has selected
// this data.
void FillAutofillFormData(int unique_id, bool is_preview);
// Will remove Autofill warnings from |suggestions| if there are also
// autocomplete entries in the vector. Note: at this point, it is assumed that
// if there are Autofill warnings, they will be at the head of the vector and
// any entry that is not an Autofill warning is considered an Autocomplete
// entry.
void PossiblyRemoveAutofillWarnings(std::vector<Suggestion>* suggestions);
// Handle applying any Autofill option listings to the Autofill popup.
// This function should only get called when there is at least one
// multi-field suggestion in the list of suggestions.
// |is_all_server_suggestions| should be true if |suggestions| are empty or
// all |suggestions| come from Google Payments.
void ApplyAutofillOptions(std::vector<Suggestion>* suggestions,
bool is_all_server_suggestions);
// Insert the data list values at the start of the given list, including
// any required separators. Will also go through |suggestions| and remove
// duplicate autocomplete (not Autofill) suggestions, keeping their datalist
// version.
void InsertDataListValues(std::vector<Suggestion>* suggestions);
// Returns the text (i.e. |Suggestion| value) for Chrome autofill options.
base::string16 GetSettingsSuggestionValue() const;
AutofillManager* manager_; // weak.
// Provides driver-level context to the shared code of the component. Must
// outlive this object.
AutofillDriver* driver_; // weak
// The ID of the last request sent for form field Autofill. Used to ignore
// out of date responses.
int query_id_;
// The current form and field selected by Autofill.
FormData query_form_;
FormFieldData query_field_;
// The bounds of the form field that user is interacting with.
gfx::RectF element_bounds_;
// Does the popup include any Autofill profile or credit card suggestions?
bool has_autofill_suggestions_;
bool should_show_scan_credit_card_;
PopupType popup_type_;
// Whether the credit card signin promo should be shown to the user.
bool should_show_cc_signin_promo_;
// The current data list values.
std::vector<base::string16> data_list_values_;
std::vector<base::string16> data_list_labels_;
// If not null then it will be called in destructor.
base::OnceClosure deletion_callback_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<AutofillExternalDelegate> weak_ptr_factory_;
} // namespace autofill