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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/run_loop.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "ui/gfx/native_widget_types.h"
#include "ui/views/test/views_test_base.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget_delegate.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget_observer.h"
namespace ui {
namespace internal {
class InputMethodDelegate;
class EventSink;
namespace views {
class Widget;
namespace internal {
class RootView;
} // namespace internal
namespace test {
class WidgetTest : public ViewsTestBase {
~WidgetTest() override;
// Create Widgets with |native_widget| in InitParams set to an instance of
// platform specific widget type that has stubbled capture calls.
Widget* CreateTopLevelPlatformWidget();
Widget* CreateTopLevelFramelessPlatformWidget();
Widget* CreateChildPlatformWidget(gfx::NativeView parent_native_view);
// Create Widgets initialized without a |native_widget| set in InitParams.
// Depending on the test environment, ViewsDelegate::OnBeforeWidgetInit() may
// still provide one.
Widget* CreateTopLevelNativeWidget();
Widget* CreateChildNativeWidgetWithParent(Widget* parent);
Widget* CreateChildNativeWidget();
// Create a top-level Widget with |native_widget| in InitParams set to an
// instance of the "native desktop" type. This is a PlatformNativeWidget on
// ChromeOS, and a PlatformDesktopNativeWidget everywhere else.
Widget* CreateNativeDesktopWidget();
View* GetMousePressedHandler(internal::RootView* root_view);
View* GetMouseMoveHandler(internal::RootView* root_view);
View* GetGestureHandler(internal::RootView* root_view);
// Simulate an activation of the native window held by |widget|, as if it was
// clicked by the user. This is a synchronous method for use in
// non-interactive tests that do not spin a RunLoop in the test body (since
// that may cause real focus changes to flakily manifest).
static void SimulateNativeActivate(Widget* widget);
// Return true if |window| is visible according to the native platform.
static bool IsNativeWindowVisible(gfx::NativeWindow window);
// Return true if |above| is higher than |below| in the native window Z-order.
// Both windows must be visible.
static bool IsWindowStackedAbove(Widget* above, Widget* below);
// Query the native window system for the minimum size configured for user
// initiated window resizes.
gfx::Size GetNativeWidgetMinimumContentSize(Widget* widget);
// Return the event sink for |widget|. On aura platforms, this is an
// aura::WindowEventDispatcher. Otherwise, it is a bridge to the OS event
// sink.
static ui::EventSink* GetEventSink(Widget* widget);
// Get the InputMethodDelegate, for setting on a Mock InputMethod in tests.
static ui::internal::InputMethodDelegate* GetInputMethodDelegateForWidget(
Widget* widget);
// Return true if |window| is transparent according to the native platform.
static bool IsNativeWindowTransparent(gfx::NativeWindow window);
// Returns the set of all Widgets that currently have a NativeWindow.
static Widget::Widgets GetAllWidgets();
// A helper WidgetDelegate for tests that require hooks into WidgetDelegate
// calls, and removes some of the boilerplate for initializing a Widget. Calls
// Widget::CloseNow() when destroyed if it hasn't already been done.
class TestDesktopWidgetDelegate : public WidgetDelegate {
~TestDesktopWidgetDelegate() override;
// Initialize the Widget, adding some meaningful default InitParams.
void InitWidget(Widget::InitParams init_params);
// Set the contents view to be used during Widget initialization. For Widgets
// that use non-client views, this will be the contents_view used to
// initialize the ClientView in WidgetDelegate::CreateClientView(). Otherwise,
// it is the ContentsView of the Widget's RootView. Ownership passes to the
// view hierarchy during InitWidget().
void set_contents_view(View* contents_view) {
contents_view_ = contents_view;
int window_closing_count() const { return window_closing_count_; }
const gfx::Rect& initial_bounds() { return initial_bounds_; }
// WidgetDelegate overrides:
void WindowClosing() override;
Widget* GetWidget() override;
const Widget* GetWidget() const override;
View* GetContentsView() override;
bool ShouldAdvanceFocusToTopLevelWidget() const override;
Widget* widget_;
View* contents_view_ = nullptr;
int window_closing_count_ = 0;
gfx::Rect initial_bounds_ = gfx::Rect(100, 100, 200, 200);
// Testing widget delegate that creates a widget with a single view, which is
// the initially focused view.
class TestInitialFocusWidgetDelegate : public TestDesktopWidgetDelegate {
explicit TestInitialFocusWidgetDelegate(gfx::NativeWindow context);
~TestInitialFocusWidgetDelegate() override;
View* view() { return view_; }
// WidgetDelegate override:
View* GetInitiallyFocusedView() override;
View* view_;
// Use in tests to wait until a Widget's activation change to a particular
// value. To use create and call Wait().
class WidgetActivationWaiter : public WidgetObserver {
WidgetActivationWaiter(Widget* widget, bool active);
~WidgetActivationWaiter() override;
// Returns when the active status matches that supplied to the constructor. If
// the active status does not match that of the constructor a RunLoop is used
// until the active status matches, otherwise this returns immediately.
void Wait();
// views::WidgetObserver override:
void OnWidgetActivationChanged(Widget* widget, bool active) override;
base::RunLoop run_loop_;
bool observed_;
bool active_;
// Use in tests to provide functionality to observe the widget passed in the
// constructor for the widget closing event.
class WidgetClosingObserver : public WidgetObserver {
explicit WidgetClosingObserver(Widget* widget);
~WidgetClosingObserver() override;
// Returns immediately when |widget_| becomes NULL, otherwise a RunLoop is
// used until widget closing event is received.
void Wait();
bool widget_closed() const { return !widget_; }
// views::WidgetObserver override:
void OnWidgetClosing(Widget* widget) override;
Widget* widget_;
base::RunLoop run_loop_;
} // namespace test
} // namespace views