Remove variable shadowing in blink/svg

In an effort to reduce or even ban symbol shadowing, this renames
a variable to avoid such shadowing. I'm interested in prohibiting
shadowing because I think it might prevent potential jumbo problems.

The exact error this avoids is:
third_party/blink/renderer/core/svg/ error: declaration shadows a local variable [-Werror,-Wshadow]
      TransformationMatrix transform;
third_party/blink/renderer/core/svg/ note: previous declaration is here
  AffineTransform transform;

Bug: 923510
Change-Id: I99c001d0eb513d73bfc33d540601479a6fd7280d
Auto-Submit: Daniel Bratell <>
Commit-Queue: Fredrik Söderquist <>
Reviewed-by: Fredrik Söderquist <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#634676}
diff --git a/third_party/blink/renderer/core/svg/ b/third_party/blink/renderer/core/svg/
index ee1c8b0..1c84ccb 100644
--- a/third_party/blink/renderer/core/svg/
+++ b/third_party/blink/renderer/core/svg/
@@ -453,24 +453,24 @@
   } else if (mode == kScreenScope) {
     if (LayoutObject* layout_object = this->GetLayoutObject()) {
-      TransformationMatrix transform;
+      TransformationMatrix matrix;
       // Adjust for the zoom level factored into CSS coordinates (WK bug
       // #96361).
-      transform.Scale(1.0 / layout_object->StyleRef().EffectiveZoom());
+      matrix.Scale(1.0 / layout_object->StyleRef().EffectiveZoom());
       // Apply transforms from our ancestor coordinate space, including any
       // non-SVG ancestor transforms.
-      transform.Multiply(layout_object->LocalToAbsoluteTransform());
+      matrix.Multiply(layout_object->LocalToAbsoluteTransform());
       // At the SVG/HTML boundary (aka LayoutSVGRoot), we need to apply the
       // localToBorderBoxTransform to map an element from SVG viewport
       // coordinates to CSS box coordinates.
-      transform.Multiply(
+      matrix.Multiply(
       // Drop any potential non-affine parts, because we're not able to convey
       // that information further anyway until getScreenCTM returns a DOMMatrix
       // (4x4 matrix.)
-      return transform.ToAffineTransform();
+      return matrix.ToAffineTransform();
   if (!HasEmptyViewBox()) {