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import json
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="test_utils.sub.js"></script>
* A map between a datatype name and whether it is empty.
* @property Object.<string, boolean>
var report = {};
Promise.all( {
return datatype.isEmpty().then(function(isEmpty) {
report[] = isEmpty;
})).then(function() {, "*");
# A support server that receives a list of datatypes in the GET query
# and returns a Clear-Site-Data header with those datatypes. The content
# of the response is a html site using postMessage to report the status
# of the datatypes, so that if used in an iframe, it can inform the
# embedder whether the data deletion succeeded.
def main(request, response):
types = [key for key in request.GET.keys()]
header = ",".join("\"" + type + "\"" for type in types)
return ([("Clear-Site-Data", header),
("Content-Type", "text/html")],