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// Copyright 2009, Google Inc. All rights reserved.
// Portions of this file were adapted from the Mozilla project.
// See
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// File declaring NPBrowserProxy class providing a subset of the NPAPI browser
// entry points for hosting Mozilla NPAPI plugin objects.
#include <dispex.h>
#include <map>
#include "third_party/npapi/include/npfunctions.h"
#include "plugin/npapi_host_control/win/dispatch_proxy.h"
#include "plugin/npapi_host_control/win/np_object_proxy.h"
class CHostControl;
class DispatchProxy;
// Class implementing the NPAPI browser interface for an ActiveX environment.
class NPBrowserProxy {
explicit NPBrowserProxy(CHostControl* host, IDispatchEx* window_dispatch);
// Returns the 'v-table' object for interacting with the NPAPI interface
// of the hosted browser environment.
static NPNetscapeFuncs* GetBrowserFunctions();
// Returns the hosting COM control.
CHostControl* GetHostingControl() {
return host_control_;
// Returns a place-holder object for the browser property. Used in
// conjunction with NPN_GetValue and NPNVWindowNPObject.
DispatchProxy* GetVWindowObject() {
return vwindow_object_;
// Create or get the existing COM object for the given NPObject. Ensures
// each NPObject only has a single proxy.
CComPtr<IDispatchEx> GetDispatchObject(NPObject* np_object);
// Create or get the existing NPObject for the given COM object. Ensures
// each COM object only has a single proxy. Caller must release the object.
NPObject* GetNPObject(IDispatch* dispatch_object);
// Registers an NPObject with its associated INPObjectProxy.
void RegisterNPObjectProxy(
NPObject* np_object,
const CComPtr<INPObjectProxy>& proxy_wrapper);
// Called by the NPObjectProxy when it is destroyed.
void UnregisterNPObjectProxy(NPObject* np_object);
// Called by the DispatchProxy when it is destroyed.
void UnregisterDispatchProxy(IDispatchEx* dispatch_object);
NPIdentifier call_identifier() const { return call_identifier_; }
// Prepares all allocated resources for the destruction of the NPBrowserProxy
// instance. Ensures that all objects returned to the IE scripting
// environment become unaccessable.
void TearDown();
typedef std::map<NPObject*, CComPtr<INPObjectProxy> > NPObjectProxyMap;
typedef std::map<IUnknown*, DispatchProxy*> DispatchProxyMap;
// Back-pointer to the COM control hosting the NPAPI plug-in.
CHostControl* host_control_;
// Pointer to place-holder object for the NPNVWindowNPObject value
// accessible through NPN_GetValue.
DispatchProxy* vwindow_object_;
// Map of all NPObjects wrapped with NPObjectProxys.
NPObjectProxyMap np_object_proxy_map_;
// Map of all IDispatchEx objects wrapped with DispatchProxies.
DispatchProxyMap dispatch_proxy_map_;
NPIdentifier call_identifier_;
// The following functions implement a sub-set of the NPAPI browser object
// interface. The function naming has been preserved from that in the
// NPAPI interface headers. For documentation on the expected behaviour
// of these routines, please refer to the following:
static NPError NPN_RequestRead(NPStream *pstream, NPByteRange *rangeList);
static NPError NPN_GetURLNotify(NPP npp,
const char* relativeURL,
const char* target,
void* notifyData);
static NPError NPN_GetValue(NPP npp, NPNVariable variable, void *r_value);
static NPError NPN_SetValue(NPP npp, NPPVariable variable, void *r_value);
static NPError NPN_GetURL(NPP npp,
const char* relativeURL,
const char* target);
static NPError NPN_PostURLNotify(NPP npp,
const char* relativeURL,
const char *target,
uint32 len,
const char *buf,
NPBool file,
void* notifyData);
static NPError NPN_PostURL(NPP npp,
const char* relativeURL,
const char *target,
uint32 len,
const char *buf,
NPBool file);
static NPError NPN_NewStream(NPP npp,
NPMIMEType type,
const char* window,
NPStream **pstream);
static int32 NPN_Write(NPP npp, NPStream *pstream, int32 len, void *buffer);
static NPError NPN_DestroyStream(NPP npp, NPStream *pstream, NPError reason);
static void NPN_Status(NPP npp, const char *message);
static void* NPN_MemAlloc(uint32 size);
static void NPN_MemFree(void *ptr);
static uint32 NPN_MemFlush(uint32 size);
static void NPN_ReloadPlugins(NPBool reloadPages);
static void NPN_InvalidateRect(NPP npp, NPRect *invalidRect);
static void NPN_InvalidateRegion(NPP npp, NPRegion invalidRegion);
static const char* NPN_UserAgent(NPP npp);
static void* NPN_GetJavaEnv(void);
static void* NPN_GetJavaPeer(NPP npp);
static void* NPN_GetJavaClass(void* handle);
static void NPN_ForceRedraw(NPP npp);
static NPObject* NPN_CreateObject(NPP npp, NPClass *aClass);
static NPObject* NPN_RetainObject(NPObject *object);
static void NPN_ReleaseObject(NPObject *object);
static NPIdentifier NPN_GetStringIdentifier(const NPUTF8 *name);
static void NPN_GetStringIdentifiers(const NPUTF8 **names,
int32_t nameCount,
NPIdentifier *identifiers);
static NPUTF8* NPN_UTF8FromIdentifier(NPIdentifier identifier);
static NPIdentifier NPN_GetIntIdentifier(int32_t intid);
static int32_t NPN_IntFromIdentifier(NPIdentifier identifier);
static bool NPN_IdentifierIsString(NPIdentifier identifier);
static void NPN_ReleaseVariantValue(NPVariant *variant);
static bool NPN_GetProperty(NPP npp, NPObject *obj,
NPIdentifier propertyName,
NPVariant *result);
static bool NPN_SetProperty(NPP npp,
NPObject *obj,
NPIdentifier propertyName,
const NPVariant *value);
static bool NPN_HasProperty(NPP npp,
NPObject *npobj,
NPIdentifier propertyName);
static bool NPN_RemoveProperty(NPP npp,
NPObject *npobj,
NPIdentifier propertyName);
static bool NPN_HasMethod(NPP npp,
NPObject *npobj,
NPIdentifier methodName);
static bool NPN_Invoke(NPP npp,
NPObject *obj,
NPIdentifier methodName,
const NPVariant *args,
unsigned argCount,
NPVariant *result);
static bool NPN_InvokeDefault(NPP npp,
NPObject *obj,
const NPVariant *args,
unsigned argCount,
NPVariant *result);
static bool NPN_Construct(NPP npp,
NPObject *obj,
const NPVariant *args,
unsigned argCount,
NPVariant *result);
static bool NPN_Enumerate(NPP npp,
NPObject* obj,
NPIdentifier** ids,
uint32_t* idCOunt);
static bool ConstructObject(NPP npp,
NPObject* window_object,
NPUTF8* constructor_name,
NPVariant* args,
uint32_t numArgs,
NPObject** result);
static bool NPN_Evaluate(NPP npp,
NPObject *obj,
NPString *script,
NPVariant *result);
static void NPN_PluginThreadAsyncCall(NPP npp,
void (*function)(void *),
void *data);
static void NPN_SetException(NPObject *obj, const NPUTF8 *message);
// Static table of function pointers to the member function entry points
// for the NPAPI browser environment interface.
static NPNetscapeFuncs kNetscapeFunctions;