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<title>Entries API: FileSystemFileEntry file() manual test</title>
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<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
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file_entry_test('file.txt', (t, entry) => {
assert_idl_attribute(entry, 'file', 'FileSystemFileEntry has a file() method');
assert_equals(typeof entry.file, 'function', 'FileSystemFileEntry has a file() method');
assert_throws(TypeError(), () => entry.file(), 'file() has a required argument');
entry.file(t.step_func(file => {
assert_class_string(file, 'File', 'file() should yield a File');
assert_equals(,, 'entry and file names should match');
}), t.unreached_func('file() should not fail'));
}, 'FileSystemFileEntry - file()');
// TODO: Manual test where file is replaced with directory before file() called