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Name: International Phone Number Library
Short Name: libphonenumber
Version: unknown
Revision: 584
License: Apache 2.0
License File: src/LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains the source code of International Phone Number Library
for C/C++.
This library depends on
- third_party/icu for internationalisation, UTF8-16-32 conversion and regular
- third_party/protobuf Lite version.
Additional files, not in the original library:
src/LICENSE # Taken from
The library is mapped through the DEPS file into src/ folder. To update:
1. Get the latest version number from
2. Locally update this file and DEPS.
3. run 'gclient sync'
4. Adjust libphonenumber.gyp if necessary.
5. Verify that all compiles and all of the tests are successfull.
WARNING: This library is only thread-safe on POSIX. This means that
PhoneNumberUtil and the other singletons should be accessed from a single