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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import copy
import json
import sys
# These fields must appear in the test result output
# These fields are optional, but must have the same value on all shards
# These fields are optional and will be summed together
class MergeException(Exception):
def merge_test_results(shard_results_list):
""" Merge list of results.
shard_results_list: list of results to merge. All the results must have the
same format. Supported format are simplified JSON format & Chromium JSON
test results format version 3 (see
a dictionary that represent the merged results. Its format follow the same
format of all results in |shard_results_list|.
shard_results_list = [x for x in shard_results_list if x]
if not shard_results_list:
return {}
if 'seconds_since_epoch' in shard_results_list[0]:
return _merge_json_test_result_format(shard_results_list)
return _merge_simplified_json_format(shard_results_list)
def _merge_simplified_json_format(shard_results_list):
# This code is specialized to the "simplified" JSON format that used to be
# the standard for recipes.
# These are the only keys we pay attention to in the output JSON.
merged_results = {
'successes': [],
'failures': [],
'valid': True,
for result_json in shard_results_list:
successes = result_json.get('successes', [])
failures = result_json.get('failures', [])
valid = result_json.get('valid', True)
if (not isinstance(successes, list) or not isinstance(failures, list) or
not isinstance(valid, bool)):
raise MergeException(
'Unexpected value type in %s' % result_json) # pragma: no cover
merged_results['valid'] = merged_results['valid'] and valid
return merged_results
def _merge_json_test_result_format(shard_results_list):
# This code is specialized to the Chromium JSON test results format version 3:
# These are required fields for the JSON test result format version 3.
merged_results = {
'tests': {},
'interrupted': False,
'version': 3,
'seconds_since_epoch': float('inf'),
'num_failures_by_type': {
# To make sure that we don't mutate existing shard_results_list.
shard_results_list = copy.deepcopy(shard_results_list)
for result_json in shard_results_list:
# TODO(tansell): check whether this deepcopy is actually neccessary.
result_json = copy.deepcopy(result_json)
# Check the version first
version = result_json.pop('version', -1)
if version != 3:
raise MergeException( # pragma: no cover (covered by
# results_merger_unittest).
'Unsupported version %s. Only version 3 is supported' % version)
# Check the results for each shard have the required keys
missing = REQUIRED - set(result_json)
if missing:
raise MergeException( # pragma: no cover (covered by
# results_merger_unittest).
'Invalid json test results (missing %s)' % missing)
# Curry merge_values for this result_json.
merge = lambda key, merge_func: merge_value(
result_json, merged_results, key, merge_func)
# Traverse the result_json's test trie & merged_results's test tries in
# DFS order & add the n to merged['tests'].
merge('tests', merge_tries)
# If any were interrupted, we are interrupted.
merge('interrupted', lambda x,y: x|y)
# Use the earliest seconds_since_epoch value
merge('seconds_since_epoch', min)
# Sum the number of failure types
merge('num_failures_by_type', sum_dicts)
# Optional values must match
for optional_key in OPTIONAL_MATCHING:
if optional_key not in result_json:
if optional_key not in merged_results:
# Set this value to None, then blindly copy over it.
merged_results[optional_key] = None
merge(optional_key, lambda src, dst: src)
merge(optional_key, ensure_match)
# Optional values ignored
for optional_key in OPTIONAL_IGNORED:
if optional_key in result_json:
merged_results[optional_key] = result_json.pop(
# pragma: no cover (covered by
# results_merger_unittest).
# Sum optional value counts
for count_key in OPTIONAL_COUNTS:
if count_key in result_json: # pragma: no cover
# TODO(mcgreevy): add coverage.
merged_results.setdefault(count_key, 0)
merge(count_key, lambda a, b: a+b)
if result_json:
raise MergeException( # pragma: no cover (covered by
# results_merger_unittest).
'Unmergable values %s' % result_json.keys())
return merged_results
def merge_tries(source, dest):
""" Merges test tries.
This is intended for use as a merge_func parameter to merge_value.
source: A result json test trie.
dest: A json test trie merge destination.
# merge_tries merges source into dest by performing a lock-step depth-first
# traversal of dest and source.
# pending_nodes contains a list of all sub-tries which have been reached but
# need further merging.
# Each element consists of a trie prefix, and a sub-trie from each of dest
# and source which is reached via that prefix.
pending_nodes = [('', dest, source)]
while pending_nodes:
prefix, dest_node, curr_node = pending_nodes.pop()
for k, v in curr_node.iteritems():
if k in dest_node:
if not isinstance(v, dict):
raise MergeException(
"%s:%s: %r not mergable, curr_node: %r\ndest_node: %r" % (
prefix, k, v, curr_node, dest_node))
pending_nodes.append(("%s:%s" % (prefix, k), dest_node[k], v))
dest_node[k] = v
return dest
def ensure_match(source, dest):
""" Returns source if it matches dest.
This is intended for use as a merge_func parameter to merge_value.
MergeException if source != dest
if source != dest:
raise MergeException( # pragma: no cover (covered by
# results_merger_unittest).
"Values don't match: %s, %s" % (source, dest))
return source
def sum_dicts(source, dest):
""" Adds values from source to corresponding values in dest.
This is intended for use as a merge_func parameter to merge_value.
for k, v in source.iteritems():
dest.setdefault(k, 0)
dest[k] += v
return dest
def merge_value(source, dest, key, merge_func):
""" Merges a value from source to dest.
The value is deleted from source.
source: A dictionary from which to pull a value, identified by key.
dest: The dictionary into to which the value is to be merged.
key: The key which identifies the value to be merged.
merge_func(src, dst): A function which merges its src into dst,
and returns the result. May modify dst. May raise a MergeException.
MergeException if the values can not be merged.
dest[key] = merge_func(source[key], dest[key])
except MergeException as e:
e.message = "MergeFailure for %s\n%s" % (key, e.message)
e.args = tuple([e.message] + list(e.args[1:]))
del source[key]
def main(files):
if len(files) < 2:
sys.stderr.write("Not enough JSON files to merge.\n")
return 1
sys.stderr.write('Starting with %s\n' % files[0])
result = json.load(open(files[0]))
for f in files[1:]:
sys.stderr.write('Merging %s\n' % f)
result = merge_test_results([result, json.load(open(f))])
print json.dumps(result)
return 0
if __name__ == "__main__":