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"""Creates config_setting that allows selecting based on 'compiler' value."""
def create_compiler_config_setting(name, value):
# The "do_not_use_tools_cpp_compiler_present" attribute exists to
# distinguish between older versions of Bazel that do not support
# "@bazel_tools//tools/cpp:compiler" flag_value, and newer ones that do.
# In the future, the only way to select on the compiler will be through
# flag_values{"@bazel_tools//tools/cpp:compiler"} and the else branch can
# be removed.
if hasattr(cc_common, "do_not_use_tools_cpp_compiler_present"):
name = name,
flag_values = {
"@bazel_tools//tools/cpp:compiler": value,
name = name,
values = {"compiler": value},