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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Several dependencies of Chrome require a different min sdk when built
# as stand-alone projects. If this is ever not the case, these variables
# can be removed.
# See
mac_sdk_min_build_override = "10.10"
# Variable that can be used to support multiple build scenarios, like having
# Chromium specific targets in a client project's GN file etc.
build_with_chromium = true
# Uncomment these to specify a different NDK location and version in
# non-Chromium builds.
# default_android_ndk_root = "//third_party/android_tools/ndk"
# default_android_ndk_version = "r10e"
# Some non-Chromium builds don't support building java targets.
enable_java_templates = true
# Some non-Chromium builds don't use Chromium's third_party/binutils.
linux_use_bundled_binutils_override = true
# Allows different projects to specify their own suppressions files.
asan_suppressions_file = "//build/sanitizers/"
lsan_suppressions_file = "//build/sanitizers/"
tsan_suppressions_file = "//build/sanitizers/"
# Uncomment these to specify a different lint suppressions file for android
# lint_suppressions_file = path/to/your/suppressions/file/suppressions.xml
declare_args() {
# Android 32-bit non-component, non-clang builds cannot have symbol_level=2
# due to 4GiB file size limit, see
# Set this flag to true to skip the assertion.
ignore_elf32_limitations = false
# Use the system install of Xcode for tools like ibtool, libtool, etc.
# This does not affect the compiler. When this variable is false, targets will
# instead use a hermetic install of Xcode. [The hermetic install can be
# obtained with gclient sync after setting the environment variable
use_system_xcode = ""
if (use_system_xcode == "") {
if (target_os == "mac") {
_result =
exec_script("//build/mac/", [], "value")
use_system_xcode = _result == 0
if (target_os == "ios") {
use_system_xcode = true